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Author's Note: At the time of this story, the twins are nearly a year old.

Author's Note II: For those who requested it, I plan to include a Jesse/Emma pairing later on in the series.

Author's Note III: If the twins seem advanced for their age, please assume that it's just a part of their mutation. I know next to nothing about the development rate of infants.

Author's Note IV: Just kidding! I'm going to shut up now and get on with the story.

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Chapter 1.

Christmas Eve

"No way!"

"Come on, Jesse! You have to do it!"

"I refuse. Emma, there is a level I simply will not sink to."

"Please, Jesse." Her tone was wheedling. Under any other circumstances, she would have been irresistable. "Think about how happy you'll make the twins." She added persuasively.

"I can't. I won't. You can't make me!"

Her eyes sparkled with determination. "Oh yes I can!"

* * *

"Then what to my wondering eyes should appear But a miniature sleigh and eight tiny reindeer And a little old driver so lively and quick I knew in a moment it must be St. Nick."

"Who dat, Gwamp?" Alexis interrupted, pointing to the illustration in the book with a plump finger.

Adam smiled tenderly at the infant, exactly eight days short of her first birthday, sitting on his right knee. "That's Santa Claus, Lexi." He explained.

"Santa?" From her perch on his left knee, Isabelle looked up at Adam with innocent wonder.

"Who he?" Lexi demanded, not satisfied with Adam's answer.

"Santa Claus is a nice old man who brings toys to children at Christmas."

Lexi's deep brown eyes sparkled with excitement. "Toy?"

"To *good* children." Adam added pointedly.

She shot him an indignant look. "Me good!"

Adam could barely keep himself from laughing aloud at that less than accurate statement. Lexi and her antics - she had swallowed Emma's comring three days previously and last week she had been caught 'fixing' Jesse's computer by shocking it - kept Sanctuary in a constant state of chaos and it's adult inhabitants permanantly on their toes, as Jesse had predicted when the twins were born.

"Izzy good too." Lexi added, as though she feared that her sister might be left out.

Adam gently stroked Isabelle's golden curls. "I know."

Isabelle was undeniably the 'quiet twin', a peaceful, dreamy little soul, although she was not above joining her active, more exhuberant twin's activities, or abetting her in her mischief.

"What do you think, Izzy?" Adam asked, seeing that her attention had been captured by the illustrations in the book.

Isabelle spent a moment contemplating before answering. "Santa pitty." She pronounced, smiling up at him. Using his shirt as leverage, she pulled herself into a standing position and planted a wet kiss on his cheek. "Gwamp pitty too." She added sweetly, as if she feared that his feelings might be hurt.

Adam smiled. The twins always knew how to enchant him.

Lexi tugged impatiently on Adam's shirt, bored of the delay. "Wead!" She demanded imperiously, gesturing towards the book with her tiny hand.

"More rapid than eagles his coursers they flew. . ."

* * *

Adam, learning from experience, had decided against accompanying Shalimar and Emma on their quest to find the perfect Christmas tree, choosing instead to hand them his wallet, set a limit of five trees and send them off by themselves.

They brought them to the rec room to decorate them, 'helped' by the twins who were enthralled by the tinsel and sparkling decorations.

Jesse sat on the couch, offering decorating advice that Emma and Shalimar paid absolutely no attention to and keeping an eye on the twins, who were playing 'dress-up' with the tinsel.

He was the only member of the Mutant X team who was completely unable to tell the little girls apart - and it didn't help that Shalimar and Emma always bought them identical outfits - and, although Emma occasionally mixed them up, the twins seemed to enjoy confusing Jesse.

"Uh, guys. . ."

Shalimar and Emma turned at the sound of Jesse's voice to see Alexis forming a glowing ball of electricity ion her chubby hands.

"Look, Mamma!" Lexi announced proudly, showing off her work. "Like Dada." She declared, clearly very pleased with herself.

Isabelle imitated her sister's movements, giggling in delight at the sight of her own ball of electricity.

"Ooh, pitty!" She exclaimed in awe.

"Don't you dare throw those at Uncle Jesse!" Shalimar warned, following Alexis's gaze and correctly interpretting the sparkle in her eldest daughter's eyes.

Alexis pouted in disappointment. "An' Em?" She asked hopefully.

