The phaser felt cool against the side of her head.

It wasn't supposed to be like this. She was authorized to do anything necessary. Befriend him, sleep with him, become his lover... But not fucking fall in love with him.

Never fall for the enemy. She had been trained by the best. Trained to hunt, fight, kill and seduce without blinking. She may look Bajoran but she was Cardassian in blood, breed and thought. Seska was not the emotional, simpering child she had to pretend to be. She was above it just as she should have been above falling for him. She wasn't Vulcan, but she had always possessed the same emotional detachment as any she had ever known when it came to her work. Always. Love was not an option, and wouldn't be a problem for much longer.

Never again her mind whispers, as strongly as the weapon screams it's promise of escape.

And so she takes it.