Gothic Girl:
The Revenge Of Oyster Boy

Nine months came,
The mother gave birth to a dame.
Their wish for a girl came true.

They named her Lizzie,
She was sweet and very pretty,
But her obsession for the Gothic made her creepy.
She loved to wear black,
Wherever she went,
She would give her relatives heart attacks
When she wore black, that's a fact!

When she grew older,
She became strangely anti-social,
And preferred books to friends
Such a pity, for one so privileged with charisma and good looks.
One day, she came upon the skeleton in her family's life: Sam,
Her dead brother who resembled a clam
So one day, on an excuse to go to bed,
Due to "a fever burning in her head".
She read about her brother's death and Lizzie Borden.
So morbid.. for a girl so modern.
"Vengeance," she finally said (eerily)
"Will be meted to my parents resting in bed."

With gloves and an axe,
With a face pale like powdered anthrax
She crept into the parents' room, relaxed.
Like her ancestor Lizzie Borden,
She took the axe,
And gave her mother forty whacks.
When she saw what she had done,
She gave her father forty-one!
Her wicked deed done,
Her angelic countenance dead and gone.
The demon in her cleaned up the evidence.

Burning up the corpses, laughing with glee,
She looked like a fallen angel-without black wings.
Flinging her garments aside,
She flung herself in the sea so wide
She became a wicked sea spirit-to begin with.