Title: Lullaby Summary: Yugi is delirious with a fever, Yami does his best to comfort him.

AN: This is my first Yu-Gi-Oh fanfic, I know you probably don't care, but since everyone else seems to put that, I figured I would too.

Disclaimer: I am making no money off this work. Many different people in many different countries own Yu-Gi-Oh, but alas and alack I am not one of them. The lyrics to Lullaby are owned by Billy Joel. I'm not him either. You could try suing me, but the only things of any value to me are two small children, and quite frankly, I don't think you want them.

*'s Yami and Yugi speaking through their link.

Italics are thoughts.

If you don't know what quotes mean, you probably shouldn't be reading this in the first place, but just in case, that's speech.


Yugi sat in his math class without paying attention to the teacher.

"Mr. Motou. Mr. MOTOU."

Yugi looked up with a glazed look in his eyes.

"Mr. Motou, for the third time, please tell me the time the train would have reached town B."

"Sorry Sensei. What question are we on?" His wide eyes were slightly glazed as he looked frantically at the class work.

"Number 3. Mr. Motou, please pay better attention...."

RRRRIIIINNNGGG!!! The bell signaling the end of class rang, much to Yugi's relief. He slowly gathered his book and put it into his bag.

"Hey Yug! Earth to Yugi." Jounouchi waved his hand in front of Yugi's face.

Yugi blinked, "Huh?"

Jounouchi sighed, "Something bothering you, Yug? You've been outta it all day."

"No, I'm just tired. I'm going to home and take a nap I think." He stood up and started to collapse, Yami caught him and took over their shared body.

*Aibou, why are you lying to him? You look and feel like you just got caught in a sandstorm.*

*They don't need to worry about me. I'll be fine after a nap, really.*

Yami's lips thinned and he nodded. *If you say so.* To Jounouchi he said, "Care to walk him home?"

"Yami, he really looks sick. Maybe you'd better stay out until he gets home. I gotta get back to my ol' man right away."

"I agree. I will do that." He walked back to the Kame Game Shop. *Yugi, we're almost home, you should tell your grandfather that you aren't well.*

*Yami? I don't know, I guess so.*

Yugi walked to the door of the shop and pushed on it. When it didn't open, he almost fell down. He reached into his backpack and grabbed the key to the door. *Yami why is it locked?*

*I don't know Aibou, maybe there's an answer inside.* Yami took over again, and helped unlock the door and walked inside. He walked into the kitchen where a magnet held a note to the refrigerator. *Yugi, can you read this for me?*

Yugi, Arthur Hawkins has been involved in a terrible accident. I had to leave unexpectedly and I don't know when I'll return. You have full access to the bank should you need it. This is the phone number and hotel where I'll be staying. I'll call later to find out how you're doing.

Love, Grandpa

Yugi put a hand to his head. *Yami, I don't feel good.* He fell to his knees.

*Don't worry, I've got you.* Yami told his hikari, taking over once more and going up to the bedroom.


Yami looked at Yugi as he lay in bed, his normally bright, wide eyes dull and half shut. *Why didn't you tell me you were feeling this bad. You shouldn't have gone to school today.*

*...didn't feel so bad...head funny...just tired...*

Walking across the corridor that separated their soul rooms, Yami couldn't help but be worried. His other self was incoherent, and even paler than usual. He reached Yugi's soul room and stood next to his bed. He placed a hand on his hikari's cheek and immediately pulled it away. Yugi was burning up!


*Oh, Yugi, you're running a fever. I need to get you cooled down. Any chance you'll take a bath?*

*Yami, 'm okay, just...wan' sleep.* Yugi rolled over and fell into a restless sleep.

Coming out the puzzle, Yami watched the small boy toss and turn in his bed. "NO! Yami! PLEASE...don't...no..." Yugi cried, "Why? ...my friend...my friend...don't go...please." Yami watched helpless, as tears rolled down the teenager's face.

"Yugi..." He reached for the boy.

