Title: All over again

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What you need to know: Everything is the same until Sonny shot Carly . Courtney is not taking care of the kids. Baby Morgan is staying with Bobby in the Brownstone and Leticia is with Micheal in Sonny's island. Alcazar is dead. Carly remembers everything and Sonny is still in the business. Elizabeth never slept with Zander, she and Ric are divorced, but he hasn't given up hope and follows her around. Luke kills Stephan but Lucky doesn't turn him in to the police. Luke is currently looking for Laura after finding out that the one in the hospital is actually a double.


Chapter 1: Come back, Go away

~Sonny's Penthouse~

" So that's it. Faith is the last one and tonight we are going to take care of her." Sonny said dropping a brown folder in his desk.

" Everything is set for tonight as planned. At midnight everything is going to be over." Stated Jason standing behind Sonny with his arms crossed over his chest.

" Good. Am going to see Carly now. You should spend the day with Courtney. You haven't been married that long and you guys haven't spent any time together."

" She understands this is business. I'll make it up to her when this is all over." A ghost of a smile appeared on his lips. " Am thinking about taking her to Spain for a couple of weeks."

" That sounds great man, you both deserve it."

" How is Carly doing?" Jason asked genuinely concerned for his best friend.

" She's better. My guess is she'll be out in a couple of days. And my baby boy is just perfect. He's really strong and healthy. Bobby is taking good care of him. " Sonny finished with a smile on his face.

" That's great. Soon we'll finally have some peace and quiet around here."

" That's why tonight is so important."

" Trust me, tonight there won't be any mistakes."

" I trust you, man. Be extra careful tonight. Now you have a wife to come back home to."

" I know and I will." They shook hands and hugged slightly before walking out.


" After Stephan's funeral, Luke and Nicholas went to see my mom with a new doctor. They asked to see her records and they found that the blood type of the latest tests didn't matched. They checked again and figured she was a double. They think Helena has something to do with it."

" Oh my God! Am so sorry Lucky. That witch is not going to stop until she destroys your family is she? Then again, Luke is not going to let her get away with it."

" That's what scares me the most." Lucky said truthfully.

" What do you mean?" Elizabeth asked.

" When it comes to my mom, dad loses his senses. Am thinking about quitting the PCPD and go follow him. You know, to make sure he doesn't do something stupid."

" Like killing someone." Liz said referring to Stephan.

" Yeah." They were both quiet for a while.

" Look. " Liz broke the silence. " This might sound crazy but, I'm not working and my classes are not going that great..." she paused thinking about what she was going to say.

" So, what are you saying?" Lucky asked confused.

" If you don't mind, I can come with you." " No way! We are dealing with Helena here, this is going to be dangerous."

" I need a distraction. Something to get my mind off of Ric and this whole mess called my life." She led out a heavy sigh before continuing. " Please let me come with you."

" Elizabeth I can't let you do this. Am not going to ask you to risk your life for my family again."

" You didn't asked, I volunteered. And I really want to do this. I miss our adventures, this is going to be fun."

" This is going to be deadly."

" Sorry, I didn't mean it like that."

" I know."

" So what do you say?" Lucky met her determined gaze still doubtful. " Lucky." Liz grabbed his hands in hers.

Ric stopped in front of the door that led to Kelly's witnessing the exchange between his ex- wife and her first love.

" I want to do this. Besides, this is going to give us a chance to reconnect, it's been a long time."

" Ok. Ok. You win. Am going to set everything up. We'll have to leave tonight so I'll call you when we are ready to leave." He stands up still holding her hands.

" Good. I'll have to see my Grams and then I'll go to my studio to pack."

She stood up and gave him a smile, never letting go of his hand she could feel he was concerned with the situation. She moved closer and gave him a hug and a kiss in his cheek. Ric was still watching from the Courtyard and couldn't believe his eyes. Liz and Lucky turned to the door and Ric walked away before they could see him. Before going out of the dinner Liz reassured him.

