"Ash, you have a Phone call." The spiky haired boy looked up from his battle with May.

"Coming mom!" Ash turned to May. "Let's finish this later. Come on."

"Uh, right Ash." May followed Ash into his house and to the phone. Ash picked it up and waited until the visual aid came to view. He almost dropped the phone.

"Hello Ash. Remember me?" Ash took a better grip of the phone, which was hard to do with his sweaty hands.

"Hey Misty." He said calmly. Misty smiled. May looked at Ash from behind the couch.

"I'm glad you remember me." Misty turned pink from her remark.

May straightened up. "Ash, who's that?" She asked.

Misty eyes went to May. Her mouth turned from a smile to an 'o' shape. She watched as Ash turned around to May. "May, come over here. This is my best friend, Misty. She traveled with me for a long time." Ash said. May smile at Misty.

"Hi. I'm May." Misty was silent. He replaced her already....

"Misty? You okay?" Ash peered at her from the phone. "Misty? Misty! What's wro-" Misty dropped the phone in its proper place, her eye's blazing with fire and flooding with tears. He didn't like her, he liked May. Misty looked at herself in the mirror. She could understand that. May had brown perfect hair and a nice outfit along with pretty eye instead of uneven bright orange hair and two big eyes and an outfit that was quite revealing. Misty curled her fist and turned to her room. She dug under her bed and pulled out a small jewelry box which she opened. She pulled out the money she kept over the years. She took a deep breath, wiped her eyes, and left.


Ash stuffed some fresh clothes in his backpack. May watched him. "What's going on?" She asked. Ash continued to stuffing clothes.

"Something's wrong with Misty. We have to see her." Ash said, his face stuck in concentration. May started to place her bag on her waist.

"You mean you want to see her." A voice interrupted. Ash turned to Mike, tinted red. Mike pushed his thick glasses up the bridge of his nose with a smirk. "I knew it! You like her!"

Ash stuffed his clothes rather forcefully. "Come on!" Ash swung his backpack on his shoulders and walked out the door, leaving the brother and sister to follow. May took in deep breaths.

"Slow down, Ash!" Mike watched as Ash left on his own. Pikachu raced after Ash before May could get a hold of him.

"Pika!" Ash nodded and started running as fast as his legs can.Pikachu took a steady pace with him, knowing how important this was to his master. Ash took a faster run. He just has to get to Misty.


"This is a total change for you, Misty." Lily said, clapping her hands together. Violet nodded.

"Totally. I never thought you would see it our way." Misty glared at her sisters.

"I don't see it your way. I just felt like I needed the change." She said snappishly.

"She sure did." Lily muttered. Daisy giggled.

Misty ears perked. "Shut up." Daisy turned to the hallway as she heard the big doors shut.

"I bet it's another pokemon trainer." She waved her hands. "I'll get this one." Daisy turned the corner and came back again. "Maybe not."

The sister's looked up. "What's wrong?" Lily asked. Ash rounded the corner, crashing into a pile of mats. Misty stood up as Ash un-tangled himself from a few ropes. Violet got in-front of Misty.

"Oh my gosh," Daisy looked at Ash closely. "It's Ash!" She took Ash's arm and pulled him towards the other sisters.

"Where's Misty?" Ash asked. The three older sisters winked and drew themselves out of the way. Ash mouth dropped. "Wow..."

Misty's hair was longer then ever and was in a half ponytail. Her outfit consists of sea blue summer dress with shorts under it. She took in a deep breath. "Hi." She said shortly, crossing her arms.

"You look great!" Ash said. Misty smiled, letting her hands unravel.

"You're not to bad yourself." Lily giggled and poked Violet.

"Stay for a while, Ash!"



Ash was pulled into the hallway before he could answer by the older sisters. Misty followed shortly behind, making sure she had a clear view of his head and laughed every time he tripped. Ash smiled, he was tripping on purpose for a laugh. Lily poked him sharply.

"You're legs are too long if your tripping all the time." She commented. Ash stopped as they entered the large dining room and watched as the four sisters looked at each other.

"No!" Daisy sat down at the dining table

"No!" Lily sat down too.

"No!" Misty groaned as Violet was the last to sit down.

"No fair! You always do this." Misty frowned.

"Time's money, Mist." said Daisy, smiling. Misty grabbed a blue apron and disappeared through a door. Ash followed her into the large kitchen.

Misty turned to him with a blank expression. "What?"

Ash shrugged. "Thought I could help." Misty laughed, dropping some forks. Ash growled. "What?!"

Misty started to pick up the forks. "Are you sure you can cook?"

Ash bent down to help her. "I've been working with my mom and May. I'm sure I can cook."

Misty stopped. "Who's May?"

Ash looked up. "Huh? Oh, May is a beginner trainer I met. I'm helping her out and I sort of burned her bike." Ash grinned sheepishly. Misty didn't smile back.

"Did she follow you?" Misty gripped the forks tightly, jealously growing inside her. Ash thought for a moment.

"No, not really. She told me about the bike and she just started to travel with me and Pikachu." Ash raised an eyebrow as Misty threw a pan on the stove. "Are you okay?"

"Just dandy!" Misty turned on the stove and started towards the fridge. That was before Ash reached out and took her hand.

"Misty." Misty looked at him, eye to eye. Everything seemed to of have stopped at that moment. "Is something wrong?"

Ash looked at their hands as Misty tightened her hand around his. "Nothing's wrong." She said, firmly and softly at the same time. Ash let go of her hand and Misty turned to the fridge. She pulled out a bagful of carrot and smiled. "Let's see if your strength improved too!"

Ash caught the bag and placed at on the counter. He grinned, forgetting Misty's rampage. "No problem."

