The Yosutebito Daughter

(The Recluse Daughter)

The following story is my first fanfic and on the long side. Think 'epic'! It was inspired by the TMNT descendent series created by Wendy A. Peabody, specifically - 'Rahab', 'Gaele', and 'Seth, of whose characters and those of the TMNT's I am borrowing.  Gabriella, Cassandra, Jason, Melissa, Craig, and Serena Brighwell are my own OC's. 

I have rated this story as a PG13 for implied situations, certain grammatically correct words (not anatomical), and mild swearing.

The events, as they unfold, happen about two years after Wendy Peabody's story, Gaele ends. Most of the first and second chapters will deal with the heroine of the story and her surrogate father. There are snippets of background stories to help justify certain events. I

I hope you enjoy this story, but please note that this will be a long one involving all four TMNT's. Their character development is based on Wendy's universe.  Needless to say, they have moved up and out of the sewers and have made a life for themselves in the real world with all the perks and problems that go with it!

I like a lot of detail, so that is how I write. Enjoy!


A beginning and an end. A birth and a death. One saved, the other sacrificed.

Threatened with danger and surrounded by mystery, it was all her life had known. For years, her Rescuer had safely hidden her away. He had given up a life-long pursuit of knowledge to bring safety to this one born in the middle of chaos. He did this willingly because of the guilt he shouldered and knowing his active part in how she came to be.

He had isolated her as an infant many years ago to a place hidden from the dangers that hounded them at that time. He kept her innocence shrouded from curious eyes by sheltering her away to remote backwoods and canyons. Her Rescuer had to be certain that enough time had passed to ensure that his old enemies were gone and no longer a threat to them.

After a decade had passed, he and his 'daughter' returned to his old home in New England. Years of hiding had exhausted him and he yearned for a more comfortable and familiar surrounding. They settled in the Connecticut house that had been in his family for generations.

Jordan was the last in the long line of Perry's.

However, because of her distinctive features, he continued to keep his adopted child from public view for the next seventeen years. There was a chance that a remnant of the criminal organization from long ago might happen upon her. He would not allow that to happen. He was fearful of losing her because she had become like a daughter to him! He was all she knew - until now!

Now there was to be change; her life would no longer be the same. She was terrified. He was, as well, but for a different reason. Because of circumstances, he had to send her away and it was becoming increasingly hard on their relationship because of it.


"I DO NOT understand why I have to leave you." she grouched irritably. "I should be here to care for you." Gabriella complained as he hurried her to pack the last of her personal affects.

She was filling her trunk with clothes from her closet and drawers, most of which whose contents she was throwing in while she ranted. She was angry with her father for making plans on her behalf without her input. Gabriella did not like someone manipulating her and in her opinion, that was exactly what her father was doing. However, she was also concerned. He did not look one bit well. She had always taken care of him during those times that he was sick, but now, here he was sending her away.

It hurt very much!

He was currently standing in the doorway of her room. He leaned against its frame for support while he tried to get his daughter to pack faster. Gabriella had two weeks to prepare, but her resistance to leaving delayed that act - until now.

"Gabriella, please, I know how hard this is for you." the professor pleaded, "But you must understand that I don't know the outcome of my treatment. Where I'm going the hospital will take excellent care of me, more than you could because they are skilled in that area of medicine." He sighed from frustration as he noticed the rage building up within her, if her facial coloring was any indication.

She looked at him, her expression filled with anger and confusion. "Who are these people who are coming for me?" she cried out. She stopped her packing. Her eyes flit like fire as she glared over at her father. "Why haven't you spoken of them to me before now? Maybe I won't like them. Maybe..." She hesitated as her emotions nearly overwhelmed her. Throwing another shirt into her trunk, Gabriella choked out, "... maybe they won't like me!"

Her eyes brimmed with tears as she stood there trembling at the very thought of strangers taking her away. They were soon to arrive and she could barely control the panic building within her. Gabriella had never heard of them before now and it terrified her to think that these people, these strangers, would be caring for her while the only father she had ever known was in the hospital.

"They will like you, Gabriella. Don't worry about that, please." the professor assured her, walking over and giving his daughter a hug.

Nevertheless, in her anger, she stood stoic and rigid, sniffling back a sob as it tried to escape. She was furious with him and stubbornly resisted in returning his affection.

"But I don't KNOW them!" she declared loudly, " I don't want to know them." she moaned, " I want to stay HERE!" and she pulled away from the professor, grabbing a handful of underwear from its drawer and throwing them into the trunk as one.

He sighed and moved back to the doorway. He knew that with her current mood, she would not be consoled. He allowed Gabriella to continue to vent her frustrations, if only because that was all he could do anyway.