" Everything is going to be alright. I promise we'll find Luke and Laura and soon they'll be home safely."


Later that afternoon Elizabeth went to GH to say goodbye to her grandmother. On her way to her studio she found herself wondering on the docks overlooking Spoon Island. She sat down in the wooden bench, her bench. Her and Jason's bench. She looked at her watch. 2 hours and 10 minutes. Damn it! She couldn't understand why she'd been thinking about him after so long. He started to pop into her mind after that day at the hospital chapel when Emily's cancer was getting worst. But things where getting absurd now, she thought about him everyday and now it seems like every two hours or so, he was right there in her mind making her feel everything all over again. Could it be that she still felt something for him? No way, Webber. You've been over him for a year now. Or are you? Over looking the calm water below, feeling the cold autumn breeze in her cheeks, she found herself in the back of his motorcycle felling the wind. She was smiling without realizing that she was still sitting there in the docks. " Elizabeth."

The soft call of her name brought her back to reality.

" Elizabeth, are you alright?"

" Hum? Yeah I was just..." She looked up and found him staring at her. " I was just leaving." She stood up but he didn't let her go trough.

" I wanted to talk to you." Said Ric waiting for her to look at him in the same way she did just a couple of months before.

" I don't want to talk to you."

" Why not?"

" What part of ' I never want to see you again' don't you understand?" " What changed? I mean, you loved me so much."

" You said it yourself. I loved you, past tense. You did everything in your power to make all that love go away."

" No. No, that's not true. Everything I did I did it for you, because I love you."

" Look, you have to understand that it's done. The divorce is final and am not gonna go back, not now not ever."

" It's because of Lucky, isn't it?"

" What does he have to do with anything?"

" I thought you were going after Morgan, but I underestimated your first love."

" Am not with Lucky if that's what you mean, but anyways is non of your business."

" Then why don't you hear me out. Give me a chance, give us a chance."

" Because I already did and it ended up worst. I finally got my common sense back and I realized that the man I fell in love with never really existed. You became everything I hate, you are a liar, a rapist, a killer and a kidnapper. This is the last time I ask you to leave me alone. Am going away for a while. I suggest you do the same." She stepped a side and he grabbed her by the elbow. He looked at her and for the first time saw all the hurt and disappointment in her eyes. A single tear ran down her face.

" Am sorry about everything. There is one thing you should know... I always loved you, and always will. I never lied about that."

" I guess I'll never find out. Good bye Ric."

Tears flooded his eyes at the sight of her walking away. He sat on the bench and put his head in his hands. He murmured between sobs... Good bye Elizabeth, good bye my love.

~Jason's Penthouse~

He knew what he had to do. He was going to finish this once and for all. Faith Roscoe was going to pay for every drop of blood, tears and pain she had cost his family. Looking at his watch he saw it was almost time. He had doubled checked every detail so the hit went without a hitch. Jason walked down the stairs dressed in his traditional black attire. He ran his fingers through his dirty blond spikes and looked up to find the sleeping figure on the couch. " My wife." He said playing with his wedding band. He watched her again and smiled. Courtney turned and opened her eyes, she looked up to find her beautiful husband looking down on her from the last step, behind the couch. She smiled still sleepy.

" Hi husband." She pushed herself into a sitting position. " Where are you going?"

" I have work to do." He said moving towards his desk. " There is something I need to take care of." He retrieved his gun from the drawer checked it and put it in the waistband of his jeans, behind his back. Courtney stood up and walked closer to him. " I see is not about coffee."

Jason walked to the closet and took his jacket off the hanger. Closing the door he put on the jacket and walked towards her. " Baby, you promised you were going to deal with my job." He softly caressed her face.

"I know but is not easy. I can't help but worry about you every time you go out there. I get that this is your job, but is not easy having to stay back wondering if you are ever coming back home."

