Stolen Innocence
Chapter 12
Blaise vs. Lily

"It is very old and extremely high in difficulty." Harry began. "The runes it uses are VERY intricate and it is almost bordering on dark or illegal magic. The runes must be made on location and preferably on stone, a hard stone. Blood from the person the spell is intended to be used against is what is used to write the runes. There is also something needed that is connected to the person, something they put themselves into, like a favorite stuffed animal when they were young. I am planning on using my scar. A wand from that person would also work. Then there are the words. They must be spoken at a precise time and all together this can take between five to ten minutes. But this also guarantees that the person dies when the body dies, no exceptions, and no counter-curses."

"Why didn't anyone do something like this before?" Blaise asked.

"You also have to be within five meters of the person." Harry said airily.

"Well then, you might as well hang a sign around your neck that says 'kill me'." Junior yelped.

"That's almost suicide!" Blaise's voice had a scolding tone to it. Harry involuntarily flinched away from her.

"But why do you need a rune? Why not a potion or a spell?" Junior asked.

"Well, granted potions usually work as well as any spell. However, a potion for this, if it exists, would take half a year at least and would be VERY hard to handle, needing almost constant care the whole way through. And then you would have to get the potion INTO the person." Harry explained.

"But why a rune?" Junior pushed.

"Because runes create more powerful spells then other spell casting techniques." Harry shrugged his shoulders.

"I thought that wandless magic was more powerful." Junior looked extremely confused.

"That's because wandless magic IS the most powerful." Markus sneered as he exited the house with Tyler trailing behind him.

"What are YOU doing here?" Harry hissed.

"We came over so we could stay with mum." Tyler's quiet voice piped up. "Dad said that it was too dangerous to be alone."

"Well just so you know, Markus, wandless magic is NOT more powerful then rune magic. And when deciding whether to use a wand or not, you must consider the spell, the goal, the spelled object or person, and the spell caster. Only THAT will tell you whether to use a wand or not." Harry explained calmly.

"How so?" Markus asked haughtily.

"Well, for one, a simple spell should be used with a wand, this way, you can use some of the magic in the wand's core, why waste magic and energy on something as mundane as lifting a plate? A wand should also be used for accuracy. If you want to use magic on one thing or a certain part of a thing or person, a wand will center most of the power from the spell to that part where wandless magic is widespread, unless you use a finger. Although a finger is still thicker then a wand. This is for the average witch or wizard of course. And most of these people must work very hard on the skill of wandless magic.

"For a weak wizard, or witch, a wand would improve their magic and should be used almost all the time; they might not even be able to consciously use wandless magic, ever, no matter how hard they try.

"A strong witch, or wizard, still needs to work on their wandless abilities, but is comes MUCH easier. Strong magical beings can even be dulled by their wand core. This group of people can sometimes even use wandless magic on simple spells because the strength of their magic can compensate the loss, depending, again, on how strong the person is." Harry said all of this very calmly and looked at his audience of three, Blaise already knew what he was talking about.

"Why does Voldemort use a wand then?" Junior asked. "He is definitely powerful."

"It is because he uses dark magic. Dark magic, true dark magic, is impure magic. The wand helps cancel out some of the impurities and helps reduce the poison it sends to the wizard cancel out. The magic in the body takes care of the rest. But a person can only cast so many dark spells before the ability to use wandless magic is lost. No matter how strong the person is, it can and will happen is the person uses too many dark spells." Harry explained.

"You must not be able to do wandless magic then." Markus hissed, almost gleefully.

"On the contrary, I would NEVER poison my magic on purpose." Harry snarled in return.

"I think my head is going to explode and I'm going crazy for sure. I'm willingly LEARNING outside of school." Junior moaned, making Blaise laugh. "How do you even KNOW all of this stuff?"

"He reads." Blaise answered for her boyfriend. "All the TIME! I swear, sometimes I think he should have been in Ravenclaw."

"Oh but you LOVE me! You would miss me too much if I was in Ravenclaw." Harry gushed as he wrapped his arms around Blaise's shoulders and draped himself over her.

"Harry's got a GIRLFRIEND?" Tyler gasped. "Mom said he wouldn't EVER get one."

"Well yes, Harry has a girlfriend." Blaise's voice had a dangerous edge to it and she raised her arms up around Harry's upper back, under his arms. This brought Harry down so that his face was level with hers. She tugged him over so she could place a kiss on his lips. She let out a loud moan and Harry lost his balance, falling onto her lap and the ground. She stopped kissing hip so she could laugh and Harry became aware of his brothers making noises of disgust.

