Chapter 23: And we see each other again

Boston, Mass

Summer made her way down the street with a brown bag in hand. She was still dressed in black but was now sporting a red wig courtesy of Luke 'the master of disguise' Spencer. Her black cat suit was exchanged for a long black skirt and a long sleeve gothic style blouse. The black combat boots and necklaces gave the urban gothic style the finishing touches. She hated wearing these disguises, but at least she had gotten ridden of the tight leather suit, it itched like hell and she felt awkward.

After their long talk last night Luke went back to Lucky's room at the hospital, while she took a nice and long nap. When she woke up she found a note with an address for her to go to. If it hadn't being written in Luke's messy handwrite, she would've been suspicious. And who wouldn't when they were directed to meet someone named Pauly at an abandoned church basement.

She got everything Luke asked for, now all she had to do was wait. And that was the worst part. She was dying to see Lucky. Her thoughts wondered back to the love of her life. One might think that after everything she's gone through she had forgotten about him. At least she wished that was the case. It was hard enough to concentrate when the live of her mother was on the line, but the fact that Lucky's life was also in danger was an added stressor she had to deal with. But now that Luke knew everything and that they were working together, she felt confident that they were going to prevail.

The police sirens and the screams brought her out of her thoughts. As she turned the corner and was about to cross the street she saw the fire coming out of a window in the second floor of the hotel. She stopped on her track, that wasn't any window. It was the window of her room.

Helena, she thought. A fireman walked to her and grabbed her by the elbow. She jerked her arm free.

"Let go of me."

"I've been calling for you to move, lady. You can't be here; you have to move back to the other side of the tape."

"What happened?"

"A bomb went of."

"Was anybody hurt?"

"The woman staying at the room was sleeping inside. We are trying to extinguish the flames so we can retrieve the body."

"What? There was a woman inside? But I'm..."

"There you are Darling." Luke's voice stopped her mid sentence. She turned to find a cowboy standing in front of her. He was wearing a big hat and a long redhead wig underneath. The hair was tied on a pony tail and it fell to his back. Black long sleeve shirt, jeans, and boots finished his look to perfection.

"Do you know this woman?" The fireman asked.

"Know her? That's my little sweet pea, my baby girl. My little Darling, that's her name. Darling Love Wayne."

Summer was amazed at Luke's ability to turn himself into other people, if she didn't know better, she would really think this man was born and raced in Texas. His deep accent was proof enough.

"Well, you two better get back to the other side of the tape. It's dangerous around here." The fireman finished and moved to other street.

Summer waited until the man was out of earshot to speak. "What the hell...?"

Luke put a hand over her mouth. "Watch the language, sweet pea. Let's go your brother's waiting for us to pick him up."


"No butts, Darling Love. We have to go or our little Helena the hog will know we are still here. And you know how sensitive that little piggy can be."


Carly was pacing the length of the living room remembering the turn her conversation with Sonny had taken last night.

"Things change... I know you don't love me anymore, so I'm letting you go."

"You are letting me go? What it's that suppose to mean? Look Sonny, you've been falling further and further down your depression. I'm sure I can still reach you. You just have to reach your hand out to me. Let me help you."

"There's no turning back now. And if I let you help, what then? You'll turn around and go back to Jason or Francis or any other man that can give you whatever it was I couldn't."

"Why do you keep bringing up Jason? We are just friends, Sonny. You used to know that."

"No Carly, I used to believe that. But now I know the truth. You've only been using me as a substitute. A substitute for the one you couldn't have the one you always wanted."

"God! Is that what you think? Is that why you think I came here? To get Jason back?"

"It makes sense, all the times I walked in on you two hugging and talking in secret murmurs, the way you defended him when he killed my sister."

"Jason didn't kill Courtney, Sonny. And that is what started all of this. You used to know who Jason was. But Courtney's death changed something inside of you. I think that was the last push that sent you in a downward spiral. I tried to help you while we were in Martinique, but you pushed me away. You turned violent and started drinking more than usual. Why didn't you let me in? Why don't you let me in?"

"I can't..."

"Yes you can. Believe in me, I'm your wife."

"You've been seeing him. All this time you've been running back and forth from Jason to Francis."

"You don't understand Sonny. Jason has been going through a very rough time. And Francis is a friend. Come on, you can't blame me from finding comfort in a friend in the middle of this whole situation. What with our problems, not been able to see my kids for months and now Elizabeth have been shot. I needed someone to lean on, I still do and you haven't been there."

"What did you say about Elizabeth? Who's Elizabeth?"

"Elizabeth Webber, Sonny. But no one was supposed to know about that so forget I said anything." Carly walked back to the fireplace.

"So he's with her. After he used and abused my sister, after he killed her he went back to Elizabeth Webber. And now she's been shot. That's what you were doing at his place last night."

"They are not together. Not the way you mean. You know better than anyone that they are friends."


