Author's Notes: Weee! A Gravitation Christmas story!! I just came up with this idea yesterday (12-3-03) and decided to start as soon as possible in order to get it out before Christmas. This is going to have three chapters. ^_^ I hope everyone enjoys it!!

Christmas is a Time…

Chapter 1: All I Want for Christmas is Yuki

            Eiri groaned into his pillow and pushed himself deeper into the bed. It was decided – waking up to a backrub was quite possibly the most wonderful thing in the world.

            "You like that?" came the giggling reply behind the pleased blonde. Shuichi smiled warmly.

            "Mmmr…" Eiri purred back. Had it been anyone else, the aloof novelist would have shoved them off and flung a string of insults their way. However, this was Shindou Shuichi, and recently Eiri had become more and more open towards his pink haired lover.

            "Good." Shuichi pressed his thumbs under the blonde's shoulder blades causing him to arch and whimper slightly. "Does that hurt?" he questioned, only slightly worried.

            "No," the older man mumbled back. He rolled his shoulders a bit. "Feels'nice…"

            Shuichi giggled softly at his still half-asleep lover. He shifted slightly from his straddled position over Eiri's waist. Pink locks fell into purple eyes as Shuichi leaned down and kissed his lover's shoulder.

            "Are you ready to get up now?" Shuichi asked, covering Eiri's right shoulder in kisses. Eiri drew in a slow breath and let it out even slower.

            "Not yet…" He took another deliberate breath. "And as much as I like this, I am extremely tired." The writer's garbled voice only furthered his confession.      

            Shuichi smiled against the older man's shoulder. He moved over to kiss the left one. Eiri hummed a little tuneless note in the back of his throat. Shuichi snuggled against the golden-haired man's back. Eiri smiled lazily.

            "Are you sure you're not ready to get up now?" the singer pressed.

            "Yes," Eiri answered back as snappily as possibly for someone who was still partially asleep and loving every second of it. "And if you ask me that again, I'll smack you."

            "At least it will get you up," Shuichi replied, thoroughly proud of himself. "Besides…" He sat up again to rest his weight on the small of Eiri's back. He was beginning to whine a bit. "I took the day off to spend time with you, and it's already eleven o'clock. The least you could do is get out of bed and keep me company."

            "I never asked you to stay home," Eiri grumbled. He wrapped his arms around his pillow, hoping to fall back asleep. Every word Shuichi spoke woke him up more and more.

            "Yuki!!" Shuichi cried, appalled. "But tomorrow's Christmas Eve!! And I have the concert with NG Productions! I won't be home till ten tomorrow night! I want to be able to spend time with you today!"

            "Uggghh…" Eiri groaned. He was beginning to get genuinely annoyed. "You'll be with me on Christmas morning, you damn brat."

            "But, you promised we'd buy a tree today, Yuki! A real fir tree!!" The lead singer of Bad Luck was whining in all his glory now. After all, Eiri had promised… And Shuichi's sister was allergic to real trees, so this would be his first year with the real McCoy.

            "It's only eleven!" Eiri snapped. He had refused to open his eyes lest Shuichi use that as ammunition that the writer was awake enough. Even though Eiri was very much alert now, there was no way he was giving up this fight without winning it. "We'll get a tree later!" he continued.

            Shuichi began to bounce slightly, causing a slightly odd situation for Eiri. "But, Yuki!!" The boy was desperate. "All the trees will be gone by then!!"


            Shuichi blinked and his mouth hung. Tough? Tough?! Oh no, no, there was NO way Shuichi was giving up this fight without winning it.

            "Yuki…" Shuichi began lowly, in an unusually threatening voice. "We can do this the easy way…" he began, trailing his fingers softly down his lover's spine, causing a slight shudder, "or we can do this the hard way." He dragged his nails down Eiri's back soft enough for it not to truly hurt, but hard enough to prove his point.

            "You know," Eiri drawled, cracking open one eye. He glanced a golden-iris back to glare slyly at his vehement lover, lifting his head off the pillow a few inches. "That actually felt kind of good. Could you do it again?"

            Shuichi growled from somewhere deep in his throat. He subconsciously dug his nails deeper into Eiri's back in anger.

            OK, that one hurt… Eiri whimpered mentally.

            "Uesugi Eiri…"

            Eiri blinked. Surely Shuichi did not just call him what he thought he did… Did he?

            "Don't make me do you-know-what."

            Both of Eiri's eyes were open now. Wide open.

            Now, Shuichi had threatened many a time to do "you-know-what", but rarely was able to go through with it. However, Shuichi did have the upper hand, being straddled across Eiri's back and all… Plus… Eiri gulped. Plus Shuichi had called him by his real name.

            It was one of the few things that actually scared Eiri.

            "You wouldn't dare," Eiri tried, voice hitching slightly. He propped himself up on his elbows and craned his head back. Shuichi was glaring down at him, a manic smile on his lips. Eiri nearly face-faulted. "You wouldn't!!"

            "Oh, I would…" Shuichi leaned down closer to Eiri's terrified face to further his point. "Would you like to press me, Mr. Uesugi?"

            Eiri gulped again. Surely this was just a joke…

            The writer took a deep breath, regaining his composure. With considerable resolve, he glared defiantly back at the boy that held him in such a predicament.

            "You just go ahead and try it."