"That is groooss!" Tyler whined. Harry just gasped for breath both from the kiss and from the fall.

"Why ... did you ... do ... that?" Harry wheezed.

"I felt like it." Blaise smirked as she ran her fingers through Harry's hair. Harry shifted a little so that his head was the only thing on Blaise's lap.

"Markus! Tyler! It's time for dinner! Come in everyone!" Remus' shout came from inside.

"All right!" Markus crowed. Both he and Tyler ran inside.

"Is that just for them?" Junior asked.

"Hey you three, come inside for dinner." Orion called from the back door.

"No, they mean us as well." Blaise smiled cheekily. Junior rolled his eyes and grinned.

"Thank you SO much." Junior drawled as he walked inside.

"Are you going to get up? I'm hungry." Blaise shook her legs to get Harry off of them.

"No, I'm comfortable." Harry yawned.

"You get up RIGHT now." Blaise scolded.

"You sound like a mum. Do this! Do that! Get over here right this minute or you are the ingredients for my next potion!" Harry spoke in a high, croaking voice.

"Well, in that case, you won't need to eat dinner. And you can go without breakfast as well." Lily's voice came from the back door where Orion had previously occupied. Blaise shop up from where she sat and Harry's head thudded on the ground.

"Ow!" Harry yelped as he clutched his wounded head and sat up. "Mother! I didn't say it was YOU!"

"Really?" Lily had the glare she had been sporting since she started looking upon Harry.

"Yes, really. You would NEVER ask to see me. Usually you tell me to go away." Harry explained. Lily turned pink and Harry wasn't sure if it was from anger or embarrassment. He was beginning to think that those weren't the correct things to say at this moment.

"In that case, I will proceed with that and tell you to go away, to your room and don't come out until I allow you out. No visitors, no food, no talking through the doors or walls." Lily hissed at Harry.

"My room is at YOUR house REMEMBER?" Harry shot back.

"I don't care WHO you are; you can't deprive a person of food." Blaise cut in.

"Listen here young lady. Don't tell me how to raise my son." Lily bit. "You have no idea how to act like a parent unless you are one."

"And you obviously don't know how to be a GOOD parent, or even a DECENT parent for that matter." Blaise stepped forward so she was right in front of Lily.

"One FAILURE doesn't make me a bad parent." Lily didn't remove her gaze from where she had been glaring down at Harry.

"Don't look at him, look at me!" Blaise ordered. "I'm the one talking with you. Now you say HE'S a failure? No, I believe that YOU are the failure. He's turned out just fine despite your miserable excuse for parenting."

"I have raised THREE wonderful children. It would take a SAINT to even WANT Harry let alone even attempt to parent him." Lily spat.

"No, you have an obligation to be a parent to him. The minute you decided to give birth to him, you owed him at least that." Blaise snarled. A disgusted look was on her face as she glared at the woman in front of her. "But instead you abandoned him and wronged him from the very beginning. I will NEVER know why you decided to try to destroy a child or why he extends any loyalty at all to you."

"Listen here you bloody BINT. Don't tell ME how to raise my children OR my mistake. A TRAMP like you has probably been around the Slytherin house so many times, you probably can't tell the difference between Harry and any other boy in that disgusting house." Lily bent over slightly to stare Blaise in the eye. Harry had stood up halfway through the speech in an attempt to get between the two females. Everybody that had been inside the house came out to watch.

"Now the only thing you can do is insult?" Blaise scoffed. "I'm afraid that it is you that is mistaken. You are the one that can't tell the difference between Harry, your son, and someone like Draco Malfoy, who is soon to be a death eater. Somehow your son has learned ethics and morals. From where, I don't know, but it wasn't from you, you dumb twit."

"Then you can just go home to your lover because the only reason you were ALLOWD to be here was be-"

"Stop it!" Harry yelled as he finally pushed himself between his girlfriend and his mother. He was on the edge of breaking and very close to showing how badly he had been affected.

"Are you yelling at me?" Lily demanded, a look of fury on her face.

"Yes he bloody well is!" Blaise answered.

"Blaise! Watch your language! Be silent, please." Harry begged as he faced Blaise fully so she could see how much he wanted this fight to end.

"At least the brat knows what side to be on in THIS occasion. Come over here, Harry." Lily's voice had the sound of victory as she made this order.

"No. I'm not on either side. I just didn't want you two fighting." Harry replied. "You were both fighting like children. If you're going to fight, don't have it be about me. Not one of you would be able to make me do something I don't want to do." Harry looked from one woman to the other before finally looking at the group gathered in the house. Remus, Orion, and Howie looked mad or disgusted while Junior looked hurt. Tyler was frightened and Markus was between gleeful and confused.

