Tears threatened to spill, but the girl blinked them pack. It would do no good to be caught crying. Seven would not have approved. Not that it mattered what Seven would have thought. She was dead, mommy was dead, and uncle Neelix was asim--assimilated along with the rest of the Voyager crew. Her tears burned their way to the edges of her eyes, and Naomi wiped them away. No crying. She had to find a way out of the closet mommy had shoved her into when the Borg had started to com--compr--compromise the ship's computer, and find someone who could help her. If she could just reach the-

The Borg are scary and are monsters, and Captain Janeway is one of them, and she is standing in front of her, and her throat hurts because she is screaming to loud, and she is terrified, and she has no where to go, and there are funny tube thingies coming out of the captain's hand, and everything hurts as they enter her neck, and this time she can't stop from crying, and everything is gone.