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"Even if you could travel back in time, you can't alter the things that have happened to you because they are what made you who you are and that, in turn, informs the decisions you will make in your future."

~Simon Wells, Director of "The Time Machine"

Silver and Gold

Chapter One:  Many Unhappy Regards

Captain Jack Sparrow swaggered into the large, busy tavern that was set off to the side of a darkened Tortuga street.  A fight had broken out moments before he had opened the doors.  The two drunken men punched at each other, fighting out an argument that neither one of them would remember in the morning.

His eyes scanned the dimly lit room as he side-stepped the fight, looking for the group of people he was supposed to be meeting there.  He jerked his head up slightly as he caught their attention.  Jack squeezed his way past the two drunken brawlers, past the tables filled with drinking men with women sitting on their laps, up to the small table that two of his most trusted friends occupied.

"Hello, mates," he said jovially, sitting down in the empty seat.

"Took you long enough.  Did you get distracted by a woman?"

Jack grinned, revealing his golden teeth, but said nothing.

"You should know the answer ta that, AnaMaria," the second person replied.  "You know 'ow Jack is."

Jack laughed.  "You think of me like that, Gibbs?  I'm crushed," he replied.  "But no.  I was merely getting' some information."

"Information?  'Bout what?"  AnaMaria asked, taking a drink of her mug of rum, her dark eyes gazing into his.

"That would be personal information, love."

Gibbs and AnaMaria looked at each other.  "A woman," they said in unison.

Jack's eyes darkened for a moment as his thoughts turned to times from the past.  A small flicker of worry entered his eyes as he sorted out the information that he had just received.  The Sui Generis had not been seen in over two weeks.  "Aye, mates," he muttered.  "'Twas about a woman."

AnaMaria and Gibbs looked at him, wondering what had caused the dark look to cross his face.  Suddenly, a thought crossed her mind.  "The Sui Generis?" she asked.

Jack nodded.  "It hasn't been seen in over two weeks."

AnaMaria was silent for a moment.  She knew about the feelings Jack had for the captain of the Sui Generis, even if he wouldn't admit them himself.  She had seen the look in his eyes two years earlier when he had left her in Port Royal.  She also knew that every time they docked in Tortuga Jack received information about the ship and her captain.  "I'm sure she's fine, Cap'n," she said.  "She was a strong ship with a strong captain ta sail 'er."

Jack nodded again.  "Aye, I agree, she is, but that still doesn't make me feel any better," he replied, taking a swig of the rum Gibbs had given him.

The sound of wood breaking above them caused the three companions to look up.  Jack's eyes narrowed slightly as he caught sight of the falling body, and then his eyes widened as he realized that the small form was heading straight for them.  He pushed himself back quickly, the chair he was sitting in tipping over with the movement.  He landed on his back as the person landed in the middle of their table, effectively breaking the wood into pieces.

Jack stood up slowly, dusting off his pants and overcoat, one of his hands picking up his fallen hat.  "You alright, Cap'n?"

"Aye, Gibbs, though I can't say much for our visitor."

"You folks alright," one of the bar wenches asked, her black rimmed eyes taking in the three pirates and the body lying in the middle of the broken table.  "No one injured?"

Jack gave no response to the woman, merely stared down at the red-haired figure struggling to get up.  There was something familiar about this person.  He knelt down next to the figure and reached out to touch its shoulder.

The figure flinched slightly, and then continued its struggles to get up.  Jack grabbed hold of the persons shoulder, accidentally pushed the flap of her shirt off of her shoulder, revealing a large scar.  His eyes widened again as recognition set in.

His fingers reached up tentatively, slowly pushing aside the long red strands away from her face.  A smile spread out over his lips as he finally saw her face.  "'Ello, love," he said, his fingertips trailing along her cheeks.

Lor looked up at him, her dark gold eyes drinking in every detail of his face.  He hadn't changed much, she noticed.  His hair was still braided and beaded; his face still bore that dark tan from being out in the sun too long.  "'Ello, Cap'n," she slurred, her voice laden with the drink.

"How the hell did you manage this?" he asked, standing up and looking above him at the broken banister.

"Damn bastard pushed me.  Tried ta get me ta sleep wit' 'im."

Jack laughed and shook his head.  "Surprised you didn't kill 'im."

"If I 'ad a weapon, I would've," she replied, holding out her hand.  "Now, be a gentleman an' 'elp a fellow captain up."

Jack grabbed her hand tightly and pulled her to her feet.  Lor stumbled on the broken wood slightly, slamming into his chest.  She looked up at him as his other arm grabbed her around the waist to stop her from falling again.  His other hand still clutched hers so she tightened her hold on it and pressed up against him further.  "God, I want you," she whispered, taking a deep breath to inhale his scent.

"I think you need rest, love," he whispered back.

"Sleep later.  Much later," she mumbled against him.

Someone clearing their throat caused Jack to look up.  AnaMaria and Gibbs stood in front of them, small smiles evident of their faces.  "I think we'll catch up with ya later, Cap'n.  We don't need ta be intrudin' on any private conversations.  Bad luck, ya know," Gibbs said.