"I apologize, Harry. I should not have said what I did, no matter how true I feel the words are. This was not the time or the place." Blaise looked straight ahead at Harry's neck as she said this and grabbed his hand.

"Thank you, but you don't have to say that you're sorry to me." Harry squeezed her hand briefly.

"But I helped to hurt you." Blaise tugged at the hand so Harry moved closer to her.

"I will never give this relationship my blessings!" Lily yelped. Harry looked at her face briefly before lowering his gaze.

"I never asked you to." Harry whispered. Lily reached over to grab Harry's upper arm and Blaise tugged Harry closer to her until he was right up against her.

"We've done just FINE without your blessings until now and we will continue to be FINE later on, you have never given your blessings to anything he's done before ANYWAY!" The slytherin witch lived up to her name as anger blazed in her eyes. She wrapped her arms around Harry so his arms were trapped by his sides.

"Mum?" Markus asked. "What's going on? Why is she yelling at you?"

"Never mind, just drop it. Now is not the place and it definitely isn't the time." Harry snapped. "Leave it be."

"I don't have to listen to YOU." Markus send back arrogantly before turning to look at his mother. He made his voice as innocent as possible as he spoke to her. "Mum?"

"Go inside and eat, Markus. Tyler, go with your brother." Lily said faintly. Her green eyes seemed to almost shimmer with a hidden fear while also appearing to dim from an unknown emotion. Markus and Tyler hurried to do as bid by their mother. Lily looked straight into Harry's eyes for what seemed like an hour, but was in reality only a few seconds. She broke the eye contact quickly and walked briskly into the house, not looking back once.

"Why are you all still here?" Blaise demanded. "Do you think we are some sort of circus freaks or something?" She turned, pulling Harry with her and walking until the pair reached a tree.

"Blaise, what are you doing?" Harry asked. Blaise took her arms from around him and turned him around so his back was to the tree. "Blai-" Harry was cut off when Blaise forced him to sit down and then plopped down on his lap, forcing a breath of air out of him. "What was THAT for?" Harry asked incredulously.

"I felt like it." Blaise shrugged as she leaned back into her boyfriend.

"My legs are jealous, they can't feel anything." Harry stated with a straight face.

"You BETTER not be calling me fat." Blaise huffed. Harry gave a faint smile that Blaise couldn't see, wrapped his arms around her, and buried his head in her neck.

"Of course not." Harry murmured.

"Don't DO that!" Blaise laughed. "It tickles." She slapped Harry's arm as she brought her head back to rest against Harry's shoulder.

"Why did you talk back to my mum like that?" Harry asked. "It's not worth it."

"YOU are worth it, Harry. And so much more." Blaise's voice was quiet as she spoke. "You deserve better then the family you were given."

"That's not true. You're just biased." Harry's reply wasn't louder then Blaise's statement.

"No, no I'm not just saying it because you're my boyfriend or because you 're my friend. You deserve to have someone that you can go home to that will be proud of you."

"I already have that."

"Oh really? And who is it?" Blaise turned to look Harry in the eyes, her face and voice showing Harry how little she believed his words.

"It's you." Harry breathed before leaning in and kissing Blaise on the lips. He pulled away and looked straight into Blaise's eyes. "Hogwarts is my home. It holds the only living person that cares about me." Blaise leaned forward so their foreheads touched. Her expression was almost pained and Harry worried that he had overstepped boundaries.

"I shouldn't BE the only one that cares about you. You should have parents that love you." Blaise's voice was a whimper.

"I didn't mean to hurt you." Harry sighed.

"You didn't. It isn't YOU I have a problem with." Blaise pulled Harry forward so their chests and cheeks touched.

"I thought you were hungry." Harry attempted to tease Blaise, but it came out as more of a plea.

"Just shut up. Right now, everything is okay." Blaise hissed gently. The pair sat in silence for almost half an hour before Harry's legs had gone completely numb and Blaise fell asleep. Harry whispered a spell to make Blaise weightless and also a spell to regain feeling in his legs. He rose slowly, holding onto Blaise so she didn't move much. Unconsciously, Blaise wrapped her legs around Harry's waist.

"Oh great, she's drooling. She is DEFINATELY going to hear about THIS when she wakes up." Harry mumbled to himself. Harry walked into the house and tried to walk past the dinning room without being noticed, but failed as Markus pointed out his presence to everyone when the boy looked up from his meal.