His gaze was set somewhere over her head and Carly noticed the fire burning in them, she could see the wheels turning and his mind working. The man she had fallen in love with was slowly disappearing and she had to find a way to get him back.

The knock on the door brought her back to reality. She turned around and walked up to open the door.

"I'm so glad you are here."

Jason's Apartment

Elizabeth was sitting in one of the chairs by the windows in Jason's room. She watched as the snow slowly melted on the sidewalk. A loud sigh, left her lips. Her right hand came to rest on her shoulder close to the wound. It still hurt like crazy, but the painkillers where working. She hadn't spiked a fever and she had also been conscious for the last couple of hours.

When she woke up earlier she found Jason making breakfast on the little kitchenette at the other side of the room. She smelled coffee and something more she couldn't place. He turned around and smiled that sideways smile of his and she had to fight the urge to walk over to him and kiss him hard on the mouth. He was looking beautiful with a long sleeve sweater and those damn low riders that made her notice his fabulous backside.

She turned red just thinking about her dreams...those damn pills where making her have the most exquisite dreams about Jason giving her a sponge bath. What was wrong with her? She was recovering from a gunshot wound, why was she having x-rated dreams about Jason?

Shaking the thoughts away she remembered his tenderness and the way he insisted in giving her the oatmeal, like she was a little child. They talked and played around for a while until he asked her if she was ready for a bath. She had to fight the blush that crept to her cheeks. Had she been talking in her sleep? No, it didn't seem like it. He noticed her discomfort and told her that Emily was on her way to help her. He had someplace to be and didn't want to leave her alone.

Two hours later, here she was all cleaned up and more worried than ever. She and Emily didn't really talk about what happened, but she had been remembering some things. The man that shot her...she had seen him somewhere. She wasn't sure where, and he had said something... something about a game. Was it that the game was over? God, she had to remember. Luke and Lucky's life were on the line.

Her thoughts were interrupted when she heard footsteps coming up the stairs. She looked up hoping to find her best friend but instead found him looking at her with his cold brown eyes.

They used to friends, but now looking at his form she realized that time was long gone. He wasn't standing straight and his dark rimed eyes seemed hollow.

"Sonny, what are you doing here?"

"Surprised to see me are we? What, thought I wouldn't find out? Well I did."

Elizabeth looked at him as if he had grown two heads. She didn't even know he was in town, why would she worry about him finding out she's been shot? He wasn't making any sense.

"What are you talking about?" Elizabeth said arching a brow in question.

He gave a loud and throaty laugh. "So now you are back to playing naïve little girl. Is that what he likes in bed? He likes for you to be all submissive and flutter your big blue eyes at him while he takes you?"

Elizabeth was taken back by his comment and instantly knew that the man she was talking to wasn't the same man she knew years ago. She tried to stand, but the slight dizziness took her by surprise.

"Poor little girl. Are you not feeling well?" His voice full of sarcasm, he took two steps closer to her. "That should be just the beginning. Because of you my sister is dead; you should pay your debt."

"What are you talking about? I didn't do anything. I didn't even know Courtney was dead until a few days ago. Sonny, you know me, I wouldn't do anything like that."

"You would if it was important enough. You fought everyone you knew for Jason and you dared to fight me for Ric."

"That was different. Jason was my friend and Ric was my husband. I thought you were going to kill him."

"So you killed my sister as retribution."

"Sonny you were there. You know that Faith was the one that killed Courtney."

"No, she might've pulled the trigger, but you had already killed her. She was so young..." His eyes trailed of somewhere far away and somehow Elizabeth wasn't afraid, but worried at his mental health.

"All she wanted was to be happy and safe. She fell in love with Jason because he had kept her safe...I told her it was a mistake. Our life wasn't safe, no. But she wouldn't listen. I asked him to break it of, but he wouldn't either. I knew, I knew he was going to hurt her. He couldn't love her. He couldn't..."

Elizabeth stood up and held herself up with one hand still in the arm of the chair. Her left arm was bothering her again.

She spoke in a slow and sweet voice. "You are wrong Sonny. Jason loved her very much. He is as devastated by her passing away as you are."

"NO!" His loud scream took her by surprise and she stumbled back to the chair. "He couldn't love her. It was impossible."

"Why not?" Elizabeth was growing impatient.

Sonny walked even closer and dropped to his knees close to Elizabeth. "Because he loved you."


Luke and Summer walked as fast as they could towards Lucky's room. Still a couple of feet away he saw a group of nurses standing in front of the room gossiping. The doctor and two policemen where talking by the door.

"What the hell is going on here?" Luke asked angrily. "Don't you know my son needs his rest?"

"Mr. Wayne, we have to talk. Could you please come with me to my office?"

"Not until I see my son. My daughter Darling Love came all the way from Texas to see her brother. If you'll excuse me..."

The two police officers stopped Luke's attempt at going inside. Something was definitely wrong here.