            Those seven words were all Shuichi needed to push him over the edge, kicking and screaming. Or, more accurately, pushed Shuichi over the edge, causing Eiri to start kicking and screaming.

            Before Eiri could even blink Shuichi's fingers were ruthlessly attacking his ribs. Now, as if being ticklish wasn't bad enough for tarnishing Eiri's rough demeanor – he also would laugh so hard it made him cry. However, if done right (and Shuichi knew how to do it right) the tickling could be delivered in just the right spot with just the right pressure… And that spot was Eiri's ear, with just enough of a bite to make it only slightly painful… and highly arousing.

            Just as Eiri began to squirm unceremoniously under the scrutiny of his lover's attack on his ribs, he felt hot breath against his ear. Had he had time to freeze, Eiri would have. However, the tickling on his torso pursued, and no matter how much he thrashed about, Shuichi's lips and tongue found the writer's ear.


            Shuichi was thrown back to land at the very foot of the bed on his rear. Despite the blow to his stomach that caused him to be tossed backwards, he was laughing – and quite hard, at that.

            Eiri was sitting up fully now, facing his giggling and insane lover. The writer's legs were sprawled out in front of him and the sheets were thrown all across the bed. Eiri's tousled hair fell into equally golden, yet extraordinarily wide, eyes. His trembling hands clasped at his offended ear in horror as the tears from his attack dried on his cheeks.

            Shuichi's laughter stopped after a moment. He arched an eyebrow and lowered his lids just the slightest. A crafty smile graced his lips.    

            "Well, you're up," he pointed out. His eyes traveled downwards. Then, again. "You're up," he repeated.

            Eiri's eyes swooped down quickly to the aforementioned bulge in his boxers. He quickly snapped his wide eyes back to his smirking lover. He furrowed his brow, still completely horrified.

            "Well, that's what happens when you bite my ear!!" Eiri cried. He shifted uncomfortably and rubbed away the drying tears off his flushed cheeks. "Ya damn brat…" he muttered, thoroughly embarrassed.

            "You know…" Shuichi crawled over to Eiri on all fours. The latter tensed. "You're awfully cute when you blush."

            "Shut up," Eiri snapped, adverting his eyes. He felt his cheeks grow hotter.

            Shuichi giggled. "I did get you to wake up, though, didn't I?" He leaned over and pecked Eiri's flushed face. The taste of salty tears lingered on the singer's lips.

            Eiri harrumphed. He mentally shook himself to clear his jumbled thoughts and briskly stood from the bed. Shuichi watched him in amusement. Eiri's moves were stiff and inhibited by a certain swelling.

            The blonde frowned down at himself.  He sighed and rolled his eyes. He glanced out of the corner of his eye at the smiling Shuichi and thinned his lips.

            "I'm going to take a shower," he offered lowly in a mixture of exasperation and annoyance.

            As Eiri slowly trudged out of the bedroom Shuichi giggled and called after him: "Make it a cold one!!"

            Eiri finished buckling his belt as he scuffled en route for the living room. The sound of Christmas music drifting from the radio gradually became louder as Eiri made his way through the archway separating the hallway and the living room. Never being one to get into the Christmas spirit, he found it incredibly odd at how upbeat he had become from listening to the carols while getting dressed.

            As he neared the couch he saw Shuichi sitting on the counter of the adjoined kitchen. His eyes were closed and a peaceful smile graced his lips. The radio sat next to him, serenading him. Eiri couldn't help but smile as well.

            "Hey," the writer called over the music. He redirected himself to the kitchen.

            Shuichi slowly cracked open his eyes. His smile spread. He waved in such an adorable matter Eiri could feel his heart flutter. He promptly blamed it on the music and swore to never listen to it again.

            The older man soon found himself facing the counter, his hips pressed up against it. Shuichi's legs were on either side of him. The pink haired man slipped his arms around his lover's neck.

            "Hi there," he cooed, nearly drowned out by the radio DJ introducing the next song.

            "Did you eat yet?" Eiri asked after he placed a small kiss on the singer's lips. He noted that the boy was already dressed in faded blue jeans and a baggy orange sweatshirt. He probably wanted to get to shopping for a tree as soon as possible.

            "No," came the unexpected reply. Eiri arched an eyebrow. Shuichi smiled. "I'm not hungry. Too excited I guess." Eiri failed to see how something as simple as buying a Christmas tree was so wonderful. Hell, he hadn't bought one in a good six years.

            Shuichi reached behind him and pulled out a coffee mug. "I did make you coffee, though." He pushed the mug to the writer proudly. Eiri smiled in thanks.

            Eiri drank the hot caffeine-laced drink slowly, relishing in the heat it caused down his throat. However, the heat he was welcoming the most was that of Shuichi's lithe frame pressed up against his own. The boy's legs were wrapped softly about the novelist's waist and his head lay on Eiri's shoulder. Shuichi's fingers played with the hem of Eiri's navy turtleneck at the small of his back. Eiri's free arm was rubbing up and down his lover's back.

They sat quietly, neither daring to say a word to ruin the moment. The only sounds were those of the Halleluiah Chorus from the radio and Eiri's intake of the coffee. Eiri's heart thrummed almost inaudibly against Shuichi's ear. They both breathed in time. As the song finished Shuichi stirred slightly.

"Yuki…?" the younger man whispered apprehensively. Eiri mumbled back a small nonsense syllable. Shuichi smiled drowsily. "Can we cuddle like this for a bit longer?"

