Fraud Identity I- Memory Lost


Summary: Left alone by the Gang's outing, Serenity lost her memory. Mokuba took this opportunity and proposed that his brother Seto Kaiba is her boyfriend. Truth and lies got all mixed up, chaos and confusions followed, leading to a journey of life and self-discovery.

AN: I finally updated after so many years. I had revised the 14 chapters. I removed few thoughts that are not aligned to the story line, and added few. Of course I edited the grammar, but there are still few left since this fic was a feast of grammatical errors before. I cleaned it up as much as I can.

Well I hope you enjoy the edited version of this fic, and the new chapters as well :)


Large drops of rain splashed the dirt clattering the streets in the middle of the night. The howling sound of the thunder vibrated the luminous air warming around. The streets were left barren, no one dared to walk during the late thunderous night.

Serenity held her umbrella tightly as she walked on the wide forlorn road. Her presence to a monotonous dread atmosphere added more mystery and intricacy.

"What an awful day!" She said, as she walked forwards, forcing herself to face the striking wind blowing in opposite direction.

"Who could have thought that a sunny day could easily get converted to a stormy night?"

"Now great, a stressful girl is going home, exhausted, frustrated, depressed and most of all, alone in a stormy night like this!" she spat in exasperation. Even with an umbrella, some raindrops still wet her hair and uniform.

It was the last day of her school before vacation where she had just finished her final exam. Frustrations and loneliness loomed around her sprouted from her tiring schedule.

She had just also decided not to come to their group's outing because of her finals. Left alone, she had to spend two weeks all by herself.

'Wait…did I double-check my answers? Did I change my answer on that number?' She thought, panicking. 'Oh! Did I follow the directions? Aaaah!' She kicked a rubble, worrying.

She was devoted too much on her studies and couldn't help but to overanalyze things. This was the package of being studious - you have to exert a lot of effort studying and after exam, past actions will haunt you down.

'Stop thinking about the past Serenity! It's over, get over it!'

'Now Serenity… what you should be thinking are your loads of chores left: clean the house, fix the leaking faucet, buy groceries, trim the garden, wash and iron the clothes, throw the garbage. Aarg! It's too many.'

She touched her head, pushing her bangs upward.
"Aw. What a day! I wonder how they are doing right now. True, I'm envious. Who would not be envious on a two-week holiday vacation?" she sighed.

"How I wish I went with them. Well, it's not that I can't, I can if I want to. Yes, I want to, but this blasted school stuffs chained me here!" she said, lifting her hands in the air furiously.

She was lost in her thoughts, mixed emotions sank her in numbness.

"I'm tired at all of this" She said to herself dimly. She walked down the crossing with no outward senses at all.


'I'm tired'


She heard a noise and looked immediately at her right. A dreadful sight of a light moving towards her pinned her in motionless and fear. 'Is this death? I can't feel. I can't move."

" Move Serenity. Move.' But then, she didn't. The next thing she saw was pitch black.


Seto was on the road, driving his car way home when a storm came out. He opened the wiper and rode at normal speed. There were only few cars, encouraging him to drive faster.

"Did I bring the important files?" he suddenly thought. He moved away his one hand from the steering wheel and used the other to grope the files. The strong drops of rain covering the window and thoughts focused in searching made him vulnerable to an accident.

In a split of a second, an image of a person holding an umbrella appeared on a driveway, with his car approaching it in a fast speed.
"Oh shit!" He stepped the break as quickly as he could.


As the car stopped, he looked up and saw someone lying down.

"Did I hit someone?" He thought worriedly. He stepped out from his car to check, not caring on the intense rain pouring.

As he approached her, he saw a familiar face wearing a school uniform: a girl lying down at the street unconsciously.

The scene suddenly made him surprised and confused.

The situation was new to him. Never in his entire life had he hit a person. He was on a state of uncertainty to do some necessary checking or first aid because as far as he knew he didn't hit her, but the girl lying unconsciously in front of him made that thought all wrong.

Without thinking, he grabbed her up in his arms and carried her inside his car. It was like embedded in a human instinct that in a situation like this a nearest hospital was your aid, and there he went.


Drenching in water, Seto walked hurriedly at the emergency room, carrying Serenity in his arms.

