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Chapter 8

"I must be seeing you again soon Granger." Lucius said giving her a private leer and walking away. Hermiones body trembled in fear. What was he going to do to her?


Hermione sighed and ran a brush through her hair. The twins were at Malfoy Manor for the weekend, Draco had offered to watch them so that Hermione could relax. She sighed. Draco and Ginny were the two of the few who knew of her REAL relationship with Lucius and the twins true parentage. Draco had surprisingly taken the news better then Ginny. Draco had been impressed that she had, had the guts to do something like that and had respected her more then anything. While Ginny had flipped asking her HOW and WHY she would do something like that. She sighed and pulled on her silk robe and headed to her bedroom and froze when she saw who was sitting on her bed.

"Hello Hermione." Lucius drawled handing her a ruby red rose. She stared at him

"Lucius? What are you doing here?" Hermione spluttered taking the rose out of instinct, he smiled and gently caressed her face.

"Isn't it a bit obvious?" Lucius purred a cat like grin gracing his features, she stared at him for a moment.

"What? But-" He placed a finger on her lips silencing her.

"I want you Hermione. I've been thinking about nothing but you for the last 16 LONG years. You know you're the only thing that kept me sane." He said as he caressed her cheek, "your face, the way you kissed me...the way you let me hold you." His hand drifted back to hold her around her waist to pull her closer, "you know something Hermione? You were one of the few who I ever trusted, and you betrayed that trust." She let out a small cry as he lightly nipped her neck, "I missed those little noises you'd make also." He added before capturing her lips and claiming them as his own. Hermione broke away.

"No. You can't WE can't-" To Hermiones surprise he chuckled.

"You want to though Hermione, I can tell, I can ALWAYS tell." He purred cupping her breasts and teasing her nipples through the fabric.

"Please..." She whimpered

"Please what?" He asked

"Don't stop." She whispered, that was all the invatation he needed. Quickly he stripped off her robe and un hooked her bra. Hermiones fingers worked franatically at the buttons of his silk shirt. Once they were both fully unclothed he took her to the bed and once again claimed her purely as his. Later that night he drew her in his arms and kissed her cheek lightly as she drifted off to sleep. While she slept Hermione remembered their first night together.


"Well, well, well look what we have here. A little Gryffindor Mudblood." Hermione spun around and faced Lucius Malfoy, she had to admit -although grudgingly- that he was a rather stunning man. His pale ice blonde hair fell down just past his shoulders and he looked down at her with his hard stone gray eyes.

"Hello Mr Malfoy." She snapped glaring at him. How was she supposed to do this? WHY had she voulanteered to do this? Lucius chuckled

"My what a sharp tongue." He said glancing around briefly at their surroundings. Hermione scowled inwardly. Why did they just have to be alone in the now deserted Diagon Alley?

"Excuse me Mr Malfoy I have better places to be then here arguing with you." She snapped and with head held high tried to move her way past him. All he did was merely side step so that she ran right into him.

"I haven't finished talking to you yet." He drawled

"O but I have." Hermione snapped, Lucius chuckled

"Such a temper...I wonder if you taste like fire also." With that he lowered his lips on hers kissing her his tongue demanding entrance into her mouth. When she gasped for breath it gave him the entrance he sought, she found herself kissing him back. He pulled away and Hermione who had expected for him to smirk triumphantly was shoked when his lips pulled into the barest shadow of a smile, "sweet...and pure." She flushed, "you're a virgin then?"

"Yes." She said faintly

"You won't be after we're done." He promised and drew them away apparating them both into his room at Malfoy Manor. Hermione swallowed nervously, he soothingly ran a hand down her hair, "don't worry pet it will only hurt for a moment." With that he undressed them and posistioned himself at her entrance, Hermione gasped in pain as he thrust inside her. But he had been right, after a while that pain had become unbearable pleasure. Later she found herself in his bed just staring at him. Her first lover, her worst enemies father, a death eater. None the less she nuzzled up closer to him for warmth and closed her eyes.

*+*end flashback*+*

Lucius looked down at his lover and tenderly brushed a lock of hair out of her eyes. He couldn't shake the unbearable rage and...hurt that she hadn't told him about his own children. He would have ensured their care would have helped Hermione raise them, even if he had to do so in secret. Now from the fire in their eyes when they looked at him they hated him. No. He would have to change that. He had made that mistake with Draco and now his heir detested him. No, he had a very fragile link to Hermione now, and those two children -if on his side- would strengthen that bond. He smirked as he watched Hermione sleep. She had played a game with him now it was his turn to play a game with her. With that he fell asleep burying his face in Hermiones hair a small smile on his face.

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