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Kagome has had enough of her twin sister. Kikyo is beautiful. Kikyo is
talented. Kikyo is better. Or is she?

Kagome Higurashi: 13 Years Old.

Kikyo Higurashi: 13 Years Old.

Episode 1: Kikyo, Kikyo, Kikyo, I'm Not Her, I'm Kagome!

A beautiful girl with long silky raven hair trailing down to her thighs waved at a crowed as she shore a beautiful dress as she spun with a bundle of roses in her arms and a sash saying, 'Miss Beauty Of The Year.' A man walked up to her and held a microphone.

"How does it feel to be Miss Beauty of the Year?" The man asked.

The girl smiled a million dollar smile, "It feels great!" She said as she waved at the crowed, "I couldn't have done it without my parents and my twin sister, always at my side all the way." She said cheerfully as everyone in the crowd cheered.

"Would you take a walk for everyone to see you Beautiful?" The man said as he backed up.

"Greatly." The girl answered as she walked down the isle for everyone to see.

A girl standing in the crowd that looked identical to the girl on stage was mumbling under her breathe, "Yeah right Kikyo, look I'm miss pretty! 'I couldn't have done it without my parents and my twin sister, always at my side all the way." The girl said as she made a face at the girl onstage.


A family sat in a limo as they rode home.

"Honey, you were great."

"Thank you mom." The girl said cheerfully.

"Kagome, you should be more like your sister, Kikyo, you're twins." A man said.

Kagome sat there glaring at her family, "I'm not Kikyo."

"Honey, you're twins, you are like her and she's like you." Her mother said to her.

"We are nothing alike." Kagome replied. "She's Miss Perfect, I'm not." Kagome replied trying not to get angry, ever time they had this conversation Kagome would either excuse herself or walk off.

"Honey, don't say that, you're perfect also."

Kagome kept herself calm as she glared at her sister Kikyo, Little Miss Perfect.

Her father spoke up, "Kagome, if you spent less time in your room, maybe you can actually be able to model like Kikyo, you'd be perfect together during model shoots."

The limo stopped in front of a mansion.

"NO WAY! She can't!" Kikyo yelled angrily.

"Honey, you two would make such cute shoots for the Miss Pretty Photos." Her mother said smiling.

"NO!" Kikyo yelled. "She can't, she'll try and take all the fame!" Kikyo cried.

Their father was about to speak up but Kagome couldn't take it anymore.

Kagome pushed the door open and she got out and turned around swiftly causing her hair to whip Kikyo. "Kikyo, Kikyo, Kikyo! She's always better! I don't want to be in any shoots with HER! I'm not like Kikyo. I'm me! Kagome! Not Kikyo. I'm nothing like HER. I'm my own person, just because we're twins doesn't mean anything!" Kagome cried angrily as she turned and stomped up to the steps of the mansion and pushed the door open and ran to her room making a warm bath and laying in it.


Kagome sat in the tub looking at the ceiling. 'Why are we always compared?' Kagome thought as she got out of the tub and took a towel and covered herself and looked at the mirror. She whipped the fog and looked at her reflection. They looked exactly alike, but different personalities. "I'm not like her." Kagome whispered as she touched her face. She then noticed something and looked closer. Her eyes. They weren't dark brown as Kikyo was. Hers was light honey brown. Kagome smiled, 'I'm different, I'm Kagome Higurashi.' Kagome thought as she got dressed and walked to her bed when she heard a knock at the door. Kagome opened it and revealed very angry parents and a pissed off Kikyo.

"Kagome, we need to talk." Kagome's dad began as he walked in and sat down on the bed.

Everyone else did. Kagome sat on a chair across from them.

"Kagome, about earlier, that was very disrespectful. Kikyo never does it, how come you have a lack of manners?" Her father asked.

Kagome sat up, "THIS is what you wanted to tell me? That SHE is perfect and I'm not?!" Kagome yelled angrily.

Her parents sat there shocked. Her father stood up and looked down at her.