"Hey!" He said plainly. His prominent identity was enough to call the attendants' attention.

"Oh Mr. Kaiba!" the doctor gasped, shocked to see a CEO in the middle of the night and especially at the hospital. "What's wrong?" He walked towards Seto and scanned the unusual scenario: the CEO guy carrying someone and drenching in water. He raised his eyebrow, registering the most unusual – a 'woman' in his arms. The nurses and the people around couldn't help but to gossip.

"Mr. Kaiba come this way," The doctor said and led him to the room.

Seto put Serenity on a bed.

"What's wrong with her?" The doctor asked again.

"I was driving and I didn't know if I hit the girl" He said plainly and directly, a very Seto-like answer.

"I see." The doctor started to make some diagnosis, checking Serenity's condition.

"Well, there seems to be nothing wrong with her physical body." Seto stood on the doorway and waited impatiently, looking at his watch every minute.

"So she's okay? I didn't hit her?"

"Looks like it."

"Great. I'll leave then" He paced to walk away, assuming his business over.

"But wait!" the doctor called for there were still a lot of things to explain.

However Seto was already gone.


The next day, a thunderous storm vanished like magic. The sun and a light breeze emerged, rendering another mystery and unknown events.

At Kaiba's house, Mokuba was busily playing videogames when the phone rang.



"Mokuba answer the phone!" Seto yelled irritably. "Are you deaf or something?" He was on the other side of the room, actively doing his paper works. The constant sound of the phone irritated him. He needed 'focus' where interruption like the ringing phone shouldn't exist.

"Coming." Mokuba reached for the phone, following his brother's order.


"I'm doctor Fritz from Mary hospital. Can I speak to Mr. Seto Kaiba please."

"Ok. Brother it's for you" Mokuba said with a tone of interest in his voice. A call from a hospital was very unusual in the Kaiba residence.

"Who's that?" He yelled again.

"Doctor Fritz from Mary hospital," Mokuba replied.

"Tell him I'm busy and just leave a message."

"Here goes my brother again, " Mokuba said, sighing. He was already used to these kind of responses like some repetitive script in a movie; when there's a call, 'tell him I'm busy.'; when there's a visitor, 'tell him to come back next time.'; when there's a party affair, 'tell my secretary to write an apology letter.'; what's new?

"He said he's busy. Well, do you have a message for him?"

"Tell him he needs to see me as soon as possible regarding about Ms. Serenity Wheeler's case."

'Did I hear it right? Serenity?' It was like hearing water inside the fire. Unsure of what he had heard, he asked again.

"Huh? Serenity? As in Serenity Wheeler?"

"Yes! It's very important."

"Okay, I'll tell him."

Mokuba hanged up the phone. There was something at the call that bugged him.

'That's unusual, very unusual'. Mokuba repeatedly thought, walking around the room, clouded in interest. Unable to comprehend it any longer, he decided to walk toward his brother's office.

He peeked at the doorway and scanned his busy brother. His office was full of paper works scattered around. His brother was surely a workaholic person. After his work he always went straight to this room. He never wanted to waste even a second of his time.

'I wonder when will he stop acting like this. Does he have a social life? Maybe he should get a girlfriend or something, anything just to lessen that busyness ' Mokuba cared for his brother. He wanted the best for him, a social life for that matter.


"Yes," Seto naturally said without looking up, busily reading his laptop screen.

"Why did the doctor call you about Serenity?" He asked in curiosity. From the moment he heard the issue, he couldn't take it off his mind.

'I don't get it. The name Serenity was something out of my brother's league. First she was a low profile girl, not related to our business. Second, she was part of Yugi's gang and Third, she was his enemy's little sister. But then why?'

Silence filled the place for a while.

Then Seto put his pen down and looked at his brother. He never hid secrets from him. However, what was to hide anyway. Everything in his life was so simple- an endless cycle of work, school, duel, work, school, duel. It was so repetitive and dull.

"Well, I'm so close on hitting her with my car last night" he simply said with his usual cold voice.

"What? You hit someone?" Mokuba reacted, eyes widening in exaggeration. His face changed to shock and worry.