Eiri opened his mouth to speak, but it took him three tries before the words began to flow. "I wasn't stopping you." He took another sip of the coffee. Half the mug was done. "But don't you want to go get the tree soon?"

"Yeah." Shuichi's smile turned into a small pout. "But I want to stay like this for a bit longer."

"Fine." Eiri tightened his hold on the small boy subconsciously. "But if there are no trees left, it's your fault."

Shuichi sighed softly. He nuzzled against his lover. "Then I'll just stay like this until you finish your coffee.

Eiri had never drunken his coffee so slowly in his life.

Eiri reluctantly placed his coffee mug down on the table. The soft click of ceramic hitting marble caused Shuichi to crack open his eyelids. Glazed purple irises look about slowly. He closed his eyes again and inhaled gradually. Eiri kissed the top of his lover's pink head. The boy pulled back languidly.

"You ready to go?" Eiri asked, not fully caring – he was too busy missing the warmth of Shuichi's body against his. The DJ came back on as Sleigh Ride ended.

"Yep." Shuichi tossed his neck from side to side and stretched him arms up. "All set."

Eiri stepped back from the counter and let the singer hop down. Just as he did the next song on the radio started. Eiri was about to lean over to shut it off when he saw Shuichi's ears perk up.

Before the novelist could ask, Shuichi was at the radio, promptly turning it up. Eiri strained to pick up which song it was.


"Shh!!" Shuichi hushed, waving his hands about to silence his lover. "I love this song!"

Eiri blinked as the voice of a female began to sing. He arched his eyebrows. Shuichi giggled and posed his most innocent stance – feet together, spine straight, hands pressed together in front of his chest in prayer, and eyes closed, with a little smile playing on his lips. Eiri braced himself for the signing he knew would soon follow

"I don't want a lot for Christmas," Shuichi sang in time with the singer, placing a soft tremolo on the "I". "There is just one thing I need / I don't care about the presents / Underneath the Christmas tree." He opened his eyes and his smile spread as he bit back a laugh. "I just want you for my own," his smooth voice rang out in a slow melody. "More then you could ever know / Make my wish come true." He placed undulating embellishments on the last word. "All I want for Christmas…" – a slow ritard – "is…" – another tremor – "you!"

Eiri blinked as Shuichi pointed a dainty finger at him. The music quickly picked up pace and Shuichi bobbed in rhythm.

"I don't want a lot for Christmas," he repeated, much more energetic this time. "There is just one thing I need." The background singers from the radio sang a little hushed "And I…" Shuichi picked up again. "Don't care about the presents / Underneath the Christmas tree." Shuichi took a step forward, smile still clearly evident. "I don't need to hang my stocking / There upon the fire place / Santa Clause won't make me happy / With a toy on Christmas day." He shook his finger in Eiri's smirking face. "I just want you for my own / More then you could ever know / Make my wish come true / All I want for Christmas is you…!"

Eiri could no longer hold back the small bubble of laughter. He watched in amusement as Shuichi danced around him. Eiri turned to keep his eyes on his lover. The singer had his back to the older man and, knowing this, shook his rear to the beat of the music. Eiri laughed again and Shuichi giggled, spinning around.

"I won't ask for much this Christmas," he continued. Eiri felt like melting in the brassy tenor of the younger man's voice. "I won't even wish for snow!" Shuichi shook his head to the words. The chorus did a little "And I…" again. "Just wanna keep my baby / Underneath the mistletoe." He quickly leaned up and pecked Eiri on the lips. "I won't make a list and send it / To the North Pole for Saint Nick." He backed up and spun around, walking in time over to the living room. "I won't even stay awake / To hear those magic reindeer click!"

Eiri was following behind Shuichi in delight. Shuichi was smirking deviously at him.

"Cuz I just want you here tonight." Shuichi wrapped his arms about himself and shook back and forth. "Holding on to me so tight / What more can I do?" He shrugged and reached out for Eiri, who without delay took the singing boy's hands. "All I want for Christmas is you." He carried out the word "you" deliciously and the chorus added a small "Ooooh, baby."

The beats of the song grew more deliberate, which Shuichi took as a good signal to tease the blonde before him some more. He pulled away from Eiri's hands and walked backwards towards the archway leading to the hall.

"Ooh! The lights are shining / So brightly everywhere!" Shuichi closed his eyes and sang with cheesy enthusiasm. "And the sound of children's / Laughter fills the air! / And everyone is singing / I hear those sleigh bells ringing!" Shuichi leaned his back against the arch, giving Eiri a profile view. "Santa won't you bring me the one I really need," he sang, rubbing up and down the wall, "Won't you please bring my baby to me?"

Eiri was laughing softly so as to not upstage his singing boyfriend, but couldn't hold it back anymore once Shuichi tried to hit the high notes the female singer from the radio had placed on "me" and missed terribly. The boy stuck his tongue out and shrugged, quickly resuming his show.

"Oh," he began again, dipping his voice down lusciously, "I don't want a lot for Christmas / This is all I'm asking for," Shuichi sang as he walked backwards down the hallway. He posed himself in the doorway of their bedroom. Eiri had stopped laughing, and was prowling close behind. "I just wanna see my baby / Standing right outside my door." Shuichi timed it perfectly so that the second he stepped into the bedroom Eiri was right outside the doorframe. Both men chuckled.