Despite her obvious displeasure, she loved the professor as her own father! However, the truth of the matter was, he had adopted Gabriella. They were not even of the same species. Yet, still, she could not bare the thought of leaving him and because of it, her heart was now breaking.

The girl continued to throw more clothes and items into the trunk. She was only careful when she would pick up something breakable and precious her father had given to her over the years. Thinking about her life over the past twenty-seven seasons, she was terrified of going away. She feared many things, but her fear of people and change was one of her greatest. Hidden from public view for most of her life had caused her to be paranoid. Overall, it made it easy to keep her at home. The professor was content in that fact, as it helped to ensure Gabriella's safety. Nevertheless, he now wished he had introduced his friends sooner as his daughter's fear was currently paralyzing her attempts to cooperate.

Recently, her outbursts against leaving had terribly affected the professor. The day before when he tried to get her to pack, he had forced the issue by grabbing an armful of her clothes from her closet. As he threw them into her trunk, Gabriella's temper flared. She yelled and stomped around her room as she ranted about the unfairness of her situation. Sometime during her temper tantrum, she had accidentally knocked into him. It was not intentional, but just the same, it had left a sizable bruise on his arm. Then again, he was already prone to bruising easily, all because of his sickness.

Then, to make matters worse, his reaction to her physical outburst caused his blood pressure to soar. Because of that, he had nearly passed out. As a result of her deed, Gabriella had been deeply apologetic and brought to tears when she saw how she had affected him. Yet it did not change at all how she felt about leaving him.

Still, not wanting her father to have a similar occurrence, she was now trying her best to cooperate despite her feelings. Just the same, in all honesty it was becoming the most difficult thing she ever had to do.

The professor then tried to explain to Gabriella the situation, "If something should happen to me..." but he immediately regretted his words as he saw how her eyes filled with tears, "Oh, please don't look at me like that, Gabby!" Jordan realized he should not have said anything about the possible outcome of his health. He quickly saw the despair on her face as she fought back a sob and it grieved him terribly.

She glanced over at her father and saw his weary expression. Her composure instantly changed from anger to concern. Gabriella could not think that this man she considered her 'father' could die. "Don't tell me things like that. I don't want to hear it. You CANNOT die!" she whimpered defiantly.

Nevertheless, more than likely he was dying, though he had not mentioned that possibility to her. He knew Gabriella too well, though; knew her temper and remembered the many emotional eruptions she had flung upon him throughout their life together. The professor wisely had refrained from telling her the true seriousness of his disease. If she had known - and maybe she already did for she was quite intuitive, it would be difficult to take Gabriella from the house. She would fight those that were coming to take her away. She would fight so she could stay with him and then she would probably do some unspeakable thing once he was gone. He could not let that happen. The professor loved her so much that he was willing to let her go - even if that meant sending her clear across the country!

He looked at his watch and realized that time was running out; any minute now and they would be arriving. His friend was compulsively punctual. Jordan sighed; tired and exhausted from combating with his daughter. He looked at Gabriella and wondered how she would react to these people.

He had not seen his friend in quite a few years, though they did keep in touch by telephone. Consequently, he was looking forward to seeing him once again. Still, the visit would be far too short. With Perry having to be at the hospital that same day and with his friend's busy schedule, there was not any time for a lengthy stay. The professor was relieved just to know that there was someone able to take care of Gabriella while he was elsewhere.

As he thought about his friend, it was years ago when they had first met. A genetics research facility, which specialized in cellular enhancement, had employed the professor to assist with their experiments. Perry had the job of creating an element that would be able to eliminate world hunger. This element was to increase the growth and size of farm crops, thereby reducing production and expense.

However, the gel he created had unique properties with side effects that proved to be environmentally disastrous. As it turned out, Perry was trying to dispose of the product when a criminal organization kidnapped him and the last remaining vial.

The organization that snatched him forced the professor to conduct experiments on live subjects with his colloidal green gel. The desired end of those tests was to create an army of super soldiers. Unknown to Perry, however, the organization had captured someone else shortly after he had been and held prisoner as well. This person was an enemy of the group. Results of the experiment were to be sent against this newly acquired prisoner and his household in order to eliminate them.

Fortunately, the prisoner's family made a successful attempt to free their member. In the process of his rescue, however, they discovered the professor and took him as well. They eventually escorted Perry back to their home for safekeeping. In the end and with Perry's help, they defeated the organization and their two successfully genetically enhanced soldiers.

Yet, during the course of their campaign, the four brothers developed a friendship with the man. In talking with the professor, they discovered that the same green colloidal gel was responsible for their own enhancement only sixteen years prior! To the professor, they were a marvel of genetic mutation. To them, however, he was the answer to all the questions they had about their origins.

Now, one member of that family was coming for Gabriella – and he was most anxious to meet her.