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Where Has My Heart Gone?

Thunder rumbled through the dark and cold sky. Rain fell from the clouds like the tears of a weeping maiden. The wind wasn't vicious but it wasn't gentle.

Out in all of this a teen sat on a park bench, oblivious to the facts that he was drenched. Knees brought up to his chest, and arms folded over, with his chin resting on his arms. He didn't seem to acknowledge the fact that it was raining. He let the rain wash away his empty tears. He had stopped crying a long time ago. Eyes swollen and dull. There was no life behind them. The wind didn't blow his hair, as it was struck to his skin by the downpour of rain. Blood had been washed away. Only signs of cuts appeared.

'Why?' he thought. ' How could they do this to me. I never meant for any of this to happen. I thought they would understand.' Amber eyes shut tight as he remembered what had happened early in the morning. It started out fine. The sun was out, the birds where chirping. Though he wasn't one to judge only appearance. He could sense the approaching storm, but thought that it wouldn't hurt for the rain was welcomed. Breathing deeply he shuddered at what he thought next.


"How could you do this to us? We trusted you! How could you just throw that trust away?" yelled a navy-haired boy.

" How could you be so selfish? Did you even think of the team? Of us?" asked a blonde haired boy, showing his angry side.

"NO! You don't understand. If you would just listen to me you wo---." " No. Obviously you are thinking for yourself and not the team." The two tone- haired boy seriously said. "How can you blame me for that? It's not like you have never betrayed the team Kai!" realizing his mistake too soon, the neko-jin prepared for the bad, but not the worse.

"Get out."


"You heard me. Get out. This is the second team you seem to have betrayed Rei. I will not have a constant traitor on this team. Go pack your things. I want you out of here in less then twenty minutes. If not I'll get you out of here myself." With that said, Kai marched out of the room.

The black-haired 'traitor' just stood there, eyes wide in horror at what had just happened. Coming out of his shock he turned to face the remaining members of his now ex-team. They didn't seem to be any different then from Kai was.

"You guys don't agree with him do you?" Rei asked quietly fearing the answer. Their eyes spoke everything they were thinking.

"Rei, we don't want no more lies. What you did is unforgivable. You were the last person we would ever think to do something like that. If I were you I would go pack your things, unless you want Kai to do that for you. I personally now, would like to see him move you out." Said Tyson darkly.

'This is not my team. You're not who you used to be. You're not the Bladebreakers I knew.' Letting the thought pass through his mind, the neko- jin slowly turned and made his way up the stairs to his room.

Quickly grabbing his belongings and bagging them, the neko-jin made his way down the stairs and out of the front door without a second glance. Coming outside the sky had suddenly darkened and it started to rain. Thankful for the porch roof above his head, Rei turned and saw Kai standing beside him, with the deadliest of glares Kai possessed.

"How can you do this Kai? I had no voice of reason, or even the chance for an explanation. This is unfair, and cruel. How can you throw me out of this team so easily?" asked the neko-jin, hurt radiating out of his voice.

Kai reached out and grabbed Rei's arm. "Easy. Like this." Kai pushed Rei out of the porch and watched Rei land on his stomach on the now wet pavement.

Rei opened his eyes, the pain on his cheek burning, from where his cheek skidded on the ground. He had blood running down his chin from and cut and his hands were scratched and bleeding. He turned around hearing the door shut. In the window the three other Bladebreakers starred at him, forcing him to get up and move. Uneasily getting up, Rei grabbed his bag and started to walk away with a slight limp.

******End Flashback******

'And now I'm here.'

Taking in another forceful blow of grief, he only curled up more.

" Does the feline not like the rain."

Recognizing the voice that had once haunted him, Rei couldn't care that he was standing there.

"Go away Bryan."

"Now why would he want to do that? Especially when you are in your condition." A new voice entered the conversation. Rei lifted his head, tired of not being left alone. A silent gasp was heard from the group that stood in front of him.

"Please leave me alone." Rei pleaded.

"Why are you out here? Shouldn't you be with your team indoors?" came Spencer's concerned voice. Emotions were no longer a forbidden thing, which the boys were grateful for, though did not always show. No reply. The Demolition Boys looked at one another, trying to come up with a guess as to why Rei was here in the rain, while his team was somewhere else, most likely dry.

"Rei, where is your team?" came Ian's voice.

Rei starred at him and then looked away. "Team? What team? The one that allowed reason, or the one who gives no voice of reason?" The Demolition Boys could only stare at what Rei was saying. They were right in their guesses, but were shocked that the Bladebreakers would do such a thing.

Spencer looked at Ian, Tala and Bryan asking a silent question. All four agreeing they moved towards Rei.

"Well, we may not be as warming as they were but we are not heartless enough to leave you out here to die." Said Spencer reaching out to grab Rei's left arm as Tala grabbed his right. The red haired carefully checked to make sure Rei wasn't badly injured. Rei making no struggle, was easily lifted and supported between the two. Bryan grabbed Rei's bag, making a joke in Russian, were Ian laughed quietly. Wordlessly the five now made their way to the Demolition Boys house.


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