Shuichi leaned up and danced his fingers across Eiri's collarbone and then drifted backwards. The older man growled playfully. "Oooh, I just want you for my own / More then you could ever know." The radio was barely audible from inside the bedroom, but Shuichi continued to sign over it. Eiri had no complaints. "Make my wish come true / Oh baby, all I want for Christmas…" He slowed down considerably. "Is…" His husky voice swooped low and made rich little trimmings to the note. "Y—"

Shuichi squealed in surprise as he was cut off by Eiri's lips pressing hungrily against his own. The faint drift of the note Shuichi was cut off from floated in quietly from the radio. Both men were almost unable to continue the kiss because they were suppressing their giggles (And if you ever tell anyone Eiri was giggling, he'll kill you). Shuichi did, however, succeed in wrapping his arms about his lover's neck and the latter nibbled softly on the boy's smiling lips. A small moan was caught in the back of Shuichi's throat.

"Yuki…" the pink haired man whimpered softly. He could feel his voice box melting into his throat with the sheer bliss of Eiri's lips against his neck.

The blonde paused from flicking his tongue across the boy's jugular. "Mmm… I should probably stop, shouldn't I?" He pulled away. Shuichi pouted. "You do want to get the tree, don't you?" He exhaled sharply in mirth as Shuichi's face brightened and he nodded his head wildly.

Eiri pecked Shuichi quickly on the lips and led him out of the bed room. He prodded the boy to go get his coat and get his shoes on and that Eiri would be waiting for him down in the parking garage, warming up the car. Shuichi assured the novelist he would and waved for the brief parting as he danced down the hall.

Eiri drummed his gloved fingers against the black leather steering wheel with one hand as he put out his cigarette with the other. He exhaled the last puff of smoke and watched as it drifted out the small crack he left open in the window. He pressed a silvery button to order the window to roll back up and then turned the dial to up the heat.

Eiri slid his eyes to his right as he saw Shuichi a mere two feet away from the car. A few seconds later and the boy was opening the door and sliding inside on the cool leather seats. He flinched and closed the door behind him.

"Leather interior – not good for the cold weather," the boy reprimanded as he tugged on his seatbelt with mitten-clad hands.

Eiri rolled his eyes and revved up the engine. He mumbled back something akin to "whatever" and shifted into the reverse gear. Shuichi watched his right hand direct the shift stick in the American car as Eiri pulled out of the parking space and drove into the frozen city streets.

Most of the car ride was in silence. Eiri finally got tired of listening to his keys jingle in the ignition and the click of him shifting drives. He cleared his throat, gaining Shuichi's full attention.

"Did you mean it?" Eiri asked, keeping his eyes on the road.

Shuichi lifted a curious eyebrow. "Mean what?"

"That I'm all you want for Christmas," the writer responded as if what he had been asking was complete common sense and how could someone be such an idiot as to not realize that?

Shuichi giggled. "Of course." He leaned over in his seat and brushed his lips against Eiri's cheek.

His golden eyes slid over to his bundled up lover when he reach a red light. He noted the red and black striped mittens that covered the boy's hands. A matching scarf was draped out his neck, and a beanie of the same pattern adorned his head. Little pink tufts of hair poked out from underneath the hat and hung over his shimmering eyes. He was wearing a simple denim jacket over his sweatshirt, and the bottoms of his jeans were tucked into black combat boots. In a word: adorable. Eiri smiled.

Shuichi leaned back in his seat comfortably. He caught Eiri's glance. "Did you doubt me?" he questioned, misunderstanding the older man's gaze.

Eiri swung his eyes back to the road as the light changed green. He shook his head and pressed the accelerator.

"Well, you shouldn't" Shuichi continued, just incase. "Because it's true." He leaned his head back and closed his eyes. "This is my first Christmas with you, Yuki. That's good enough for me."

Eiri could have sworn he felt his heart swell. He swallowed hard and glared at the license plate of the car in front of him. A moment of silence passed.

"Did you get me something?"

Eiri smirked. "I though you said I'm all you wanted." He threw a sly glance the singer's way.

Shuichi pouted. "Well, yeah. You are. But it'd still be nice…"

"Did you get me something?" the novelist questioned the second Shuichi's voice began to drift off.

The boy perked and smiled. "Yep!!" His smile quickly faltered. "But… I don't think you'll like it…"

Shuichi purred softly as Eiri's leather gloved fingertips reached out and rubbed the back of his neck. He leaned into the affection until Eiri pulled away a moment later.

"If it's from you," the blonde began, not sure whether he should really finish the sentence or not, "then I'll like it."

Shuichi brightened immediately. "You're the greatest, Yuki!!" he cried, just barely able to resist the urge to throw his arms around the other man.

"So…" Eiri turned a corner and shrugged one shoulder. "What is it exactly you want from me for Christmas? I mean – like you said, it's our first Christmas, and I'm not one who usually celebrates the sap. What are you expecting from me here?"

"Hmmm…" Shuichi chewed at the inside of his cheek thoughtfully. He slumped in his seat. "I guess… Well, I'd like you to drive me home from the concert tomorrow night, and then… Maybe we could have some dinner… And then maybe we could cuddle up on the couch and have some drinks." Shuichi was looking down at his hands now, eyes slightly wide and his cheeks red. "And then maybe…" He drifted off and glanced over at the older man.

Eiri caught the gaze out of his peripheral vision. "And then?" he prodded.

