Chapter Eight: In your eyes

/denotes thoughts/

''dentoes speaking''

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Kozue awoke startled, looking around the room cautiously, she could make out the edges of the window, she knew that dawn was near. She could hear Shiori's quiet breathing next to her, in the small bed they had to share.

She untangled her legs from the other girl's, and climbed out gingerly, trying not to bother her friend. She reached for the door handle reluctantly, making sure she wasn't in her undergarments, then slipped out. Ambling down the narrow dim-lighted corridor, she wiped her parched lips that ached for soft water.

/It's stupid, this is so stupid…..but I know I wanna' do it, if I don't I know I'll have regrets late/r. She thought to herself, whispering curse words, walking up to the deck. She wasn't expecting it to be warm outside, but it was warm-- almost sultry, and the sky was clear with those freaky thin black clouds racing in front of the full moon.

Kozue made her way to the bow of the ship, Ignoring the drunk Rollicking watchmen laughing and jumping//What the fuck are they doing/ she asked herself shrugging it off she continued. As she passed the crow's nest, her thoughts flitting anxiously to the piece of Jewelry she threw into the sea the other day.

''We're anchored here, so it shouldn't be far, I am going to have to take a boat and row out a couple of hundred feet, they were bitching earlier about jaggy boulders right underneath us, maybe it's there……….. on one of those rocks…….''.

(In the dark, woody, cargo room of the ship)

''I was reading the other day, in a tarot book. I was reading about the last card of the major arcana, ''The World''. In the picture their was a two headed figure, with both a woman and man's head, It was dancing in the middle of a golden snake that was devouring it's own tail. The book had said, that this was the symbol of eternity, Eternity, Still what is eternity?. It kept saying that the journey never really ends, because at the moment of completion, a new cycle begins.

''Tell me Souji………what is eternity?'' Mamiya asked coyly in a droning tone.

Mikage flapped his eyelashes thoughtfully, like an agitated bird flinging it's wings. He opened his mouth slightly, he had the idea, he just couldn't explain it. Then a small conceited smirk tugged at the corner of his mouth, making the young teen with the lilac hair's heart skip beats.

''Why are you asking, you're too young, besides you never thought about such things before?...''

''I overheard the captain talking about it, it sounds intriguing, how come no one has told me anything about it yet?'' Mamiya asked imploringly propping himself up quickly fixing his eyes towards his companion.

''The Captain?'' Mikage echoed, a new level of concern deepening in his Prussian blue eyes. He closed the Prussian depths and reopening them with a new question, turning away from Mamiya.

''What're you trying to imply, Mamiya?'' beginning to unroll the many canvas messed around the room, deciding which one's to ditch.

'' I think I want Eternity'' Mamiya answered without reluctance.

The sound of the crumpling paper stopped, then the only noise was the pink haired man's shallow breaths.

''How could you want something, and yet you don't even fully understand, wait, no you don't understand what it is''. He asked calmlygazing fondly at the young Arab's round face, trying to be an understanding guardian, pushing the thoughts of touching his lovely face away.

''I don't know'' Mamiya replied softly, feeling the intensity of his own thoughts building up frustration. He decided not to worry about it, maybe he'll understand it one day, he thought as Mikage watched his lithe tanned hands place the Tarot cards in the ''Star'' position.

''He's just so simple, how can you contemplate and want something like Eternity one minute and totally leave it the next, Totally leave it from your mind''

/Amazing/ Mikage rasped to himself outloud studying Mamyia's hands move as he flipped the tarot cards.

/He's changed so much, since, since I took him from that work factory……/



It was very dark, it was a new moon so what could he expect, But it was almost like lucidity ensued this night, or was it just him?. Mikage thought as he led the orphan boy a crossed the ship's deck and down the corridor below deck, to his own quarters.

Once they entered, Mikage entered the powder room and began running bath water, coming quickly out, he strived on making the young boy a steaming cup of tea.

The orphan's eyes darted around frivolously and his fritty energy was exuding from his aura a little too graciously. His head swayed from side to side, scrutinizing the décor and new surroundings. He jumped almost out his skin when the kind stranger with the pink hair returned with a tea cup of steaming…….tea.

''He really didn't like tea that much but he figured he would drink anyways just to be polite. He sipped impassively at the hot liquid letting it warm his blood, making the fog everywhere, go a little, though he could still feel the deep empty pit in his abdomen, the way it always felt, and he could still feel the heat of the sun beating on his skin.

''Go on and get inside the bathtub and I will bring you something to eat'' The stranger suggested pointing to the room with the sound of the running water.

Mikage frowned at the sight of the boy's ragged dirt-splotched one piece, cloth that was bundled on the floor that he wore for an outfit and even more so at the blisters swollen on his hands and the gnarly scars on his back. The orphan seemed to ignore the stranger washing the stained dirt on his skin as he tore into the beef on the plate, not even bothering to use the knife or silverware, and besides it's not like he knew how to anyways.

''What's your name?'' Mikage asked letting the warm rag soak at the boy's neck, he turned his head away towards the wall /this boy smells/ trying to ignore the musky and sweaty body odors that thrived around him.

''My name is number thirty-two'' He replied with a mouthful still grabbing fistfuls of the meat and stuffing his mouth.

''Number thirty-two?'' Mikage asked angrily, ''Surely you have a name, now what is it'' he implored a battle raging in his blood as he calmed himself.

''I don't know, for as long as I could remember I was number thirty-two''.