In her best attempt at having an accent Summer spoke next. "What's wrong? Why don't you let my Papa go in?"

"Please both of you, we need to talk first."

"What's wrong with my cowboy? Did he wake up?"

"We don't know."

"What do you mean you don't know?"

"Move, let me see my son now. Get the hell away from the door. MOVE!" The men stepped to the side and let both 'father and daughter' inside.

They found the room empty. The bed was still unmade and the monitors were still beeping as if taking the vital signs of the air.

"Where is he? Where is my son?" Luke walked to where the doctor was standing and grabbed him by the coat and slammed him to a wall.

"Hey, that's enough. You have to let him go or I'll have to take you down to the station."

"Yeah, you go ahead and do that. This incompetent lost my child and you are going to lock me up. Well see."

"Where is he? What happened?" Summer almost knew what had happened but she had to ask.

"We are not sure."

"You're not sure? What the hell do you mean you're not sure? A twenty-something years old in a comatose state can't stand up and walk away by his own accord. Someone took him. You were supposed to look after him." Summer was almost losing it. This couldn't be happening.

"Please try to calm down. I know this is a bad situation but we'll do anything in our power to get him back."

Luke spoke then. "What happened?"

"The nurse came to do her rounds. She opened the door and heard the monitors working, but before she could go inside I called her back to the counter. We worked for some records and then she went back. The monitors were still on, but he wasn't inside. We looked everywhere. No one saw anything. He vanished without a trace."

"Vanished? Sorry to burst your bubble doctor, but people don't just vanish. Someone took him."

"You are right. We called the cops and the fond this."

The doctor showed them a piece of paper inside a plastic bag. In bright red letters it said: Two down and four to go.

Both Luke and Summer looked at each other and knew Helena had Lucky.


"He was cold and distant. He's in crisis Jason. I'm really worried about him."

Jason was sitting on the couch listening to his best friend, but he knew there wasn't anything he could do now.

"I'm sorry Carly, but I can't help you."

"Jason, you are the only one who knows how to bring him out of that place in his head. You've done it before."

"It's different now Carly. He doesn't trust me, he won't let me in."

"Look, I wouldn't ask you if it weren't important. He was here last night and for the first time ever I was afraid of him."

"What do you mean afraid? Did he hurt you?"

"Not physically, but the things he said hurt more than any punch he would ever throw at me. He's jealous of you... he thinks I've been defending you because I still want you. I tried to explain, but he wouldn't listen. I told him we were just friends and that I stayed with you the other night because of Elizabeth, but that only made things worst. He started talking about how you used Courtney and then moved right on with Elizabeth. I'm worried about him Jason."

"He knows about Elizabeth?"

"Yes. I didn't mean to tell him, it slipped out. I..."

"You said he was acting weird. Weird how?"

"His eyes were void of emotion, like he went somewhere inside his head. He was babbling something about you and Elizabeth."

Something wasn't right. If Sonny blamed him for Courtney's dead it was only natural that he would find a way to make him suffer. If he really was that disturbed, he would find a way to get to Jason. An eye for an eye. That could only mean one thing...


Jason's Apartment

"You are wrong Sonny. Jason didn't love me. He loved Courtney. We tried and it didn't work. That's why we went our separate ways. We are just friends."

"Are you really this naïve?"

"You don't know anything about my relationship with Jason. So don't pretend to tell me..."

"Shut up! Don't try and talk your way out of this. I was there. I saw you two grow closer together. It started with a couple of conversations and a bike ride every once in a while. If you had seeing him talk about how your eyes lit up when you were together, he was falling for you back then. And then with all that Lucky crap, he left on an assignment. But I knew, I knew there was another reason for him to want to leave. It was you, wasn't it?"

Elizabeth was looking at him, but he wasn't looking at her. His body was knelt in front of her, but his mind had wondered back years ago.

"And then he came back and you were free from Lucky. You two started to dance around each other again. Until the crypt. That was a turning point. The moment he knew you were kidnapped, he went crazy. He ran all over the place searching for clues as to your whereabouts. He went to the people he hated the most and asked for help."

At his words, Elizabeth's brow furrowed. What did he mean by that?

"Taggert and Edwards Quartermaine help him find you. He was in love with you. But you chose Zander. He never stopped loving you. I thought you will finally get together after Alcazar, but instead you walked away."


His gaze came to rest on hers. "So you see. It was your fault. He was upset about you and he ended up using my sister for comfort. If you hadn't walked out on him, she would still be alive."

The loud stomps on the stairs made Elizabeth breathe a little better. Jason was home. Everything would be alright.

"Elizabeth." Jason's voice called as soon as he reached the landing. He saw the picture in front of him, but his face didn't betray his emotions. After a whole year, they were face to face again.

"I'm OK."

Sonny stood up and turned around slowly. They looked at each other, silence filled the air. The minutes ticked by, until Sonny broke the silence.

"So we see each other again. Face to face after so long."

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