Promises Kept
By: Lost Nin
Disclaimer: There's no way in the world I can ever be as creative as Masahi Kishimoto, so in other words.... not mine in any way shape or form.
A.N. Well, this is my first attempt at a Naruto fic. I have to admit that I love this series so far and look forward to the release of those new episodes every week. Hope you enjoy.
Warning: To anyone not reading the manga this fic has some spoilers.

'Italics' - A persons thoughts
--Italics-- Flashback or memory

So it begins.

Darkness seemed to surround him, giving him the feeling as though the whole world was cascading in around him. All sounds ceased, all but his deep breathing brought on by anger, and the pounding of his heart. His fists were clenched, his teeth ground together as he suppressed the notion to growl.

"Hn." He smirked. His own voice surprised him as he snapped out at the young man before him. "I had hoped that you had more sense then this, Sasuke." The name of the other young man dripped like venom from his mouth.

Naruto slowly raised his head while opening his eyes to look at the dark-haired Genin. No shame was written upon Sasuke's face. Naruto glared at his soon to be former comrade once spotting the taller boys Sharingan glaring back into his own deeply troubled blue eyes.

"So, it's come to that then!"

"Don't be a baka, Naruto! Stay out of my business!"

"I won't allow it. We were ordered to bring you back."

"I made my choice! I have nothing back there!"

Naruto's fists shook as his anger started to overwhelm him. What in the hell was that bastard trying to say? "You.... you have friends, your teammates. People who care for you enough to come after you! How can you say you have nothing! There's Sakura!"

"I told you all once before, I'm an avenger. I can't stay where I won't be able to accomplish the task that I set out for myself. You, Sakura, Kakashi, and everyone else in Konoha mean nothing to me! Don't try to stop me, Dobe!"

"Damn you, Sasuke! You BASTARD!"

Naruto reached into his pouch for his kunai then readied himself to attack. He bared his teeth in anger at his opponent as his moves were copied with precision. It was clear to Naruto at that very moment; Sasuke wasn't going to volunteer to return on his own. And there was only one reason he could think of that would make the other youth so blind to doing what was right, he must have been brainwashed! Naruto nodded to himself in agreement. Orochimaru's henchmen had fed Sasuke every bit of information he wanted to hear, making him believe the only way to obtain the power he needed to defeat his brother rested in the snakes hands.

Naruto dug his feet into the ground, preparing to strike. He had given his word that he would return with Sasuke, and he wouldn't break that promise to Sakura no matter what! He would just have to make Sasuke immobile and drag his ass all the way back to Konoha, then Tsunade-sama would be able to help him get his right of mind back.

With lightening like reflexes Naruto placed his kunai in his mouth, biting down he grabbed a couple of shuriken and tossed them directly at Sasuke as he charged toward him. As Sasuke blocked the oncoming shuriken with his kunai, Naruto sprung and flipped over Sasuke. He kept his eyes trained on his enemy as he landed swiftly behind him. Naruto grabbed his kunai, intending to knock Sasuke out with the blunt end, and swung for the back of the taller boys head.

A sharp intense pain in his side caused his attack plan to come to an abrupt end. Naruto gasped as he staggered back, his kunai slipped from his hand as he glanced down at his right side, Sasuke's kunai had made perfect contact between his ribs. Blood spilled from the wound making the sleek black kunai shine. "Sa... Sasuke....?"

The Sharingan stared back with no remorse.....