Misty threw a few more food items before shutting the door. Ash pulled his cap off. "So what are we making?"

"Cooking," Misty corrected. "Lily and Daisy want salad; Violet is getting skinnier so she need's some meat. I think fried rice will be good for her. Hmm..."

"What about us?" Ash asked.

Misty gave him lettuce. "We'll have to eat out."

"What?!" Misty nodded.

"Daisy and Violet are having some guys over." Misty poured some oil into the pan. "It's for Lily to meet someone. She's been lonely. Besides, there is an all you can eat buffet around here."

The pan sizzled and Ash started peeling layers of lettuce. "She seems happy to me."

"Well, Lily has a quote," Misty placed bits or meat into the pan and added soy sauce. "The human heart, at whatever age, opens only to the heart that opens in return."

Ash stopped. "Wow, did she make that up?"

"Nope, she actually read it off a magazine and sort of memorized it." Misty stirred the meat slowly. "It's so beautiful."

"Girls." Ash shook his head and continued on the salad. Misty pulled a piece of meat out with a fork.

"I'll pretend to not hear that. Try with for me." Ash opened his mouth and Misty popped the meat in. "Good?"

Ash gave a nod and held up a lettuce. "Taste."

Misty opened her own mouth and Ash stuffed the greens in. Misty swallowed. "Fresh, good job on the cleaning." She laughed and dumped the rice into the meat, moving it with her hands. "By the way, put loads of carrots into Lily's and a lot of lettuce in Daisy's. Oh yeah and Daisy doesn't like dressing-" Misty gave a sudden yelp, moving her hand from the stove. Ash looked up, alarmed.

"Misty?!" Misty turned on the faucet and stuck her fingers under the running water. Ash grabbed the first aid kit at the corner and took Misty's hand from the running water. He placed antibiotic on the wound and bandaged it tight. "This should hold it." Misty blinked and moved her burnt fingers slightly. She smiled at him.

"Thanks Ash." Misty turned off the running water. Ash was still exclaiming the hand.

"Is it okay to move?" He asked. Misty nodded.

"Really, it's okay now." Ash still held on to her hand, tapping it. Misty smacked him lightly with a spoon. "Back to work."

Ash let go and started on the salads again. Misty finally added some eggs and stirred one last time before placing it on a plate. She placed a green leek next to it and smiled. Perfect. Misty turned to Ash, who was now cleaning up carrot peels. "Once you serve them, we can get going."

Ash smirked. "I already did." He laughed at Misty's surprised face.

"I didn't even hear you go out!" Misty shook her head and pushed the door open. She placed the fried rice in front of Violet and left without introducing herself to the guys sitting at the table. She went back into the kitchen where Ash was.

"Hey Mist, can I use the phone?" He asked, placing his cap back on. Misty nodded.

"I'll be waiting outside so we can go." Ash nodded and waited until Misty left before taking the phone and dialing his home number.


"Hello?" May lifted the phone up to her ear and waited for the visual aid. Ash popped up on the screen.

"Hey." Ash greeted. May blinked. "I need to know something."

May nodded. "What is it?"

"Every time I mention you to Misty, she gets mad..." May listened to everything Ash had to say before closing her eyes with a smirk on her face.

"Oh Ash, she's jealous! She thinks that we are together." May explained. Ash dropped the phone.

"No way!" Ash turned red. May started to pet her chorchic as she talked.

"Once you leave, she's going to become sad and angry at the same time."

Ash raised an eyebrow. "Angry?" May nodded.

"Well, not at you. She's going to hate me because of what she thinks." May frowned. "She seems nice to me..."

"Hm....May, I'll see you tomorrow. Bye." Ash hung up and walked out into the night air. Misty was playing with Pikachu and Togepi.

"Twirl like this." Misty laughed as Pikachu fell to the ground and help him back up. Pikachu caught a glimpse of Ash and ran over to him.

"Pi pika!" Ash extended his arms and Pikachu jumped into them. Misty looked up.


"Yeah, lead the way." Misty placed Togepi in her arms.

"That's what I'm going to do."


"That was a good buffet." Ash said happily patting his stomach. Misty smiled in agreement.

"Yep," Misty gasped. "Ash, look at the sky!"

Ash looked up alarmed, but relaxed at the sight of a beautiful horizon. "It's so romantic." Misty said quietly. Ash nodded.


"Pi..." Ash turned to Misty.


"Hn?" Misty turned her attention to Ash.

"Come with me on my journey." Misty eyes turned wide. She never thought her would ask something like that, not in a million years! She closed her eyes and smiled.

Ash waited of her answer, he was nervous. Beads of sweat formed on his forehead. Misty finally answered. "I will," Ash smiled and relaxed. "But," Ash tensed. "This isn't only your journey, ashy boy, it's mine too."

"Right." Ash agreed. "It's our journey."

Misty looked at him, happier then she could ever be. She placed Togepi next to Pikachu and stretched. "Right, our journey. When do we leave?"

Ash patted Pikachu fondly on the head.Pikachu purred in happiness of his friend's victory. "Tomorrow morning."

She nodded and turned her eyes back to the dark sky. "It's getting dark." She shivered slightly. "And cold."

Ash stood there for a moment. Make your move! Ash screamed at himself. So he did. He grabbed Misty by the arm and pulled her towards him, placing his hand on her back and squeezed her softly. Misty stood there, frozen in shock, happiness, and because she was cold. She could hear Ash's voice. "I would give you my jacket, but that won't be much help."

Misty managed to say something before she went silent. "I like it better this way." She whispered. They stood like that for what seemed like forever until everything around them was hard to see. Ash pulled away and to Pikachu. Misty shook herself out of her dazed and chuckled to herself. This was going to be the best journey yet.