Disclaimer: I do not own Yugioh or Treasure of the Lost Lamp. I think that much is obvious. This story takes place after Battle City. So now that I have said that, on with the story.

Seto's Treasure: Chapter one

Seto stared moodily out of the plane window as they flew over the desert sands of Egypt. It was quite boring, nothing but tan sand as far as the eye could see with pyramids sprinkling the horizon every now and then.

"Thanks for letting us come with you Kaiba." Yugi said.

Seto rolled his eyes in response. If he had had his way they wouldn't have come at all, but Mokuba had invited them, even Joey.

"What do you think they found, Seto?" the little raven haired boy asked. Seto shrugged.

"I wasn't given details, although they said it would be worth my time in coming down here." He answered. Seto had received a call a few days back, from his archeological site in Egypt. The manager said that they had found something that might interest him.

"Do you think that it could be something that has to do with those Duel Monster Cards you're looking for?" Mokuba asked.

"After all this time, I'm not getting my hopes up." Seto answered. He had heard a rumor from Ishizu about some Duel Monster Cards similar to the god cards, and he wanted them.


"Where can I find these cards?" Seto asked.

"I do not know of their precise location, but I do know that they are in Egypt." Ishizu answered.

"Where in Egypt?" Seto persisted.

"Again I do not know." She answered. "But they are there."

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*End Flashback*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*

After hearing about the cards, he had hired a few of the locals to set up archeological dig sites in promising places to look for these rumored cards. That had been about three years ago, and he was starting to doubt what Ishizu had said.

"We are making out final approach." The pilot said.

"Everyone, buckle your seatbelt." Tea advised. Their pilot was kind of crazy. He flew well in fact, he was the best around, but his landings were terrible, almost dangerous. And yet he still managed to walk away from each one unscathed. The pilot turned the plane sideways as he maneuvered the plane through a narrow space between two cliffs. They zoomed overhead of the dig site as Seto managed to get a look at it. The place that they were digging in was in the middle of what could possibly have been some type of ceremonial place. There were columns that were arranged in a circle around the dig site as the pilot maneuvered his way in and out of the columns and in the process turning the plane upside down.

"We are nearing our final position." The pilot announced over the intercom.

"Just put the plane in the right position!" Seto shot back as the pilot headed straight for one of the columns. He pulled the nose of the plane up right as they were about to hit it, and flew up. The propellers stopped as the wings got caught on the columns. The wings slowly slid down, causing the two pillars it was wedged between to topple, causing a domino effect tipping over the other columns. The plane landed, upside down, in a cloud of dust as the people working on the dig site ran for cover. One the dust had cleared everyone exited the plane.

"Samir!" Seto yelled, addressing the pilot. "Look what you've done to these ancient ruins."

"Well it could have been worse." Samir replied dusting himself off casually. "It could have been something new!" Everyone rolled their eyes as Seto fought to control his temper.

"Hurry Mr. Kaiba!" one of the archeologists said running up. "We've found something!"