There was an uncomfortable ,awkward, stabbing silence

''Well I cannot call you that, nor can I call you no-name, everybody needs to have a name, everyone has a name, maybe you do know, maybe you've just forgot'' Mikage implied trying to get the boy to open up a little bit.

''Then maybe I've completely forgot'' The teen replied, pacing his eating now since he already had too much in his throat to swallow.

Mikage practically jogged down the empty narrow corridor that reminded him of several dreams he had when he was young when a monster was chasing him.

Still remembering how the boy told him he hadn't had a name. Oh well he'll do with that later., though now one thing was for sure that boy wasn't returning to that damn work factory.

End of Flashback

No one here knew of my loneliness Mikage thought smiling at Mamiya a crossed the room. I don't feel so empty anymore .

(Miki's POV)

So many words can't describe my face; I'm standing here in the dark, looking at myself, at my face, staring into my eyes. It's amazing I can't seem to find myself in them. I feel like I am looking into the eyes of a stranger. If only I could lose myself in my dreams. My dreams are lovely, they give me things like happiness, feelings, things I could never have if I were awake. My dreams are so lovely; we dance hand in hand waltzing in the garden, dancing over the roses, just the two of us. I wish I could sleep all day. But you're not here anymore; there is no real reason to stay awake anymore.

It's kind of strange now, I never thought I would feel this way, when I was younger I never thought I would be one of those people that care about hardly anything. I think I hated those people for being so impassive so disconnected, does that mean I hate myself?. ''Nothing really matters''

Because you're the only thing that matters to me anymore.

Yes, I believe your brother was quite shocked when he found my little infatuation. He told me I was going mad, I believe earlier that day the roof was on fire, and some young mates came running to me out of breath. They told me to help them put it out, I told them just to let it burn, I don't care and that I would like to watch, and I did watch and everyone around me was splashing it with buckets of water.

He is long gone now he left with that teenage girl with the auburn hair promising her she'd love the culture and the erotic men. He said he was going back to his homeland wherever that is maybe India, Greece, Egypt?. He said there was nothing left for him anymore since his entire city burned down. Before he left he pulled out all the many things that belonged to you that I had scattered around my room. He pulled them out and told me I was mad for not trying to recapture you.

You… are the only rose that has blossomed in a garden as big as the world. I know you think you'll never be mine, Well that's okay baby I don't mind. If once I could just touch your face with my fingertips, or see you smiling at everyone again………You can take my breath away….

Depraved, I feel so depraved why must I feel so lonely and full of nothing?. At least you are still a General. At least you still have your job, you can feed yourself. What about all the other peoples' lives that pirate ruined?. More importantly he ruined your life, everyone taken away from you, they were taken by him. Yes you are a General you can do something you can bring Justice to everyone's ruined lives, your life. You must capture him make him pay for what he's done! And not just to you to everyone

''Think of all the people you could make happy, think of Anthy. I wonder now what Kozue's face would do if she ever saw me….now….. a general. I must see her, My other half, I can still feel her there on the left side of my body…'s been so long, I must free Anthy, I want to just see her happy again, and that will make me happy…….again.

''……I Must……''

''Nothing will ever be the same again…..'' And knowing this cuts me in half, but I Must''

Why is everything have to be so fucking hard for me, why does this have to happen, is this real?...I don't feel real anymore…..

''I feel so cold'' ''It hurts'' ''But I don't feel like crying'' ''Cause I'm already so weak''……..''I'm tired of this……..''


Outside the General's chambers……………

''I don't feel like facing him….I never thought I'd say this but I am….disappointed in General Kaoru……..''

''But we have to give him the invitation he must be there at the masquerade party...''

''He probably won't go….He probably doesn't even care if he is invited to go anyways……..''

''If I go in there I am sure he will be where he has been for the past month, sitting there in a chair staring at himself in the mirror, in the dark with nothing but the candles lit……...''

'' I know all he thinks about is her……to him she is everywhere and I have heard him talking to himself, as if in live conversation…..with her''

''She?...she who?''

''The governor's sister……of course''

''She is quite Lovely, but surely not General Kaoru, he doesn't seem the type''

''Surely he is they said he had a very……lonely childhood''


Suddenly the double-dark oak doors of the General's chambers flew open and General Kaoru stood with a questioning look. His arms were folded over his chest and he was shivering slightly. The twoyoung men stood at attention and saluted immediately.

''Uhhh…….General Kaoru…you have an invitation from the Musician Monsieur Roget De Lenfent's masquerade party''. He stammered blowing his long blonde bangs up his forehead.

''Very well, thank you gentleman'' He said not losing eye-contact with them. The two boys decided to leave down the hall and Miki leaned on the wall to read the invitation. The boy with the curly blonde hair trekked back cautiously, clearing his throat nervously.

Miki looked at him and smiled ''Yes?''.

''Umm….sir does this mean…..''

''Yes I have decided we are going to capture that fiend'' Miki interrupted confidence in his every word. The young teenager smiled genuinely glad to see his General's ardor return.

''Friedrich, set the course to Marseilles'' Miki demanded as they walked side by side down the corridor.

''Yes sir!'' Friedrich replied running up the stairs to the upper part of the deck.

Miki sighed to himself ''how I love German people….'' He thought, and realizing how much better he felt already.

'' Even if the world keeps spinning and everything is so out of control and ruined…and…'ll never go back….we still feel the same for each other…and that makes everything that is horrible really…… so lovely''.

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