Seto simply nodded as if hitting someone was not a serious case. 'She is alive anyway. What's to worry?'

Mokuba suddenly reached for Seto's hand and dragged him forcefully outside the door.

"What? Where are you taking me? Hey Mokuba! Stop it!" Seto ordered.

"Let's go there! The doctor said he wants to talk to you. It's very urgent!. Come-on."

"Hey wait! I still have things to do!"

"No! we're going there," Mokuba insisted.

"No! she has her so-called dog friends anyway. Just call them," Seto sternly reasoned out. Mokuba didn't listen and still pulled him outside the door.

"Don't you know? They are all out of town. She is just all alone in her house." He informed, sounding worried. "Look, you just hit an unaided girl, and you still won't exert an effort to check her case? That is so rude brother! And besides, it's your fault why she's on the hospital. She is you responsibility!" Mokuba continued assertively, being like his brother's conscience. He had to take this role for his brother was so ignorant when it comes to moral values.

Seto remained silent for a moment. He didn't know that. He was really planning leaving her there. Going to the hospital will just waste his time, but then his brother here was giving him second thoughts, and if anyone affects Seto's- action the most, it was his brother Mokuba.

"Fine! Fine! You won." Seto finally gave in.

"Okay let's go there." Mokuba grinned and went out excitedly.


Serenity woke up, feeling alienated to her perception.

'Aw. Where am I?' She scanned the place for a while and tried to recall the things and events of what brought her here. However, what her eyes can see and what her mind tells won't just go together. She couldn't understand nor recall why she was lying here in this place. She couldn't understand why she was wearing a hospital outfit.

'Wait, a hospital outfit? I'm in a hospital? Me, in a hospital? Me? Hey! Who am I anyway? Gosh!' backward musings brought her to a sudden realization of something unnerving: forgetting your own identity.

"Awwww! It hurts!" She put her hand on her head and massaged it strongly. Forcing to remember things made her head ached.

A door suddenly opened and a smiling nurse entered the scene.

"Oh! Our sleeping beauty is finally awake" A nurse greeted lively, putting down the tray of medicine.
Serenity just stared at her in confusion. The pain in her head was now gone. She was already confused in forgetting her memories, and encountering a stranger in this strange place complicated things more.

The nurse however didn't care at Serenity's silence and just cheerfully organized the medicine on the table.

"You really look better today than last night. Yesterday you are soaking in water and look so stress and sick. You should better take this medicine on time."

'Who is this woman? And what is she talking about? I don't understand' she thought, eyes narrowing in confusion.

"Um, excuse me. May I know who you are?"

"Oh! I'm Ms. Belinda dear, always at your service" The nurse said, gesturing her hand in enthusiasm.

"And me?" an unnatural question to an unnatural situation. "Who am I?"

However, Belinda still didn't notice the strange question and just played along.

"You don't know? Well, you are the gorgeous Serenity who was brought here by your famous and handsome boyfriend Seto. You were both soaking in the rain last night, and he carried you in his arms." She put her hands together and blinked her eyes sweetly. "Everyone here is talking about it. That was so sweet!"

'So my name is Serenity huh, and I was brought here by my boyfriend Seto.'

'Wait… What? A boyfriend? I have a boyfriend?' she recursively thought, digesting the unfamiliar facts in her mind.

"So my dear, you better get well soon okay? Rest and regain you strength so you will not make your boyfriend worried and soaked again on the rain okay?" Belinda said before she walked out the door. This nurse was surely the number one gossiper in town. Opinions and speculations seemed like facts to her.

Confused at everything, she just nodded. After all, she really couldn't remember to make a smart retort.

'So at least now I know someone.'


"Oh Mr. Kaiba. Thank God you came. Here seat" Mr. Fritz said as Seto and Mokuba entered his office.

"So what is it?" Seto questioned hastily.

"Well, I would still stick to what I had said yesterday that you didn't hit her. However,"

"What?" Mokuba butted in with curiousness.

"The accident somehow brought her in a state of Dissociative amnesia or what we called selective amnesia."

"What the hell is that?" Seto remarked, feeling a little estranged at high technical terms.