The writer soon found a hand pressed down on his mid-thigh, supporting the weight of a man three years his junior as the boy leaned over and breathed against his ear. Eiri stiffened.

"And then…" Shuichi whispered huskily, "I could have you…" The hand on Eiri's thigh moved upwards a great deal. "Submissively."

Any bystander would have thought up a million ideas for why a neighboring car had just jerked completely out of it's lane and back in again – but probably none of them were correct.

Back inside the car, Shuichi was in his seat again, head thrown back in howls of laughter. Eiri was leaning forward, gripping the steering wheel with all his might, eyes wide and breath ragged. He whipped his head to the laughing man, horrified and seething.

"Don't do that!!" he screeched. "Especially while I'm driving!!"

"Keep your eyes on the road, Yuki!" the boy reprimanded jokingly through bouts of laughter. He bawled harder. "You should have seen your face!!"

"That's it!!" Eiri hollered, straightening himself. "No Christmas tree for you!!"


"No way," Eiri grumbled. He frowned heavily. "Enough is enough. I never agreed for you to even move-in and now you're decorating my house!!"

There was no response.

Eiri blinked. He turned to the quiet Shuichi, expecting him to be wearing his best puppy dog face, ears, tail, paws, and all. Instead the sight that met the curious blonde was that of the boy staring out his window sadly, tears brimming in his eyes. He was biting down harshly on his bottom lip and his fists were clenched tight in his lap. His shoulders were hunched up and he was shaking. Eiri watched in shocked dismay.


The said boy tensed. He hung his head to try to hide his face from his lover. "Yeah…?" Despite how hard he tried, the response came out in a crack. He flinched.

The car hummed softly, nearly drowning out Eiri's low voice. "It means that much to you, doesn't it…?"

Shuichi sniffed, and when that didn't work he rubbed at his cold nose. He shook his head quickly. "It's ok, Yuki…" His voice was still cracking no matter how hard he was trying not to cry. "I'm sorry."

"You know what?" Eiri changed gears and the car lurched a bit. Shuichi dared not question the sudden park. "We're here."

The singer blinked and lifted his head up. After a delayed moment he whipped his head to Eiri. The man was smiling softly at him, and in the background, across the street, was a store to buy holiday decorations. Fir trees decorated the outside of the store. Shuichi gasped.


Eiri looked away and sighed, not able to erase his smile. "I don't know why it matters so much to you… But I guess it wouldn't hurt, huh?"

There were some things about Shuichi that marveled the writer. Despite his wide range of knowledge that came with his books, he knew there would be things about the man he shared his home with he would never completely understand. Shuichi's ability to switch moods in an instant was one of them.

Eiri soon found the young man thrown against him, regardless of the inhibitions of Shuichi's seatbelt. A loud "YUKI!! I LOVE YOU!!" could be heard from not only outside the car, but inside the store across the street as well. And a "DON'T MAKE ME TURN THIS CAR AROUND!!" was the hollered reply.

An hour and a half later Eiri was sprawled out on his back on the cold wood floor of his living room. He stared up with dull eyes at the high ceiling. A few feet away stood a six and a half foot tall fir tree that had the audacity to shed all over the novelist's clean floor.

"Hey, Yuki?"

"Shut up," he snapped. "I'm mad at you."


Eiri made a low screech deep in his throat. "God, you got the damn tree from me, what more do you want?"

A pair of worried and upside-down purple eyes blocked Eiri's view of the ceiling. He frowned. Shuichi pouted and leaned down so his nose was against Eiri's forehead. The writer arched an eyebrow.

"You know, I have rule," he began, voice sour, "if you're close enough that the person's eyes look like one giant eye, then your eyes should be closed and your mouths open."

Shuichi giggled. He pulled away and crawled around so that he was facing his lover. A moment later had the smaller man straddled over Eiri's waist. The writer tried to act less then pleased.

"Are you really mad at me?" Shuichi questioned, leaning down to kiss the tip of his lover's nose.

Eiri was contemplating on lying. That is, until he felt the vocalist nuzzling up against him and his little pink head rubbing up under Eiri's chin. Feathery kisses danced along and jaw. Eiri swallowed hard.

"No," he groaned, not wanting to have to admit it. "I did promise you…" He craned his neck the other way in order to give Shuichi more access. He felt the neck to his shirt get pulled down. "And it's not that big of a deal, I suppose."

"So," Shuichi mumbled, "you don't regret it?" He flicked his tongue over Eiri's Adam's apple.

"No," the blonde responded weakly. He sighed. "But, I'm sure I will after I have to clean this mess up," he finished, referring to the bag of decorations for the tree scattered on the floor and the shedding tree. Eiri was thoroughly surprised he was able to get out a comprehensive idea with the way Shuichi was nipping and suckling his neck.

"Can I ask you another question?" Shuichi tried, leaning up from his place at Eiri's collarbone.

Eiri frowned at the loss. "Only if after I answer you can continue with what you were just doing."

Shuichi winked. "Can we move this to the bedroom?"

Eiri took a long drag from his cigarette and held it a moment. Shuichi rolled over on the bed onto his back. He reached a hand down and pulled the blankets up higher against his naked frame. Eiri let a slow breath out. Shuichi glanced over to his lover that was sitting up on the bed, enjoying his after sex cigarette.

"Mmm, Yuki?" Shuichi cuddled up deeper in the bed. He followed the puff of smoke that swirled in the air. "What time is it?"