"Don't even think about it, Lexi."

The baby scowled, her eyes briefly flashing feral yellow, but she obeyed, letting her ball of electricity fade away.

Jesse breathed a sigh of relief as Isabelle followed her sister's example.

Shalimar was the only person that Lexi ever seemed to listen to. Adam thought that it weas a feral thing; that the twins recognized that their mother was the leader of the pack. No one else was as able as she was to thwart her daughters' many attempts to torture him.

/I'm going to get fried as soon as Shal leaves the room! / Jesse thought fearfully, watching the twins, who were winding garlands of tinsel around their waists, apprehensively.

"Uncie Dess?" Isabelle looked up at him. "Santa tummin'."

"Who told you that, Izzy?"

"Gwamp." ALexis answered for her twin. "Me an' Izzy good." She added, just in case there was any confusion.

/I'm not so sure about that! / Jesse thought wryly.

* * *

The twins, bathed and dressed in little white footie pyjamas, were carried down to the rec room in their parents' arms to say goodnight and to see the Christmas trees lit up in all their glory.

From her perch in Shalimar's arms, Isabelle regarded the transformed rec room in awe and delight.

"Pitty!" She pronounced, before putting her arms around her mother's neck and kissing her cheek. "Mamma pitty too."

Brennan beramed at his daughter. "You've got that right, Izzy-lizard."

Little Alexis tugged on a lock of her father's hair to get his attention. "Me an' Izzy good." She reminded him.

Brennan raised an eyebrow. "Since when?"

She scowled at him, flashing her eyes feral.

He chuckled, hugging her. "I'll take your word for it, Lexi."

"I told the girls about Santa Claus today." Adam explained. "And that he only gives presents to good children. Lexi is making sure that she isn't left out."

"Me an' Izzy good." Lexi reiterated yet again, frowning reprovingly as the five adults burst out laughing.

In truth, although the Fox-Mulwray twins *looked* positively angelic with their blond curls, large dark brown eyes and cherubic faces - very like Shalimar as a baby - they caused more havoc in Sanctuary than Mason Eckhart and a hundred GSA agents ever could - also very like Shalimar as a baby - and were as far from being angels as it was possible for any child to be.

Their powers were developing at an extraordinary rate and their physical and mental development was well ahead of schedule.

As soon as her father put her down, Lexi crawled across the room towards the tree and sat down in front of it, eyeing the baubles greedily.

"Hey, Lexi!" Emma called out, trying to distract the mischievious baby before she pulled down the tree. "Look what Aunt Emma bought for you." She held out two Christmas stockings made of green and red felt and trimmed with white faux fur, eached marked with its owner's name.

Alexis accepted the stocking Emma handed her, eyeing it curiously for a moment beefore putting it in her mouth.

"Yucky!" She exclaimed, spitting out the offending taste. "No lah!" She reproved the giggling Emma.

Emma schooled her features into an expression of solemnity so as not to hurt the baby's feelings. "Lexi, sweetie, you don't eat the stocking, you hang it up so that Santa can put toys in it for you."

Isabelle looked up. "Santa?" Her eyes were wide.

"Toy?" Alexis beamed. "Me good."

"I know." Emma lifted her up. "And Santa Claus is going to come to Sanctuary just to see you and Izzy, isn't he, Jesse?"

"But Santa isn't going to come until you go to sleep." Shalimar warned, bouncing Izzy in her arms before setting her on the floor so that she could crawl over to the others. "So say goodnight."

For once, the twins didn't fuss to stay up and remained cheerful as they were passed from person to person for their nightl;y round of goodnight kisses.

Once the chorus of 'night-nights' died down, Shalimar and Brennan took their daughters from Adam and carried them to their bedroom where two pink cribs, each with it's owner's name stencilled in pale blue, stood.

As soon as they were tucked in, Alexis and Isabelle closed their eyes and went to sleep without any of their usual fuss, as if determined to make morning come as soon as possible.

"Wow!" Brennan exclaimed softly, looking down at his transformed daughters. "I wish that it could always be Christmas!"



This chapter is meant more as an introduction to the twins than anything else. I'll update as soon as possible. Next Chapter: Santa's arrival. Reviews are always welcome.