"It is one of the Dissociative disorders where one loses a memory due to stress or trauma. I assumed that the girl was stressed out and the almost banging incident totally exceeded her control limit."

"So, what does it mean?" Mokuba asked.

"In short, she lost her memory temporarily. She needs to be taken good care of especially at her no memory state."

"So, she's going to be okay?" Mokuba worriedly questioned.

"I assume yes."

There was a silence. The doctor let them feel the gravity of the situation. Mokuba just remained quiet, feeling sad about her case.

Seto however just observed if there was something more to discuss.

"Is that all?" Seto impatiently inquired.


Assuming that the discussion was over, Seto made a move to walk towards the door, and then Mokuba followed him from behind.

"So are we going to call Joey and his friends" Mokuba asked. This was some serious case and they knew the fact how much Joey worries when it comes to his sister.

"We are not messengers, let them find out themselves" Seto said coldly.

Mokuba was left with no choice and agreed. It was his brother's decision anyway.


Serenity sat uprightly at her bed, remembering and assessing her present state.

'Would anyone help me out? What happened? Where is my family? friends? anyone? Or…' She stammered, remembering what the nurse said. '…him?' Being alone in the room with her confused state, a feeling of being non-existent pounced her heart.

Seemed like an answer to her cry, a door suddenly opened.

"Hi!" Mokuba vivaciously ran to Serenity and jumped on her bed.

Serenity got confused again.

'Who are these guys? Oh, what a cute teenage boy, long hair and a very cheerful one. He is so friendly. And who's the other one?' She then shifted her stare to Seto. 'Browned hair, tall guy, smug looking, handsome. Wait, what am I thinking? I don't even remember a thing and here I am day-dreaming. Snap it out Serenity!'

"I'm sorry to ask. I have problems with my memory lately. May I know who you are?" Serenity asked, waking herself from reverie.

"So you really don't remember a thing? Well, I'm Mokuba Kaiba, Seto Kaiba's brother"

"Seto?" Serenity repeated, somehow interested, remembering the name the talkative nurse pointed out earlier as her boyfriend.

"Yeah. He's my brother over here. He's the one who brought you on this place" Mokuba said, pointing Seto.

'Oh! Him? He's my boyfriend? That handsome looking guy?' Serenity tried hard to hide her blush. 'Did I just fantasize a guy who is my boyfriend? Is this really true?'

"So, do you really can't remember a thing?" Seto finally spoke. He was leaning on the wall with his arms folded on his chest. He wanted to make sure that everything the doctor said was true. Still, his facial expression didn't change, calm and cold as usual.

She then stared back at Seto.
'Is it really him?' she continuously mused as if she didn't hear the question.
Seto noticed her interesting stare and furrowed his eyebrow, showing a questionable look. 'I don't know amnesia also makes people deaf'. He thought arrogantly. Serenity saw Seto's stare and shifted her gaze away in embarrassment.

'Gosh! he caught me. But then, if he is really my boyfriend why would I worry, right?'

"You're right I can't" she awkwardly said, stooping down her head in shame.
She just couldn't look at him directly after what happened.

'If he really is my boyfriend, why am I acting this way? I look like an idiot. Hey Serenity, keep that face up. There's nothing to be embarrassed about. If you're not sure ask him!'

"Um, can I ask you guys something?"

"Shoot," Mokuba said with a smiling face.

"It is because the nurse said earlier that my boyfriend is the one who brought me here. And you, Mr. Seto Kaiba brought me here" Her voice was getting weaker and weaker. She was somehow discomfited to talk, eyes still looking down. "So, are you my boyfriend?" She said weakly, barely audible. Serenity looked at Seto slowly, hoping not to get the same reaction earlier.

Mokuba then expanded his eyes in amazement. That was very interesting question to his brother.

Seto however couldn't reply. He was surprised. 'What the? How dare this bitch fantasized me as her boyfriend. Me? Seto Kaiba will go with that dog's little sister? Of course not!'
Seto was about to make a rude remark when Mokuba ran to him, hastily grasped his hand, raised it up like a politician candidate, and remarked sheepishly, "Of course he is! You are together for a year now." Mokuba was grinning up to his ears..

'This is finally the answer to my long yearning wish' Mokuba thought.

To Be Continued