Eiri sucked in a deliberate breath and held it again. He reached out for the nightstand to pull off the watch that had been discarded there earlier. Eiri had a pet peeve with unnecessary articles of clothing or the like getting in the way of his performance.

"Ten to four," the novelist replied, finally letting his breath go.

Shuichi was momentarily distracted from the snake of smoke that slithered past the older man's lips. After a dazed moment he blinked.

"Ten to four?" he whined. He sat up slowly, holding the sheets close. Thank God for heaters in thirty degree weather… "Ten to four?" The singer repeated again. Eiri slid a sideways-glance at him. "The day's almost over!"

"You're very perceptive." Eiri put out his cigarette on the back of his hand. It always amazed Shuichi at how the blonde was able to do that without burning himself. "What's your point?"

The writer flicked the butt blindly and in landed square in the garbage pail. That must have taken years of practice… Shuichi thought in awe, even though he had seen Eiri do the same trick many times.

"Well, I'm just sad, is all," the boy began, fully sitting up now. He shifted closer to Eiri, who's blankets were pooled around his waist. The singer absentmindedly wondered why Eiri wasn't cold.

"So you think the whole day was just a waste?" Eiri drawled, feelings only slightly hurt.

"What?" Shuichi pulled on the novelist's arm. "No! That's not it at all! I'm just upset that we had such a wonderful day and I won't be able to spend that much time like this with you tomorrow!"

Eiri arched an eyebrow and leaned his head back against the headboard of the bed. He passed a questioning glance to the boy occupying his bed along with him. Shuichi frowned.

"The concert?" he offered, trying to jog Eiri's memory. "I have the Christmas concert tomorrow with all the bands from NG Productions." He paused. "You said you'd come."

Strike one.

Eiri stared up to the ceiling thoughtfully. Realization soon began to dawn on his pale features. "Oh, right…" He could feel Shuichi's scowl burning into the side of his face. "It starts at… six, right?"


Eiri flinched. Strike two.

"Right, right…" The last thing he needed was another bout of "Mr. Eiri Uesugi!!!". After the previous hour's activities, Eiri didn't think he'd be able to pull it off. Besides, he figured this would be more brutal harassment then arousing sex. "It's at the NG Concert hall, isn't it?"

Eiri sighed thankfully when Shuichi nodded. He could tell, however, that the pink haired singer was far from impressed.

"Bad Luck, Nittle Grasper, and ASK – that's the line-up?" Eiri question uneasily, trying to indirectly impress his lover, but make it seem nonchalant.

"Yes." Shuichi leaned back a bit. "And you're going to meet be back stage at what time?"

            Shit, Eiri groaned. Think fast, think fast! It can't be that long of a concert…

            "Nine," Eiri responded hesitantly, but covering it up well.


            Strike three.

            "Crap," was all the writer was able to mutter.

            Eiri braced himself, prepared for his lover's attack. Any second now the boy would be pouncing and ripping the older man apart with unwelcome fingernails.

            Shuichi tensed and scowled further. Just as he was about to lunge, he was cut off from the tinny ring of the doorbell. Both men blinked and looked to the bedroom door, as if it held the answer to their silent question: Who's that?

            "I'll get it," the blonde sighed. He was slightly thankful as he eased himself off the bed, but also somewhat disappointed that his time with the boy would be cut short. "Be right back," he called, as he slipped a robe onto his naked form and padded out of the bedroom.

            Eiri made his way down the hall and to the front door as he tightened the belt on his robe. He ran a hand through his disheveled golden hair. A slender hand reached out and opened the door to reveal a woman in her mid-thirties with long brown hair. Her slender frame and large bust was packed tightly in a designer black dress. A gray fur coat was slung over her arm. She glowered terrifically.

              Eiri sighed and leaned wearily against the doorframe, suddenly loosing energy. "Big Sister…" he groaned. "And to what do I owe the pleasure?"

            Mika glared harshly at her younger brother and brushed past him into the apartment. She toed off her black spikes and threw her coat over the couch. She turned back to Eiri, who was closing the door in agitation.

            "You know damn well why I'm here, Eiri," Mika spat. She placed a defiant hand on her cocked hip. "You better be coming home for Christmas this year."

            Eiri rolled his eyes and made a small disgusted sound. The brunette growled. She took a step forward and poked her index finger into her younger (yet much taller) brother's chest.

            "This might be father's last Christmas!" she warned. "Would it kill you to come?!"

            "Possibly." Eiri brushed away his sister's finger and walked around her. "Besides, you've been telling me he was going to croak for a good six years now."

            "Well, he just might!" she cried defensively, clutching onto her handbag tighter. "Besides, what better do you have to do this year anyway? At least last year you had that signing, so I let you off the hook…"


            Mika snapped her head to the side and Eiri slowly turned his as well. Shuichi stood in the archway of the living room. He blinked as both Uesugi's turned their gaze to him.

Eiri silently thanked whatever god he still believed in that the boy had redressed himself before coming in, and was not in a robe as well. Mika knew damn well the level to which the two men's relationship was at, but Eiri didn't need to be announcing it.

            "Oh, Mika-san." Shuichi smiled shakily. "I didn't know you were stopping by. How are you?"

            The singer's question was left ignored as Mika turned her head back to her brother. Her previous query was mutely answered.

