Title: Two Drinks and a Murder

Author: Nameless Quill

Rating: R

Disclaimer: If they were mine I can assure you I wouldn't be a fan fiction writer staring blankly at a computer screen.

Note(s): 1.) This is slash and it is horror. Those words mean that there is homosexuality in this and a few scenes were people get hurt and blood goes flying. There are also people who want to do strange and queasy things to other people. If none of these makes your day, click on that back button. 2.) From here on out the story will 'flip-flop' between Catherine and Sara with each chapter, so to be easy on you guys, the character's name will pop up by the chapter number. Thanks.

Chapter Eight (Sara's P.O.V; 24 hours since the abduction

Normally the hum of the lab printer soothed Sara's nerves into something much more manageable but tonight they only served as another irritant to mark on her ever-growing list. Pacing the length of the room like a jaguar, she watched the papers slide out and Hodges pick them up.

"Well," he drawled, eliciting a growl from Sara. He either ignored it, or it hadn't reached his ears for he continued without a beat. "I should be giving this to Ecklie but seeing that you're here and—"

"Hodges, just give me the results." Sara snapped, reaching out and taking the paper. She looked it over and paled. The markers matched, 13 to 13. "So the blood is Catherine's."

"It looks that way." Hodges's voice was softer now. The reality that one of their own was missing and probably hurt had finally hit the little weasel of a man.

Sara nodded and eased a breath out slowly, pushing a hand through her hair. "Great, just …great." She backed from the counter and turned, her eyes riveted on the results that matched Catherine's DNA to the DNA markers found in the blood. This wasn't happening. "I'll just go give this to Grissom."

"You do that. I'll just stay here." Hodges spoke to a retreating back.

Sara moved through the throng of CSIs, technicians, and clerks to the closed door that marked Grissom's office and paused, frowning. Grissom's door was never closed during a high profile case. She crept closer; her ears perked for noise and stopped again when she heard muffled shouting. She made out Grissom's soft tenor and then a higher pitched, nasally voice and couldn't wrap it around anything. She must have looked lost because a few moments after she had stopped Warrick had stepped to her side and touched her shoulder.

"Everything okay Sara?" He asked, his voice running smooth, not betraying the haunted look in his eye. She nodded. He sighed, giving a nod back, and looked to the office too. "What's up?"

"Who's in the office with him?"

Warrick scowled. "Conrad Ecklie, that …" he trailed off with a growl. "Man that guy pisses me off. He wants us nowhere near Catherine's case. Said we're too close, we'll contaminate evidence." He stopped again and shook his head. "All he wants is another career booster."

"I know Warrick, I know." Sara muttered, her dark eyes now glowering on the door as well.

The two of them waited outside, half-listening to the shouting match and half-wondering how much time was being lost while they stood around when the door opened and out stepped a tall, balding man who looked to have the practice of sucking-up to an art. He was glaring behind him, his mouth caught between a sneer and a grimace. He cast a sharp glance behind him and then stole past them, his gaze catching on Sara for a brief moment, his lips curling up into a frightening resemblance of a smile and then left. Sara and Warrick wasted no time in walking into Grissom's office and stood expectantly, waiting for their supervisor to start.

Grissom looked worn and Sara could tell it just wasn't the arguments with Ecklie and the sheriff. Catherine's disappearance was pulling on him too, he was showing his age and he was still wearing the clothes from last night. He wasn't speaking and after a minute or so of silence Sara spoke.

"Ecklie didn't take the case, did he?" She asked, her heart clenching at the thought.

Grissom didn't answer and when she looked ready to snap he shook his head and removed his glasses. "That's what he was in here about. Brass convinced Atwater that we would be more …capable to deal with this."

"No wonder Ecklie was pissed," Warrick noted and then nodded, some of the nerves running through him vanishing with the knowledge that Catherine's abduction would not be used as a simple career step. "So, now what boss?"

"You are going to join Nick and finish up his case. Sara, you'll be with me and Greg on Catherine's kidnapping."

Warrick blinked and then shook his head. "Grissom, I can't just sit around while—"

Grissom cut him off with a look. "I want this lab's priority to be Catherine too but we still have that case as well. You'll be doing your job and when that is wrapped, you can rejoin us. Is that okay by you?"

