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Chapter 1

After Kou has defeated the bad guy on the 40th floor and got the Master Egg Ghosh sat in the middle of the 2nd floor almost crying and talking to himself.

Ghosh: I just can't understand why the girls are all after Kou. -sigh- Well yes I can. I've always been conceited. I'm telling them lies about others to seem better. I hate myself.

???: Don't hate yourself.

Ghosh turned around and there was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. She had long black hair and deep blue eyes. She wore rags and seemed tired.

Ghosh: Who are you?

???: I'm Kimiko.

She sat down next to him.

Ghosh: I'm Ghosh.

Kimiko: I know. You are here very often talking to yourself waiting for Kou to come up so you can loose again.

Ghosh: I.that's not.I mean.I never saw you around when did you came here?

Kimiko: I was raised in the tower. I live here as long as I can remember.

Ghosh: Why don't you go out?

Kimiko: I can't. I often tried but Wind Crystal's don't work on me. That might sound stupid but I think I was born in this tower.

Ghosh: You mean your pregnant mother came into the tower gave birth to you and than went back out?

Kimiko: Yeah.I think she didn't want to have me and thought I would die in the tower.

Ghosh: I'm so sorry.How come no one ever saw you?

Kimiko: Well I'm hiding when someone is coming.I never wanted to be seen that's all.

Ghosh: Then why are you here now talking to me?

Kimiko: Because you're sad I like you and I want to help you.

Ghosh: You already did.

Kimiko: I did?

Ghosh: Yes you made me think about how good my life is.I have parents and a home and a lot of money. Now I feel better about me but I'm sad that you're so unlucky.

Kimiko: Oh that's okay I mean I learned to live with it.

Ghosh: I have an idea.

Ghosh pulled out a Wind Crystal smiling weird.

Ghosh: Maybe you can get out of the tower with me.

Kimiko: You would do that for me?

Ghosh: Sure I would. Hold on to me.I hope it's going to work.

They both appeared outside of the tower. And Ghosh was still smiling. This was going to be so great.

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