            "You're spending the holiday with him?" she bit out, ignoring the confused pink haired boy, and pointing at him with a claw-like finger.

            Eiri arched an eyebrow and shrugged. He turned around and made his way into the kitchen. "What did you expect?"

            Mika followed unflinchingly. She opened her mouth to speak, but quickly shut it when the sight of a fir tree caught her eye. She face-faulted.

            "You…" She swung her head quickly between Eiri, the tree, and the forgotten Shuichi. "You bought a tree?!"

            Eiri looked to the half-decorated tree blankly. "So?"

            Mika turned an icy glare to the younger man that was still standing in the archway. He flinched under the scrutiny of her glare.

            "You," she hissed, inching closer to Shuichi.

            "Um," the boy replied nervously. "I talked Yuki into buying it…" He trailed off, not sure whether he was helping his case, or just digging himself in deeper.

            Usually, Uesugi Mika didn't have too terrible of a time coping with the relationship between her brother and the lead singer of Bad Luck. After realizing that Eiri and Tatsuha's promiscuous ways of loving would not be altered, she gave up on trying. Mika would even support the unlikely couples her two younger brothers brought home at times. However, when it came to Shuichi getting in the way of Eiri and his family…

            "Look, kid." Mika was on the younger man in an instant. "You love my brother, right?"

            Eiri cocked a curious eyebrow. Shuichi gulped and managed a meek nod.

            In a liquid motion the older Uesugi's hands were clutching at the lapels of Shuichi's sweatshirt and lifting him slightly. She pulled him closer, glaring menacingly. The boy gasped, as did Eiri.

            "Then," she growled, "do what you know is right for him." She paused. "For our family."

            Shuichi was released, leaving him in a daze. He watched Mika in a glazed over fashion. She scowled, bit something bitter out to her brother, and gathered her things. Eiri snapped something back and trotted after her, trying to keep restraint. Mika slamming the door in her brother's face knocked Shuichi out of his stunned stupor.


            Eiri sighed and turned his back to the door. He glanced over at his lover, who was staring at the floor, apparently considering something.

            "Ignore her," the novelist demanded. He silently thanked Shuichi for not picking up on the desperation in his voice.

            "You didn't tell me…" The pink haired boy turned his head to his lover. A very confused look adorned his features. "I had no clue you were supposed to be with your family…"

            Eiri snorted and began to cross to the singer. "It doesn't matter." He eyed Shuichi oddly. "It doesn't matter," he repeated, just in case.

            "No." The boy sighed and looked down again. He shook his head. "I'm sorry, it was stupid of me. I should have at least been smart enough to realize that it was natural to spend the holidays with your family."

            "God dammit," the writer cursed. He folded his arms across his chest in exasperation. "I said it didn't matter!"

            "They're your family, Yuki!" Shuichi cried, snapping his head up. "Of course it matters! You said you haven't been there in six years just a few minutes ago! Don't you think you should see them?!"

            "You're only saying that so Mika doesn't claw your eyes out," Eiri growled matter-of-factly.

            Shuichi shook his head wildly. "No!" He grabbed fistfuls of the older man's robes. "Do you hate your family that much, Yuki? That you don't even want to spend Christmas with them?"

            "It's not as simple as that," the blonde groaned, trying to end the topic.

            "Do you love them?" Shuichi pressed, leaning closer. "You do, right?"

            Eiri sighed. "I suppose (somewhere deep down in my rotting heart that will probably soon fail me) I might care for Tatsuha and Mika. But not the old fart." The golden-eyed man couldn't even tell if it was a joke or not.

            Shuichi frowned. "Christmas is a time to be with those you love, then," he answered back softly, not sure if his question had really been answered, but hoping that it was Eiri's way of saying "yes, I love my family".

            Eiri bit down on his tongue harshly before he could cry out some romantic nonsense that he would severely regret later. After all – he cared about Shindou Shuichi much more then any old monk…

            The novelist's stomach lurched as the wave of sadness washed over Shuichi's face. He hated it when the boy had that look… It always made Eiri feel so… helpless. If he was so sad, then why would he be pressing for Eiri to go?

            "They're your family, Yuki," Shuichi urged lowly. "You should go. You never know if something bad could happen – and then wouldn't you feel horrible? Wouldn't you hate yourself if you knew that you blew away spending the last holiday together as a family?"

            "I don't need my family to make me have any negative feelings, thank you." Eiri brushed the boy's hands away that were worrying at his robe. "You and I can do that fine on our own, thanks."

            Shuichi blinked. "I make you hate yourself?"

            Eiri sighed. Only every time something stupid comes out of my mouth and you get that teary-eyed look on your face - he inwardly grimaced – which is about every half-hour.

            "No, forget that."

The blonde trudged into the kitchen and pulled a beer from the fridge. He patted against his chest to realize that he wasn't wearing his usual shirt, which meant that he had no cigarettes on him. He contemplated going into the bedroom to get them from the shirt pocket that lay discarded on the bedroom floor. He rolled his eyes and popped open his beer, not having enough energy for the journey to find his cigarettes.

            Shuichi pursed his lips for a moment. He exhaled sharply in weary determination. "You're going, aren't you?"

            Eiri slid a tired glance to the fir tree. Only the lights were strewn (haphazardly, one might add) over the limbs of the tree, and the ornaments lay on the floor. He took a sip of beer and continued staring at the tree.

            "We should finish decorating that."