Warrick looked as though someone told him Christmas had been canceled but, knowing Grissom was right, he nodded and exited the office without a word. Sara followed his movements and then looked to Grissom, her hands flat at her sides and her emotions covered. As the door clicked shut behind Warrick Grissom sighed and went back behind his desk and took out a prescription bottle. Sara watched him down two with the cup of coffee on his desk and still stood, waiting for her next instructions.

"Why did Catherine go back to the scene?" He asked, sitting down and pulling over a notepad. "We need to know why she did; it could give us a start somewhere."

Having something to do, to focus her mind on, Sara sank into one of the seats across from him and stared down at her hands. "We couldn't find where the victim had been killed in our first visit to the scene. Catherine came up with a theory yesterday--"

"What's the theory?" Grissom cut in, leaning forward on his desk and pulling off his glasses, a motion Sara connected to the fact he was just as, if not even more worried over Catherine's disapperance last night. The look on his face was silimar to Lindsey's crushed expression of horror when Sara had been the one to pick her up from Aunt Nancy's and not her mother. Brass had come with her and taken Nancy into the other room to explain the whole situation while Sara had tried her hardest to fully explain to Lindsey. "...Sara?"

Sara's head jerked and she blushed from being caught off guard. "Yeah?"

"The theory? Catherine never got around to telling me excatly what it was." He prompted her to talk, to get her mind in a work-mode. She knew it was a ploy to keep her from wallowing in despair and-- "Sara, you did it again."

Biting her lip Sara nodded and wished she could tuck her legs up on his chairs like the chairs in Catherine's office. "She mentioned something about the pool. About if the primary attack had been a submerged one in order to help wash away evidence. It explained the lack of it in the house."

"And you didn't go back with her, why?"

Feeling her hackles rise at the question Sara took a beat to settle down the urge to hit him before she continued. "The Ives had come in, Brass wanted to talk with them." She stopped. She didn't want to talk, she wanted to act. This wasn't acting; doing anything to help save Catherine!

"And?" He leaned forward more.

"And we learned the Ives were away for the week for a cruise. It was their anniversay. The girl, Linda, was staying home, alone. She's their only child. She's eighteen and has a good-girl reputation."

"What else?"

"Brass had Conroy and I follow up the interview with a call to the neighbor. Eldery, widowed, nice woman, she said that the girl wasn't alone most of the time. Instead she had several people coming and going, mainly at night. She also mentioned that though Linda was sweet, she was spending time with an eccentric crowd and one of the older guys gave her a strange vibe and then--" Sara choked and felt the tears burning at the edge of her vision. She sucked in a watery breath and tried to finish up, her voice cracking as she did. "Then the neighbor, Ms. Robb, said that something was going on over at the Ive's place, that there was gunfire and ..."

He reached over the desk to touch her hand but she moved away from the contact. "That's all I need."

"Brass thinks the prep returned to the house. That he lured the officer into the house and may have had an accomplice nab Catherine."

"Means the guy knew the house and the surrounding yards well as to not be seen by the observant Ms. Robbs." He slumped back into the chair and sighed long and hard. "So. We're back at square one."

"Yeah..." Her eyes downcast, Sara cursed to herself. "I should have gone with her. I mean, I felt something was off but ... dammit I should have gone!" She lashed out, wiping fiercely at the water streaks on her cheeks. Grissom remained quiet, unsure, as she tried to get her emotions back under control.

"You didn't know."

"The hell I didn't."

"Unless you've become a god in the last few days you wouldn't have known the suspect had gone back."

Sara looked up to him, a sharp comment on the tip of her tonuge and then issued out a harsh bark of laughter at his expression. "No, no I'm not a god."

"Good. It would be quite hard to be your boss then."

"Grissom ..." There was a hint of warning in her tone.

He held his hands up and then they both sobered, the bit of mirth shattering the tension falling in the office. "Now, back to the neighbor. She said the girl wasn't alone?"


"Why don't you go back to the Ives, find out who the girl spent time with. Check her diary too, online or the old-fashion ones." He was speaking quickly, she could almost visualize the gears beginning to turn in his head. "And see if you can find out about the older guy."

"Right." She stood with the intent to hunt down Conroy. Brass was stuck with the original case. The man was not happy with the arrangement and showed it in subtle ways. A broken locker in the police locker room was one of them. Subtle. Right.

"And Sara?"

"Yeah?" She turned, hand on the knob, body poised to speed down the hall. She stared at him with eyes filled with fear and impatience. Her foot was even tapping.

"We'll get her back."

"I hope so, I really hope so." With that, she left.


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