Kagome glared and walked to the door, "YOU KNOW WHAT?! Kikyo is always better, she always was. Everything I did was never good enough for you. You spent most of your time with Kikyo because she showed off all the time. I win things too! You never listen to me and never care about what I do!" Kagome yelled.

"Honey, we care about you, of course we listen." Her mother said as she put her hand of Kagome's shoulders.

Kikyo watched as Kagome yelled, 'She's got guts.'

"NO YOU DON'T!" Kagome cried as tears ran down her eyes. "You never do! When was the last time you went to an event I asked you to?! WHEN?! When was the last time you said, 'oh honey that is great, lets take a picture of it'? WHEN? When was the last time you remember me smiling?! WHEN?! DO YOU EVEN KNOW WHEN MY BIRTHDAY IS?!" Kagome screamed with rage as tears overflowed her eyes.

"KAGOME! OF CORSE WE KNOW YOUR BIRTHDAY! It's on July 17." Kagome's father yelled.

"WRONG!!!!!!!!!" Kagome cried, "ITS JULY 18th!" Kagome shook with rage, "That's KIKYO'S BIRTHDAY!" Kagome cried as she pointed at Kikyo. They were born a day apart. Kikyo was born on July 17th fifteen minutes before Kagome. Kagome was born on July 18th at midnight.

Kagome's mother was staring in shock at Kagome. 'She needs a physiatrist."

Kagome's father shook with rage as he raised his hand and was about to slap Kagome but stopped.

"WHATS WRONG?! HIT ME! YOU NEVER DID! BECAUSE I LOOK LIKE KIKYO!" Kagome cried as her father brought down his hand and slapped her. There was an echo in the room as Kikyo stared in shock. Kagome's mother was shaking. Kagome stared dazed at the floor. Her father rubbed his palm.

Kagome raised her head slowly and revealed a red mark that was forming and Kagome's eyes filled with tears as she ran out the room.

Kikyo ran to the door and looked at Kagome as she ran. 'Does she feel that way?'

Kagome's mother and father ran after her as Kikyo did too.

Kagome ran to the kitchen as she fumbled through the drawers and found a knife and raised it to her neck as Kagome's mother screamed and her father slapped the knife away.

Kagome went hysterical. "GIVE ME IT! YOU DON'T NEED ME! YOU HAVE HER!" Kagome cried as she fell to the floor crying.

Kagome's mother ran and called the police as her father stared at her.

Kikyo stared at Kagome and felt sorry for her. 'Kagome.' She thought as she shook her head, "You stupid idiot." Kikyo said as Kagome looked at her.

"Don't talk about yourself Kikyo." Kagome whispered.

"I'm not like you." Kikyo whispered.

"Aren't we?" Kagome whispered with a hysterical laugh. "We're reflections of one another, every time you look in the mirror you see me, every time I look in the mirror I'll see you." Kagome whispered as the police came and then recommended a doctor or a mental hospital.


A girl sat in a white room with a white dress and long black raven hair touching her thighs. She was sitting there. Not smiling, not frowning. Just sitting. She stared at the mirror. She brought her fist up and there was a loud crash as the mirror broke into thousands of pieces to the floor tinkled with blood as the girl stared at it and whispered. "We're different."

The door swung open, "KAGOME! THAT'S THE TENTH ONE THIS WEEK!" A lady yelled as she pulled Kagome out.

Kagome had been in the mental facility for three whole years. Kagome still was hysterical. Well, technically she wasn't, she just acted like it so she wouldn't hear people comparing her to her sister. Kagome hated Kikyo. She hated her parents. She hated everyone.


A lady around her forties walked to a room and opened it and looked at Kagome.

"Honey, lets talk." She said.

"I don't want to talk to you MRS. HIGURASHI." Kagome spat


Kagome looked at her mother.

"We're bringing you home."

"NO!" Kagome yelled.


A girl with raven hair tied in a pony tail wearing a blue dress walked into a limo as the limo drove off.

'KIKYO.' Was the only thought that went through the girl's mind. Kagome Higurashi's mind.

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