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Chapter Seven – Dreams, Love, Life and the Delivery Boy

Becca tossed and turned in her bed. She'd had to borrow clothes off the other girls whilst hers were drying from being cleaned, and she was very uncomfortable. "Dammit, why didn't I think to pick up some clothes in Rochester?" she grumbled to herself, scratching her leg again.

"I swear one of these girls has fleas…" she whispered. Sighing and kicking the single blanket off, she got up and walked outside to the early morning sunshine on deck.

Daniel, the second in command to the Captain, was standing at the railing, looking out to sea. "Good morning, Rebecca," he said, without turning.

She sniffed, like Elizabeth did. "Is it?" she said, looking through bleary eyes to the waves stretching out for what seemed like ever. She rubbed her eyes gently and tried to focus, yawning.

Daniel chuckled. "We'll be putting in to Spain soon. Keep your chin up."

Rebecca grumbled a bit, making unintelligible sounds. Sitting down on the deck, she put her legs either side of the railing and held on to it. Smiling, she dangled her legs a bit.

This was living. The sun, the sea, the… Well. She couldn't really say company of the ship, as they were her kidnappers. She sighed. Not everything could go right.

"Sparrow and Turner are catching up," Daniel remarked conversationally, sitting next to her. She leant her head on his shoulder and tried to go to sleep, making more unintelligible sounds.

Daniel chuckled. He'd been doing this for about five years now with Giles, only recently starting to get recognition for the job he did, and in five years had never let one of the girls get under his skin. He didn't know what it was about this one that affected him so much, but he liked the attention.

Then she snored softly and broke his train of thought. Laughing softly, he lifted her head so she was sitting upright again. She yawned and grumbled.

Judging by the position of the sun over the horizon, it was still only about six o'clock in the morning, and Becca hadn't slept very well. She yawned again and shook her head fast, as if to clear it of something.

Daniel chuckled again, getting up. He could hear movements from downstairs and he couldn't be seen sitting so close to a captive. The deck hands would start talking.

Jack hadn't slept. Seemed like he couldn't at the moment.

Will stirred from his position slumped over a cannon and stretched, feeling the bones in his back pop and crack. Wincing he walked over to where Jack was. He was exhausted, and yet wouldn't sleep. Will tried to hold off sleeping as long as he could, but didn't have so much of a vested interest in Becca, and so couldn't cling to that.

Jack checked his compass. Will looked over his shoulder. "What does the compass point to?"

"That's my secret, boy," Jack replied, closing it and changing course slightly accordingly. He brought some binoculars to his eyes and looked to the distance where the compass had pointed. "We have to be getting close soon," he mumbled, half to himself.

Will shook his head. "Take a rest, Jack," he pleaded. "You're going to kill yourself doing this."

"I can't rest until I've found my daughter and know what happened to her mother. Her mother appeared one day much the same as she did, you know. Just appeared off the shore of Tortuga. I found her and fell in love. I married her not long after, and then she became pregnant with Becca. She left just after that. Went to sleep wrapped in my arms one night, and then the next morning was gone. Just like that. After a while I started to wonder if it was all just a long elaborate dream, then forgot. Then Becca appeared, looking just like her mother and I remembered it all." He sighed. "I want to find my daughter, Will. I have to."

"Then you need to sleep, because you can't go on like this," Will said, moving everything out of his way. "I'm here now, time to sleep. I can take care of it."

"No. I can't rest until I've got her back. …And got some more rum."

Will sighed. Some things never changed.

Blue awoke before any of the other girls that morning, and looked around. Seeing that Becca was out of bed already, she got up, dressed swiftly and went to find her.

Becca was asleep on the deck. She was exhausted from all the things she'd learned over the past couple of days, and needed to sleep. She found that her subconscious dealt with things much better than her conscious could, and so when anything dire happened in her life, she'd go to sleep, and often sleep for three or four days at a time. Blue smiled and sat beside her, stroking her hair. Daniel watched them carefully.

Some time later, Becca woke slowly. It wasn't that she could remember waking up, she just slowly realised she had. Smiling gently, she looked up at Blue, who was still stroking her hair. Around them, the deck hands were giving them space and trying not to watch. After her disastrous first day, Becca had settled down and started to get on with the deck hands. Some were taking a liking to her, others tolerating her, but all agreeing that she couldn't be left to the Frenchman's hands. They'd put the other girls to work, but Becca was pretty much given free reign, and anyone so close to her was too.

"Good morning," Blue said kindly.

"I've been meaning to ask," Becca said, sitting up and yawning. "Why are you called Blue?"

"I can't remember my real name. I was found a couple of years ago by Daniel, who offered me a place on the ship. I had no idea where we'd be going, so I agreed readily. I can't remember anything of who I was, or of my family or former life. So Daniel named me for the colour of my eyes. He said they reflected the sea."

Becca smiled. Daniel had more facets than a diamond, the sweet man that he was. "Bless him."

"Indeed," Giles said from behind them. "Ladies, do you mind? The crew is tring to work."

Becca cut her eyes at him and glared. He visibly winced, but held his ground.

"I'd say you need me, el capitano," Becca said. "And if I'm to be sold into a life of prostitution, you really wouldn't want me to ruin my hands. Could hurt the man I was trying to please if I had calluses."

He huffed and walked away, yelling at Elizabeth when she didn't work fast enough. She whimpered slightly, and Becca couldn't help but smirk.

Blue smiled. "The girls have been saying that you're Captain Jack's daughter. Is that true?"

"Yes," Becca replied simply. "But I don't know how I can be. I'm not even from this time."

Blue smiled indulgently. She'd never believed that, but still humoured Becca when she said it.

"Begging your pardons, misses," a young cabin boy by the name of Michael said, bowing a little. "But I need to be cleaning that section of the deck. Can I ask you to move down a little? It's just I don't want Captain Giles to whip me again."

Becca nodded, moving down the deck. Blue slid after her, and they sat watching the sea for the rest of the day. Well, there was nothing else to do, was there?

Days passed, merging into one. Daniel was just as sweet as ever, Blue and Becca were closer than any other pair of girls, Captain Giles was still his overbearing self, and Will and Jack were following feverishly.

Now, on Becca's eleventh day of travelling with them, there was some commotion. She was brushing her long dark brown hair (with a fish comb provided by one of the deck hands) when the call went up. "Ship ahoy! Ship ahoy!"

She ran out onto the deck, and stood at the railings with the other girls. "What's going on?" she whispered to Blue and Daniel.

"A ship's been spotted. We're thinking it's the Pearl." Daniel held binoculars to his eyes and scanned the horizon. Spotting black sails, he drew a breath. "Here they come."

Becca smiled. Hopefully, her and Blue would be saved before long.

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