Jack smiled slightly and nodded at his two companions as they walked away.  He bent over quickly, letting go of her hand and placed his arm behind her knees, lifting her up effortlessly and holding her against him.  "You have a room here?"

Lor nodded against his chest.  "Second door on the left," she replied.

Jack turned around slowly and walked over to the tall, wooden staircase.  He headed up the stairs quickly, but gently so as not to jolt the half-asleep form in his arms.  He almost dropped her when she placed a small kiss on his neck.  "Ah, ah, love, not now."

As he reached the door to Lor's room, Jack deftly maneuvered her in his arms so he could open the door.  Once inside, he shut the door with his foot and walked silently over to the small bed in the corner of the room.  He set her down on the thin mattress, but lost his footing as she pulled him down on top of her.

Lor pulled his face down to meet hers in a deep, hungry kiss.  Jack kissed back for a moment and then pulled away to look down at her.  "Yer drunk love," he said quietly.

"An' yer not," she whispered, reaching up to kiss the hollow point between his collar bone and shoulder.  "'Sides, it's not like Cap'n Jack Sparrow to refuse a woman."

"You 'ave a point," he replied, and then leaned down again, meeting her lips once again.

A finger tracing an outline on the inside of her right wrist caused her to stir.  "Mmmm," she mumbled and then rolled over slowly, turning her back to the man lying next to her.  Her eyes opened slowly as the same finger traced a still sore wound on her back.  Lor rolled over again, effectively taking the wound away from his prying fingers.

"Where did you get that?" he asked.

"That would be a long story, mate."

"I have all night," Jack whispered, propping his head up on his hand.

Lor looked up at him, her eyes searching his.  "I got it two weeks ago when me ship an' crew was attacked."

"Two weeks ago?  That was when yer. . ." a finger on his lips silenced him.

"Hush, Jack, let me finish.  We were on our way to Tortuga when a British ship came out of nowhere and started firing on us.  They gave no quarter, we hardly 'ad a chance to fire back.  It was before dawn, Skids couldn't even make out the ship until it was upon us.

"My God, Jack, they didn't even offer us a chance to surrender.  They slaughtered my crew and destroyed my ship.  And when they were satisfied that the Sui Generis was sinking to the bottom of the ocean a burning wreck, they left.  I could hear their laughter as they sailed away.  They took no prisoners, merely shot them down where they stood.  Hell, Jack, not even Skinner was that bloodthirsty."

Jack kissed her lightly before she could say any more.  When he finally broke away, he noticed the silent tears trailing down her cheeks.  He wiped her cheek with his thumb and kissed her other cheek.  "I'm sorry love.  I know what its like to lose a ship."

"This is twice, Jack.  Only this time, I won't be getting' it back."

Jack kissed her again, his right hand tracing circles on her stomach.  Lor broke away laughing as his fingers tickled her.  He moved his hand before she swatted it and instead once again traced the small tattoo on her right wrist.  "And this, love?  When did you get this?"

Lor held her right wrist up to eye level, studying the tattoo of a sparrow flying over water in front of a sinking sun.  A smile formed on her lips as she recalled the events that had led up to her getting the tattoo.  She had gotten it soon after she had left Port Royal two years before, she and her crew had made berth in Tortuga, taking a well deserved break.  Her men had gone out to taverns, each going to their own favorite drinking location.

"Hmm. . . two years ago, I believe.  Soon after we parted in Port Royal.  Felt like the right thing to do at the time.  Made me feel closer to you for some reason."

Jack smiled.  "I see," he replied.  "Anymore scars or tattoos that I don't know about?"

"Why don't you look and find out?" she replied, pulling him into another warm embrace, her lips catching his.

Lor awoke to a soft, warm breeze blowing in the open window of her rented room.  The first thing she noticed as sleep vanished from her mind was the two arms wrapped tightly around her waist.  She shifted her body slightly to be able to see who held her.  The arms tightened slightly around her.  "You're still here," she whispered.

"Couldn't bring myself to leave, love.  Yer so comfortable."

Lor laughed softly.  "Glad I meet your approval."

"Always," he muttered, burying his face in her hair.  "Cmm wttt mmm." 

Lor laughed and turned around in his arms.  "Repeat that?"

Jack kissed her softly on her lips, and then trailed kisses up her cheek to her ear.  "Come with me," he said again.

Lor's eyes widened slightly at his words.  Goosebumps rose up on her skin as he continued to place kisses on her cheek and ear.  "Jack," she whispered.  "Jack wha. . .?"

Jack laughed softly, the sound vibrating in her ear.  "It's not a marriage proposal, love.  I'm merely offering you a chance to find the person who killed yer crew an' destroyed yer ship.  We could join forces again.  After all, we had so much fun on our last adventure."

"Aye, Jack, we did," Lor replied, trailing her hands down his chest, her fingers circling the two scars on his chest.  Lor wrapped her arms around his waist, pulling him tighter against her.  "All right.  I'll join you.  As long as you promise not to talk about this."

"About what?  This?" he replied, pressing up against her further, wrapping his legs around hers, entangling his body with hers.

Lor laughed against his throat.  "No.  Say nothing about my ship, Jack.  I want to try to forget about it for right now, so, please.  Do me this favor."

"Aye, love, I agree," he replied, claiming her lips once again with his.

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