He cupped her face between his hands and looked deeply into her pleading eyes. " I promise I' ll be with you to protect you forever and always. That's what am trying to do now."

" But..." He reached down for her lips and kissed her deeply. When the kiss ended she smiled. "When you put it that way, I can't argue."

He stepped back and smiled. " Good, 'cause I don't have much time." He reached to his back pockets and put on his black gloves. " I'll be back as soon as I can. Please stay here until I get home or call. Marco will be guarding the door. If anything comes up just ask him."

He moved to the door and she followed him. " Ok." A shiver ran down her back and she became pale as if she'd seen a ghost. Jason turned and looked at her.

" Are you Ok honey?"

" I, is just that... is nothing. Don't worry about it." She holds his hands between hers. " Jason, please be careful. And please come back to me tonight." Courtney finished pleadingly.

He hugged her tightly and kissed her chastely on the lips. " I will, I promise."

" I love you."

" I love you too." He turned and walked to the elevator doors. She closed the door and still felt her body trembling. ~ Elizabeth's Studio~

Elizabeth was packing some of her clothes in a black backpack. She remembered her combat boots and went to look for them in her closet. She opened the door and knelt in the floor looking for her boots, when she came across some canvas in the back of the closet. The first one was blank, but she knew why it was there. She was covering up one of her paintings, one she almost destroyed, her best painting... The Wind. She took the painting out of the closet and walked to the couch holding it in her hands. She looked back to clock hanging from the wall and sighed. 1 hour and 27 minutes. Damn! Jason's gift. The one he had to come back to... the one he must've forgotten about a long time ago. Tears prickled at the back of her azure orbs and she fought them back. She had been crying for the past two hours after saying good bye to Ric. She didn't want to cry anymore, not for Ric and not Jason. Everything was over, she was leaving and didn't know when she was coming back. Jason was married, Ric was over and she didn't know if there was anything left in Port Charles to return to. The phone rang and she set the painting in the couch to pick it up.

" Hello."

" Liz, it's me. Everything is set, I'll come by to pick you up whenever you're ready."

" Am almost done here." She looked back to the couch where The Wind was sitting. " But I have to ask you a favor. I have to stop somewhere before we go."

" Well go anywhere you need."

" It's just that there is something I have that doesn't belong to me. I want to give it back."

" Ok, I'll be there in 20 minutes."

" Ok, see you then." Elizabeth hung up and walked back to the closet and picked up a roll of brown paper.

~ Jason's Penthouse~

Courtney was coming down the stairs when the phone rang. She walked to the desk and answer hoping it was Jason.

" Hello."

" Hello, Courtney." A disturbing female voice answered her.

" Whose this?"

" It's just a friend that's really worried about you and your dear husband. Do you know where he is right now?"

" What do you want?"

" Just to warn you, your husband is in a lot of trouble."

" W- what do you mean?" Courtney's voice trembled.

" Oh, your worried aren't you? There is something you can do to help."

" Look you have my attention now. Tell me what do you want from me."

" That's much better. Good girl. Meet me in Pier 52 in 15 minutes or you'll be a really young widower."

As the line went dead, Courtney ran to the closet and retrieved her coat. Opening the door she encountered Marco, her guard, face to face.

" Is there something wrong Mrs. Morgan?"

" Y- yeah... no. I mean..."

" Which one is it?"

" It's my father. Mike. He just called. It seems he is drunk and he needs to see me. He is on his way here and I have to go down to the lobby and wait for him." She finished and walked to the elevator and pushed the button.

" I'll go with you."

" NO!" She screamed. " I have orders to not let you alone." " But I have to. If Mikes sees you he'll flip out. You know he is not fond of you guys." " I can't let you go alone. Mr. Morgan said..." The elevator door opened and Courtney ran inside and pushed the button to close the door before he could finished his statement.

"Fu$%# Something is wrong here. Jason is going to kill me if something happens to the little brat. F$%#/!" He ran to the stairs and disappeared.

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