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AN (5/22)-Well, I've decided to add this epilogue for a greater sense of closure. Excuse me if it's a bit odd-I'd planned on having Jack discover this about his father, but decided I'd been mean enough to him as it is.


John Rackham, known to everyone as Calico Jack, quietly sighed. The warm Caribbean sun was flowing down to the earth like honey as it slowly began disappearing into the West to enlighten the other side of the world. The Black Pearl was now a very faint speck on the horizon. It looked like a rather talented bug walking on the top of the water. Calico Jack could only faintly see its resilient white sails.

Frowning slightly as he allowed his mind to wander, Calico Jack snapped back into reality. He was of the opinion that once something happened, there was no point in repeating it in his mind. Made it easier for him to accept the bad decisions he'd made. Also made it easier to move on after committing crimes or after taking someone else's right to live away. Though, Calico Jack enjoyed going over the good memories and sharing them with others. He wasn't a completely closed book.

Humming softly to dispel his rather melancholy mood as the faint outline of the Black Pearl faded away, Calico Jack pivoted around. The song on his lips faded abruptly as he nearly ran into Anne. After the first few moments of utter confusion, he smiled and grabbed her waist, drawing the voluptuous woman next to him and giving her a very passionate kiss.

Mary, who happened to be several paces behind Anne, turned her face and looked away. Even though she and Anne were the best of friends, and Calico Jack was both of their lovers, she still felt a twinge of jealousy when they had moments like that.

Carefully caressing Anne's cheek as the kiss faded into nothing, Calico Jack chuckled slightly. "Couldn' stand bein' away for more than an hour, eh?"

Anne chuckled, wrapping her arms around his neck. "We couldn't leave you, Calico," she purred as she gently stroked the scar on his cheek.

Calico Jack smiled, looking over at Mary. "Didn't like Jack, eh?"

Mary grinned and walked over to his side, placing her head on his shoulder. She'd thrown her jealousy away, now that the kiss was over. "Well, he's not quite as fun as his father."

Anne snorted. "An' Mary would know. The two of 'em 'ad a few rendezvous while ye were sick, Calico." She smiled up at Calico Jack. "I resisted the temptation, luv, e'en though Jack inherited yer devilish good looks."

Calico Jack frowned. "Wha' are ye talkin' about, luvs?" He glanced between Anne and Mary, a puzzled look in his brown eyes. Though it was easy for nearly anyone, especially women, to see that Jack was Calico Jack's son, it was very hard to see the resemblance between yourself and someone else. Calico Jack had always assumed Jack looked a lot like his mother. What Calico Jack could remember about Richard is that he'd been of average height. He wasn't sure if Richard's eyes were brown, or what color of hair he had. That was one piece of information that had been pushed out by other memories and knowledge.

Anne laughed and said something very un-ladylike. With a grin, she toyed with the end of Calico Jack's cutlass. "You didn' know Jack's yer son?"

"He is?" Calico Jack queried, amazement in his voice. If this was true, it certainly explained why he felt as if he had to protect the young pirate while still giving him freedom. That also meant that Rosalyn, known to him as Sandra, had left so abruptly all those years ago. He frowned, wondering why she hadn't told him. Rosalyn had been a very good companion when he'd been captain for only a year. She'd been wise about sailing, and it wasn't because she was his lover that he'd made her his first mate.

Anne nodded, gently kissing Calico Jack on the cheek. "Aye. I still can't believe ye din' notice."

Mary nodded in agreement, running her fingers through Calico Jack's hair. Anne and Mary usually shared Calico Jack like this in private, just clinging to him. "It was obvious when we firs' saw 'im stand next t' ye, Calico."

Calico Jack numbly smiled in response. "Well, I guess tis a good thing I gave the Pearl t' 'im, then."

Anne nodded, rather impatient for something. The two women had left the Pearl to stay with their lover of the past seven years. That was really why Calico Jack had allowed them on his ship.

Mary sighed, adding in her sweet voice, "The res' of the crew wasn' as dense as ye, Calico. Barbossa especially will try an' cause 'im problems."

Calico Jack nodded slowly, hoping the best for his son. It was all out of his hands, though. Besides, Calico Jack had imparted most of his wisdom to Jack. Calico Jack also personally thought Barbossa was an upstanding pirate. Countless years of brown-nosing had given him that impression.

Anne sighed, glaring over at Mary. "If Jack's anythin' like 'is dad, he'll be fine." Simpering as she turned back to face Calico Jack, she said, "Can't we go celebrate our retirement from bein' scallywags?"

Calico Jack nodded, a mischievous grin on his face. He put his arms over each woman's shoulder, and they started walking to a more secluded area.

Calico Jack abruptly stopped walking, the statements from before finally registering in his mind. He glared rather reproachfully at Mary. "Ye spent time wiv me son?"

Mary laughed her brown eyes full of amusement and slight shame. "Aye, Calico, I did. Somethin' wrong wiv that?"

Calico Jack shrugged. "Not really. Jus' a bit odd." He knew that both Anne and Mary had slept with other men. If they hadn't, no one would've accepted them on the Pearl after they stopped trying to pretend to be men. Superstitions were very important to every sailor who'd ever gone on the great ocean.

Mary chuckled. "Afraid 'e's better than ye?"

Calico Jack honestly admitted, "Jus' a bit." He started walking again as Anne drilled holes into his forehead with her green eyes. With a laugh and one final glance at where the Pearl had been, Calico Jack ended this chapter of his life, intending to live the rest of his days in quiet seclusion with Anne and Mary.