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Prologue: Rosalyn

Rosalyn Smith sat in her blue velvet chair, tediously embroidering a handkerchief for her daughter. Jacob and Jodi sat on the polished marble floor to her side, playing quietly with toys. Rosalyn was immensely bored of the embroidery, but that is what cultured and refined women did. The mahogany grandfather clock chimed nine times, heralding to the world that it was 9:00. Rosalyn was surprised that it was so late and alarmed that the children were still up. She stood up, carefully placing the handkerchief next to her chair.

"Children, it's time for bed," she said as she walked over to them. Her comment was met by a hearty groan from her son.

"But mum, we just started playing pirates." The little boy's liquid brown eyes pleaded with his mother's as he looked up at her.

"I know. We wouldn't want to make Father mad, though." The little boy jumped slightly at the mention of his father.

"Very well," Jacob said as he stood up. He picked up all the toys and ran to the playroom, flitting like a little sparrow. Jodi gracefully stood and walked up to her mother, slipping her hand into Rosalyn's.

"Mum, will you tell me a story first?" Jodi's honey eyes stared pleadingly into Rosalyn's molasses colored eyes.

"Isn't it Jacob's turn to hear a story first?" Rosalyn smiled at her daughter.

"No, you told him a story first last night. It's my turn." She spoke softly, gently chiding her mother's forgetfulness.

"All right, love." Rosalyn stroked the little girl's hand. Jacob walked up to the two of them, eyes full of anticipation. "Shall we head off to bed?" The twins nodded. Rosalyn and her children walked to the great marble hallway. Jacob turned left and the girls turned right. Rosalyn and Jodi quickly reached Jodi's doorway.

"Mum, I want to hear about a princess tonight." Jodi opened her oak door, her ebony colored hair flapping around in a circle.

"Very well," Rosalyn said as Jodi pulled her towards her bed. Jodi quickly changed into her light chemise. She sat on the bed and regally drew the covers around her, resting them against her chin.

"Once upon a time, a beautiful princess…" Rosalyn spun a tale about a princess falling in love with a prince. She let her voice trail off when Jodi's breathing became even and she was asleep. Rosalyn slowly stood up, careful not to wake her daughter. She gave Jodi a quick kiss and headed to Jacob's bedroom.

Rosalyn's footsteps echoed as she walked down the marble hallway. She caught sight of herself in the gilded mirror and stopped. It was so odd to have such fine apparel. She laughed to herself as she started walking to her son's room.

Rosalyn slowly opened the door and was not surprised to see her son playing with a fake sword in his nightclothes. She crept silently toward him, trying to surprise him.

"Hello, mum. I'm ready for me story now." Jacob laughed as he turned and saw the surprise in her eyes. "You know you can't sneak up on me, I'm Jacob Smith." He grinned a little half grin at his mother.

"No, you're my little sparrow." She walked up to him and started tickling him. Merry peals of laughter came out from both of them as they wrestled, each one trying to tickle the other and avoid being tickled themselves. After several moments, Rosalyn stood and brushed her fine silk skirt.

Jacob stood as well and imitated his mother, over-exaggerating every movement she made. She laughed at the comical imitation. "You know, Jacob, imitation is the best form of flattery." She smiled. "Are you ready for your story?"

Jacob nodded and jumped onto his bed, pulling the covers up to his chin. Rosalyn compared her two children and their antics and laughed to herself. "Let me guess, you want to hear a pirate story."

Jacob nodded enthusiastically. "O' course I do, mum. I love pirates."

"Very well, shall I tell you one about Calico Jack?" Jacob nodded again. Rosalyn continued, "Alright. I shall tell you the tale of Calico Jack and the Commodore Brewton. Calico Jack had been caught whilst pilfering Holmen, a tiny town on the coast of Haiti. Brewton was determined to hang Calico Jack, bu' o' course Calico Jack's loyal crew was going to try to save their magnificent captain." Jacob yawned, but Rosalyn did not notice. She seemed enveloped in the story, almost as if she were reliving it.

"Sandra, the first mate an' one o' the very few female pirates, came up wi' a bloody brilliant plan. She organized the crew into five groups of three each. She planned to dress up as a rich woman and faint at the gallows right in front of the Commodore while he was leading Calico to the gallows. Whilst the Commodore was tryin' to revive her, one of the five groups would carefully loosen the ropes around Calico Jack's han's so e'd be able to slip away, unnoticed. Three of the groups would distract the officers around Calico Jack. An' this is where the plot gets interesting. The final group would sneak Calico Jack out in the confusion. O' course, the plan din't work accordin' to plan. Most plans ne're work as their supposed to." Rosalyn paused.

The faint sound of snoring was emanating from the young Jacob. Rosalyn was startled to see him asleep. She'd been lost in the telling of the story. She carefully kissed the child and stood up, lost in her story. She slowly left the room and went to bed herself.

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