            Eiri snapped his gaze over to the fuming singer. "What?" he cried in mock innocence.

            "Stop evading my questions!" Shuichi stormed over to his lover. "You are going, right?!"

            The writer glared. "No."


            "They're my family, dammit!" He slammed the beer can down on the counter. "And I don't have to go if I don't want to!"

            "They are your family – all the more reason why you should SPEND CHRISTMAS WITH THEM!!" the younger man screeched, fists clenched.

            Eiri winced. "Stop screaming!!" He pressed the heel of his hands against his eyes. The nicotine craving worsened. "We're not getting anywhere doing this."

            Shuichi calmed down slowly, removing his fingernails from the skin of his palms. He relaxed visibly and slumped his shoulders.

            "Right, right." The pink-haired boy eyed the man before him. "Yuki, I want you to go."

            Eiri raised his eyebrows jadedly. "I thought I was what you wanted for Christmas," he responded. His voice was dripping with cocky confidence.

            "I--!" Shuichi shut his mouth, unable to protest. "I… I do… But…" He looked down at his own socked feet, which were a mere three inches from Eiri's own slippered ones. "But you should be with your family – not some two-bit singer who nags you constantly and is always getting on your nerves." He dropped his voice so low it was practically inaudible. "Especially someone you don't love…"

            Eiri strained his ears. Surely he hadn't heard the boy right… "What?"

            Shuichi shook his head sadly. "Nothing." He looked back up to the writer. "Please, Yuki. Go. They love you, whether you think so or not, and you know you love them, too. Spend Christmas with them."

            The older man adverted his eyes to the neglected beer can. He stared at it blankly. "If I do, I'd have to leave tonight." He looked back to Shuichi. "I'd miss Christmas with you and your concert."

            Shuichi forced an obviously pained smile. "That's all right!" he chirped sadly. Eiri frowned. "We're just singing Christmas songs – no big deal. It's not like it's any of my crappy writing, ya know?" He laughed nervously. "Besides, I sang for you earlier. And we can always have Christmas a day or two late."


            "It's the mood," Shuichi interrupted quickly, "not the date." He smiled wider, eyes becoming glassy. "Not a big deal."

            Eiri clenched his jaw and tried to suppress the urge to reach out and pull the boy into his arms. He mentally kicked himself. There I go again with making him cry.

            "Stop it," the blonde demanded softly.

            Don't make it harder on me, Yuki… Shuichi cried mentally. "Stop what?" he asked harmlessly.

            "Stop acting like you don't care."

            The purple-eyed boy shuddered as he felt Eiri brush his fingertips across the younger man's cheek. A tear was smudged away that Shuichi hadn't even noticed. He swallowed hard.

            I don't want you to go, Yuki, but… Shuichi clenched his fists, reprinting the divots in his hands from his nails. How badly he wanted the older man to hold him right now.

            "If you don't want me to go, then don't usher me to leave," Eiri reprimanded kinder then he had planned.

            Somewhere along the lines the novelist had rested his hand on Shuichi's side. The hand that was caressing the tear-lined cheek slipped up and ran through pink locks. The singer's feet lay rested between Eiri's. They slowly inched closer into an inevitable embrace that Shuichi was sure would be the cracking point.

            "Just say the word and I won't leave," Eiri whispered against the younger man's ear. Shuichi trembled.

            He wanted to scream out and throw himself in his lover's arms, however Shuichi's mind kept replaying back to Mika's words: Then do what you know is right for him. For our family.

            Shuichi gulped and dipped his head up. He pressed his lips against Eiri's cool cheek. He closed his eyes and tried to fight back the throbbing in his eyes from the onslaught of tears begging to get out.

            "Don't…" Eiri pulled the boy closer. "Mika will get over it. Don't let her intimidate you…"

            The lead singer of Bad Luck pressed his hands flat against Eiri's shoulders. He pushed back and stared sadly in his lover's golden-eyes. He quickly leaned up and pressed his lips against the older man. He hesitantly pulled back and fought the tears that swelled.

            I don't want to be left all alone, Yuki…

            "Give my regards to your family…" Shuichi whispered. He pulled back further, leaving himself cold and defenseless.

            The pink-haired man could have sworn he saw something not unlike disappointment and anguish flash in Eiri's eyes. However, it was quickly replaced by the man's ever-reliable front.

            "If that's what you want."

            No, Yuki, I don't want it, but I just… God, I don't know what I want…

            Eiri pulled away from the counter and tore his gaze away from Shuichi. The sadness and tears in the vocalist's purple eyes was terrifying.

            You're getting to close too that boy. You have to learn to detach yourself again or it's never going to stop hurting.

            Shuichi took a shaky breath and closed his eyes. The sooner Eiri left, the sooner he could let the tears go…

            I love you, Yuki… But I'm just hurting you, aren't I? That's what Mika said to me once… I need to do what's right for you… I need to stop clinging to you so much.

            Eiri glanced over to his forgotten beer. He hastily picked it up and gulped the rest down.

            I want you to be dependent on me, but it seems you don't trust me all that much, do you? Don't you think I can cope without them, dammit, Shuichi? God, no… There I go again… I have to let go…

            Eiri sighed heavily as he finished the beer. He tossed it into the sink where a few other empty cans lay.


            Dammit, Shu-chan!!

            Eiri spun on his heel and ignored the pain in his chest. "I'll go pack."     

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