"Hurry up." Meliara urged as she continued to drag Seto upstairs. She found an open room and ran inside. Merlock made it to the top of the stairs and looked around trying to figure out where they had gone.

Seto glared at Meliara as she shoved a couch in front of the door. The bang of the couch against the door alerted Merlock as to where they were hiding. He gave an evil smile as he neared the door.

"Quick! You have got to wish us out of here." Meliara said as she shoved the lamp in Seto's hands.

"Not a chance. These wishes are worth a fortune."

"What is more important a fortune or your life." She shot at him. Seto scowled as he turned his head away knowing she was right. But Meliara took his silence differently.

"Hey, is that exactly a trick question!" she demanded as Merlock began pounding on the door. When he realized he couldn't open it he used his talisman to transform into a bear.

"He's got a bear?" Seto asked when he heard the bear growl.

'He is the bear!" Meliara said as she pressed herself toward Seto in fear. "Please" she said turning to face him. "You have to get us out of here!"

"No!" Seto said as he put an arm around her. "We are going to stand our ground." The door made a cracking noise as Meliara grabbed the lamp from Seto.

"I have one trick that might save us." She said as she tossed the lamp so that is landed on the glass plate that hung from the ceiling, coving the light bulb. Meliara grabbed Seto's hand as she slowly started to float.

"Going up." She said as she and Seto turned into two small balls of light and disappeared inside the lamp. Right at that moment Merlock broke through the door. He tore through the room, looking for the lamp as Dejon appeared in the doorway.

"I haven't found them Merlock." Dejon said as he transformed from the bear back into a human.

"I wasn't my fault though!" he protested as Merlock cast him an annoyed look.

"But it wasn't your either!" he added as Merlock went to the window.

"You continue to look inside, I'll search outside. They will not escape!" he yelled as he resumed the form of an eagle and soared out the window. Dejon watched as he circled the building as he left the room. The room was quiet for a while.

"I think they are gone." Meliara said inside the lamp.

"Where are we?" Seto asked.

"Sorry that is isn't very big." Meliara apologized.

"Don't tell me that we are in the lamp!" Seto said starting to get mad.

"Well, I know it isn't like your mansion. Could you move your elbow please?"

"GET ME OUT OF HERE!" he yelled at her as two balls of light appeared and Seto and Meliara suddenly reappeared in the room. Meliara holding his hand. The two stared at each other for a moment before letting their hands drop. Meliara turned away blushing.

"Do you have to yell at me all the time?" she asked trying to hide her red face.

"I wouldn't even be in this mess if it wasn't for you." He said as he pointed up toward the lamp. Meliara rolled her eyes as she retrieved the lamp.

"And now thanks to you I have a crazy animal act on my tail."

Meliara crossed her arms as she turned her back to Seto. "That's it. Blame the genie. I only saved your life."

Seto looked away. "Sorry." He said a little less angry. Meliara walked toward the window where Merlock had flown out of. "It's not my fault that he is after me." She said sadly. "I didn't ask to be miss popular. All I wanted to do was save my brother. Like you would Mokuba. Then I got caught and cursed to be a genie." Seto looked at her as his expression softened.

"But what would you care?" she asked. "After all I'm not a person. I'm a thing." She said sadly. Seto took a step toward her.

"Meliara. I didn't mean it like that." He said softly as she turned to face him. Their faces were inches apart when an eagles cry ripped through the air.

"It's Merlock!" She said as she hugged him in fear. Seto looked at the eagle circling outside.

"I have to get you back to the mansion. It is the only safe place. Time to go back." He said as he extended the lamp to her.

"No, Seto please." She said backing away.

"Sorry, but it's the only way." He said apologetically.

"And just when you were starting to be nice." She said as she disappeared into the lamp. Seto smiled at her comment as he exited the room.