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And on with the story...

Both sisters raced upstairs to see what the cause of Phoebe's yelling was.

They entered the room ready to kick any demons ass but instead they found nothing else but phoebe stirring in her sleep. She was sweating and turning on her bed; a painful look on her face while she yelled like she never had before, trying to tell Ikarias to stop, but of course, he was no where to be seen; he was already dead but for Phoebe, he wasn't.

"Stop it!!!!! No!!!! Please...!" Phoebe sobbed in her sleep.

Prue, seeing her sister's anguish, couldn't help but to feel even guiltier, even after everything Piper had said to her. She was suffering like she never had and Prue could have prevented, unless she thought she could have, but she didn't. She had failed Phoebe and there was nothing she could do to help her ease her pain.

"Phoebe! Wake up honey, come on, please wake up!" Piper screamed desperate; she was the first to reacts to Phoebe. Kneeling in front of Phoebe's side of the bed, she shook Phoebe by her shoulder trying to make her snap out of it and wake up to her sisters so they could help her.

Phoebe sat up straight, almost knocking Piper on her side, with her eyes wide open. She could feel the perspiration on her forehead and the sweat on her, already shaking, body. Her heart was beating faster and faster every time and the tears tolled freely down her cheek.

Prue finally snapped out of her shock state of mind, after seeing Phoebe's condition, and ran to Hugh Phoebe and let her know that everything was alright and that she wasn't alone...she never would be.

"Let me go!!! Please...Let me go!!! Stay away from me!!! You're hurting me!!!...please!!!" Phoebe screamed louder and louder every time while kicking and pushing both sisters away from her, thinking it was Ikarias who had her in his arms. She sat in the bed sobbing and shaking in fear; holding her knees close to her body with her arms while she rocked herself back and forth.

Prue jumped in horror at Phoebe's reaction. 'Who is this scared little girl with the lost look on her face, crying without end? That's not Phoebe...it can't be' Prue thought to herself while Piper helped her up on her feet after Phoebe pushed her to the ground in fear. They had never seen her so neurotic and hysterical and scared, crying harder than she never had in her life.

"Phoebe!" Piper called trying to get her sister's attention, but Phoebe's screams were louder than hers and she couldn't hear them....she didn't want to. She didn't want to hear 'his' voice, since she still thought it was him standing next to her.

"Phoebe! Please listen to me! Is us...your sisters!" Piper yelled with tears filling her eyes. She hated seeing Phoebe in so much pain. Phoebe finally looked up to her and stopped shaking a little. She looked around noticing she was not in the smelly, dark old building Ikarias kept her, she was at the manor with her sisters in her room.

"It's just us honey. You're ok, you're with us" said Piper softly trying to hold her tears, in order to be strong for Phoebe.

"P, P, Pi...Per?" Phoebe managed to say between sniffs as she looked up to Piper with her red puffy eyes.

"Yes sweetie, it's me" Piper said kneeling next to Phoebe so she could recognize her.

"And Pr, Pr, Prue?" Phoebe asked again. She looked at Prue and immediately noticed how scared and guilty she was feeling. Prue was often betrayed by her face when she didn't want to say how she was feeling or was trying to hide something, but Phoebe could always figure it out. She also noticed Prue's red eyes, meaning she had been crying earlier on. 'Way to go Phoebe! You hurt them so much that even Prue cried because of your fault!' she thought in anger; kicking herself mentally. "Oh god..." Phoebe whispered before throwing herself on the bed, sobbing again.

Prue and Piper got on the bed with Phoebe and hugged her tightly, trying as hard as they could to ease her pain, just a little. Prue and Piper were almost crying to at this point; seeing their baby sister like this hut them almost as much as Phoebe was.

"It was horrible..." Phoebe said still crying hard, even thought she didn't think she had any more tears left.

"I know honey...I know..." Piper whispered in her ear.

"I kept telling him to stop..." Phoebe said in anguish of her memories. She didn't want to talk about it but she couldn't help herself, she needed to tell someone at some point, and this was definitely her breaking point.

"Shhh...it's ok. You're safe now ok, it's over, you're stuck with us now and I promise you we're not gonna let anything happen to you ever again ok? Just relax, please" Prue said softly trying hard to keep the tears in her eyes from falling. She stroked Phoebe hair while she cried on her lap. Phoebe was so angry at Ikarias, but mostly at herself for letting him do that to her. Prue sensed her sister's pain and kissed her lovingly on the forehead in assurance. Prue promised herself rights then that she would not let any of her sisters go through anything like this again.