In this chapter Kimiko will call Ghosh Teddy a lot. That's just because I love to give nicknames to anything that moves ;D

Chapter 3

The next morning when Ghosh went into the bathroom Kimiko was there looking at the mirror.

Kimiko: Who is that? Do you know her?

Ghosh began to laugh.

Kimiko: What's so funny?

Ghosh: Well that person is you girl. That's a mirror. You can see your self in there.

Kimiko: -blush- I knew um...I'll go outside and wait for you. This is the first day of your training.

Kimiko left and Ghosh took a shower. When he came outside into the backyard Kimiko had built some kind of ...mechanical thing (sry don't know the English word for it –blush-)

Ghosh: What the f***? (sry german thing once again -.-)

Kimiko: Well here we go Teddy you got to learn something. You start over here go through there and end up there.

Ghosh: You are trying to kill me aren't you?

Kimiko: What? It's not as hard as it looks you know.

Ghosh: Well that's easy to say.

Kimiko: Come on just give it a try Teddy.

Ghosh: If I die it's your fault.

Ghosh did what Kimiko told him to do.

Ghosh: Wow that was easier than I expected.

Kimiko: I told you. But now we try the harder level.

Ghosh: The what?

Kimiko pressed some kind of button and the mechanical stuff moved faster.

Ghosh: Oh...that harder level.

Kimiko: Yes that's it try it.

Ghosh looked at her but couldn't find any kindness in her face. He walked through and got hit by one of the wooden things. His face was bloody. Kimiko jumped inside and carried him out of there.

Kimiko: Not that easy anymore huh?

Ghosh: I'm forry feally.

Kimiko: Hey no problem. Don't worry. Heilung.*

She hold her hand over his head and healed him.

Ghosh: I didn't know you can do magic.

Kimiko: Um...surprise.

Ghosh: Can we stop for today?

Kimiko: No. You slept long enough. Try it

Ghosh: -mumble-

Ghosh tried it once again. He got hit by the same wooden thing. Kimiko got him out and healed him again.

Kimiko: Try again. And don't make the same mistake again or I'll kill you or at least won't heal you.

Ghosh tried again. He made it through.

Kimiko: I guess that was luck. Try again before I make it harder.

Ghosh: I'm not going to do that again. No way.

Kimiko: Oh, yes you are.

Kimiko pushed Ghosh right into the machine. Ghosh got through once again.

Kimiko: Alright. Next level.

Once again she pressed a button.

Kimiko: Here you go.

Ghosh: -sigh- Okay here I go.

Ghosh made it through but he got hit a lot. When he came out on the other side he was all bloody.

Kimiko: I...I think that was enough. Heilung.*

She healed him again.

Kimiko: You should go and wash the blood of your face.

Ghosh: I should go and wash the blood of my body!

Kimiko: Hey sorry. I thought you were ready.

Ghosh: Well we have a swimming-pool in town. We could go there. I'll buy you a swimsuit.

Kimiko: Yay. That sounds great...what are you waiting for?

They went into the store together. (remember Ghosh hasn't washed of the blood yet)

Ghosh: Hey Fur. Show the lady some swimsuits please or some bikinis if you have.

Fur: -confused- Um...yes...we about that one?

Kimiko: Oh I love it. Can we take that one please Teddy pwease?

Ghosh: What ever you want. I'll take that one.

He paid and they both left the confused Fur once again. When they entered the swimming-pool Kou stood in the water and told the ladies about his adventures.

Ghosh: Um...You can change clothes in there. We'll meet over there. Try not to be seen by Kou please.

Kimiko: Why not?

Ghosh: For me please...just try okay?

Kimiko: Um...alright. But there's no sense in that.

Ghosh changed clothes and waited for Kimiko. When she came out there was no way Kou wouldn't notice her. Everyone stared at her. She was amazingly beautiful. Kou got out of the water.

Kou: Hey there. I've never seen you before. May I ask for your name?

Kimiko: Um...sorry but I'm here with someone else and he's waiting for me. See you later.

She walked to Ghosh and sat down next to him.

Ghosh: Let's go I'm clean.

Kimiko: What? Are you kidding??

Ghosh: Uh...yes I was just kidding haha.

Kimiko: Oh boy you really go me on that one.

Kou: So you are here with her Ghosh.

Kou suddenly stood behind them.

Ghosh: Um...yes I am.

Kou: I see. Well then have fun you two.

Kimiko: You are sweating? He scares you that much?

Ghosh: yes...

Kimiko: It's getting dark already.(changing subject XD) Let's go home.

Ghosh: Good idea.

When they entered the house Selfi stood there.

Selfi: How come she slept here last night without me knowing?

Ghosh: Maybe because you hang around at Kou's house so much.

Selfi: Well anyways she's not going to stay here another night.

Ghosh: Oh yes she is.

Kimiko: Actually I'm not Teddy...

Ghosh: Uh...What?

Kimiko: I have to go someday Teddy and you know it.

Ghosh: But why today? Why not wait another day?

Kimiko: My parents want me to come home...they have trouble...we'll meet again...I promise.

Ghosh: No you won't...I won't let you...

He jumped in front of the door.

Kimiko: Oh're making it so hard.

She pulled a wind crystal.

Kimiko: You forgot one thing Ghosh.

Ghosh tried to take it from her but she had already activated it.

Kimiko: Never stop training Teddy...we'll meet again I promise.

End of Chapter 3

Well it's not that good this time but there are some questions you might ask yourself right now: She has parents? What the f***? XD okay German's coming through again. *Heilung is the german word for healing I though I could use german as spell language (or how you would call it XD) thanks everyone for reading ^^