On Her Own

Full Summary – A young girl is deserted by her parents at Christmas. In despair, she tries to take her life, but through an accident, she gets to 17th century Port Royal. She meets Will, and helps him find Elizabeth. But how can she help him when she has fallen in love with him?

Chapter One

"No, I don't want Rebecca, you have her!" Her dad shouted over her head to her mum at the divorce court.

"I don't want her either, you take her!"



Beneath them, unseen, the girl called Rebecca Sparrow cried quietly. *I don't want to go with either of them!* She thought to herself.

A shadow fell over her face, and she looked up. "Rebecca, who would you like to live with?" The Judge said.

Her parents stopped arguing, in time for them to hear her quiet answer.

"Neither." She whispered.

"I'm sorry, can you repeat that?" Judge Stanford asked.

"Neither." She said louder. "If they don't want me, why should I live with them?"

"Well," Judge Stanford said, sitting back down. "You are sixteen now, so you can live on your own, but can you support yourself?"

"I can go live with Arietta. She doesn't mind having me around."

"No. I forbid it. I don't live you hanging around with her." Her mum said.

"Oh, so you don't care what happens to me, but you don't want me staying with my friends? A bit hypocritical of you, mother." Rebecca said.

It wasn't her fault; it was her Taurean personality. Very passive until roused, but then she's a fiery spirit. 

"I don't want to hear that from you!" Her mum said, backhanding her across the face.

Rebecca's head snapped around, then slowly turned back.

"If you ever touch me again," She said in a low, quiet, dangerous voice. "I will slap you with a court injunction so hard that you will be reeling for weeks. I will bleed you of every penny you have ever earned. So don't ever, ever touch me again."

Her parents were shocked. Rebecca had never talked back to them in anger before. She was normally very soft-spoken, which is why they abused her so often. She never fought back, an easy target.

Judge Stanford smiled beneath his beard. Go Becca. Her parents shouldn't be allowed to hit her like they do, and it was a pleasure to finally hear her fight back.

"I'm not staying around here to listen to this crap. I'm going to stay with Arietta, and there isn't a thing you can do to stop me. Don't try to contact me, that will violate the restraining order I am going to place upon you." She said, turning to the door. Once there, she turned back. "I'm sorry, Judge Stanford. You've always been a good friend to me, and I'm sorry you had to hear this."

With that, she left, shutting her parents out of her life as easily as if she were shutting a door.


Outside in the High Street, she allowed the pent-up tears to fall freely once again.

*Why did they never love me?* She thought to herself. *I never got into fights; never got pregnant at twelve like Arietta, never did anything really wrong. So why did they hate me?*

Hearing bells, Rebecca turned to see where they were coming from. They seemed to be emanating from a marching band with an inscription on their banner.

As they got closer, it became easier for Becca to read it. "Only four days 'till Christmas!" She read.

Scoffing, she turned back around to catch sight of the Video Shop. She pressed her face to the window, as hungrily as the four-year-old child at the next shop window, Ye Olde Toy Shoppe, was.

In the five o'clock twilight, she could see videos, DVDs and games stretching away for miles. "The Biggest Rental Shop In Medway!" The sign over the door proclaimed.

Like a starved man would when faced with a McDonalds, Becca groaned a groan of longing. She had always loved films for as long as she could remember, but hardly ever got a chance to see her favourite ones.

'Pirates of the Caribbean' was the newest release that the shop had in. Over a hundred copies, filling up a whole wall. The young girls she had seen earlier were gathered around a life-size cutout of Orlando Bloom.

"He's so fit." She heard the oldest-looking one sigh.

Sighing, Becca turned and walked to Rochester Bridge. *What am I doing?* She asked herself.

Shaking her brown haired head, she stepped up onto the railing. Staring down into the dark, iron-grey water, she asked herself again.

"#I don't want a lot for Christmas, there is just one thing I need.

#I don't care about the presents, underneath the Christmas tree.

#I just want you for my own, more than you could ever know.

#Make my wish come true; all I want for Christmas is you!#"

A bus behind her rumbled past, making her lose her grip. "Goodbye, cruel world . . ." Becca whispered bowing to the inevitable, and letting herself fall.

The fall seemed excruciatingly long. When she finally did hit the water, the coldness of the Medway River made her gasp, drawing in too much water to her body.

The world seemed dark, and was getting darker. Suddenly she realised, "I'm drowning." and fell into the blackness.


Author's Note – Sorry if is really bad; it's my first Pirates story. I thought I'd set it around Christmas, because one of my friends has just had this happen to her. This is my everlasting tribute to her.

Goodbye, Sara. May you live forever in our hearts.

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