"Yami...scared...so cold...please...don't leave me! Other me...other half...same whole...where? HELP*

Yami gently held his light close, letting the younger boy cry into his chest. He brushed the hair out of Yugi's face and brushed the tears from his eyes. "Shhh....I'm here."

Yugi's eyes opened and he looked at the ancient spirit. *Why does everyone leave me? Don't leave me! Please Yami, promise me...*

*Goodnight my angel Time to close your eyes. And save these questions for another day.*

Yugi rested his head against Yami's chest. Yami rubbed small circles on his back. *Yami, don' feel good...gotta go...bathroom...* Yugi jumped up and ran to the toilet.

Yami stood behind him, and held Yugi's hair back from his face as the boy emptied the contents of his stomach into the bowl. Before long, it was just dry heaves.

*Thank you, I'm sorry.*

*Don't worry about it, Aibou, you didn't get sick on purpose.*

*I know, but...*

*Enough of this. You're going back to bed.*

*No argument here...*

Yami helped Yugi back into bed. Pulling the covers up around him, he whispered, "Goodnight."

Yugi was soon tossing and turning again, in an apparent attempt to find out how tangled he could make the covers. Yami sighed, it was going to be a long night.

*********** Yugi walked down a dark alley. It was cold here...he looked down at his chest, something was missing. Where's the puzzle? He thought. "Yami? Where are you?"

He continued down the alley. Why was it so cold? Didn't matter much, the buildings around him were melting. Why are they melting? They shouldn't do that. Where is the puzzle? I feel...naked...

The small teenager walked up to a building on his left, "Why are you doing that? Buildings don't melt, not when it's this cold out."

One of the windows on the building started talk, opening and shutting a window instead of a mouth, "Isn't it obvious Yugi-boy? You're dreaming!"

"Pegasus? What are you doing here? Where's Yami?"

The building started growing long gray hair in response, and its face took on the familiar shape of the duel monster's creator. "Oh, but Yugi-boy! We're having fun here. This is just a game, like everything in life! See, it's like being in a cartoon!"

The alley changed to background out of a Bugs Bunny cartoon. Pegasus stood in front of Yugi grinning like a Cheshire cat.

"YAMI!!!! HELP ME!!!!" he cried out. Pegasus was bad news, he didn't want to be with Pegasus. He wanted to go. He wanted his puzzle. "YAMIIIIIIIIII!!!!! I'm sorry! Answer me. Please. Please. I'm sorry." He fell to the ground sobbing. "Where are you? Why did you leave me? Why? Why?"

Pegasus reached over to the small boy, and held him against his chest. "There, there, Yugi-boy. I've got you."

********** "There, there Yugi. I've got you please don't cry!" Yami was once again holding Yugi against his chest. What nightmare was he having? Yami's shirt was soaked with the younger boy's tears. As hard as he tried, he couldn't wake him.

*I think I know what you've been asking me. I think you know what I've been trying to say.*


"Yami! Where are you? I hear you!" Yugi yelled as Pegasus disappeared. "Yami, please don't go. I'm alone, and I'm scared. You're my best friend. Please don't leave me alone. Please."

Even as he pleaded, he knew it was a lost cause. His darker half was somewhere else in this strange world. He needed to find him. If only I could think straight!

Tears continued to roll down his cheeks while he wandered down a brown path in the impossibly green grass. "Yami, wherever you are. I'll find you!"


Yami lay the boy back down on the bed. I need to get his fever down. He touched the puzzle lying next to the bed, drawing enough power to become solid enough for a few minutes to run to the bathroom and get a wet washcloth. He brought it back to his hikari.

*Aibou, It's going to be cold on your head for a few minutes don't worry. Your fever is too high for my comfort. Stay calm, I won't hurt you.* Yugi struggled against the wet rag, before relaxing a bit.

"Oh, Yugi, what am I going to do with you?"

*I promised I would never leave you, And you should always know, Wherever you may go, No matter where you are, I never will be far away.*

"YAMI! HELP!" Yugi cried out again, his voice cracking.

Sighing, Yami lifted his head again. "I'm here Aibou. Please know, I'm here."