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Italics' - A persons thoughts
--Italics-- Flashback or memory

Chapter 4
Just Friends?

The angry blonde Shinobi lashed out at the target in front of him, his shrunken sailed through the air with precision, slicing into the thick trunk of the tree in front of him. With a final sigh he collapsed to the ground below him, finally allowing his tired limbs to rest. Naruto took deep breaths, enjoying the night air around him.

After leaving the scene in his apartment he had taken a few moments to himself before finally fleeing to the Anbu training grounds to let off some steam. He had tried his best to keep his mind off of the events that taken place nearly eighteen hours before, but found his mind constantly drifting to how good if felt to have Sasuke back, to know that he was safe, and how pleasurable it had been to get a taste of what he had for so long desired.

And desire the dark haired boy he did. Naughty thoughts constantly drifted to mind, thoughts of what would have happened if he wouldn't have stopped Sasuke. Just how far would either boy have taken things? Naruto could feel it in the way Sasuke kissed him, even touched him that the older boy wanted to give more then he was doing. Sasuke had pressed himself against him, he could feel the desire the other boy had. It had shocked him more then he was willing to admit. Had Sasuke known his feelings for him before he left Konoha? Had it all been a tactic to throw him off? Was this something the older boy did to get what he wanted from others? If so how many people could he have done this to in the past? He could feel jealously over take him.

Naruto growled at himself in disgust. 'Damn you Uzumaki, you're an ass.' He wouldn't give in to whatever lie Uchiha was twisted in. There's no way in hell that boy couldn't have been swayed in someway by that ugly snake. He was with the man for years! Orochimaru surly would have known Sasuke was up to something and he was now turning things back on them.

Naruto smirked, he would be the one to catch Sasuke, to prove to the rest of the village the dark-haired boy was the traitor everyone thought him to have been. Then maybe he would get a little more respect around here.

With a grunt he hauled his tired limbs to his feet and began his short journey home to get some rest. He had an idea on how best to catch Sasuke when he finally did something to give himself away, and there was only one way to do that...

Uchiha Sasuke hadn't stepped foot into his apartment in over four years, yet the Hokage had informed him that all of his belongings were still to be found there. He slowly strolled around, shocked to find that not a single speck of dust lined any of his possessions. Everything was placed exactly where he had left it last, except for one object, a lone picture frame that sat upon his bookshelf. The last time he had set eyes on that picture of team seven he had placed it face down, not wanting to think any further on what he would be leaving behind.

It had been a tough decision, leaving behind those who were important to him. Leaving behind...

"You can thank Sakura for taking care of your crap. Even with the way you treated her, and my constant reminder every time she came here that you weren't worth shit, she still wanted to make sure you had something if you ever came back."

Sasuke froze in spot, he hadn't even realized anyone had entered his apartment. A small smirk worked its way to his face before he turned slightly to face the person who interrupted his walk down memory lane.

"What are you doing here, dobe?" He had hopped to get a reaction out of the blonde boy, but was faced with a straight face from his former rival.

"Sakura's on her way over, I didn't want her to face you alone."

"You're here for moral support, that's a laugh."

"Hey, fuck you! You haven't been here, you don't know what the hell she and I have been through together."

'Together!' Sasuke stared at the angry blonde before him. Could it be that after all this time, Sakura and Naruto had become more? A part of him grieved that he hadn't been here, a part of team seven, having Naruto and Sakura's trust and loyalty. It was the toughest thing that he had to give up. And he knew that he might not be able to get it back. And if his absence had sent his two former teammates into each others arms... he didn't' know what he would do. "Are you and Sakura..."

"That's none of your damn business, Uchiha."

Sasuke about flinched from Naruto's tone, the Anbu seethed his name as though it were diseased. Silence blanketed them, both boys stared at the other not knowing what to say next. Sasuke did the only thing that he could think of, he reached out, hoping that Naruto wouldn't turn his back completely on any hope he still held. "It was tough not being here... knowing that when I returned I'd have nothing left."

He stared the other in the eye, hoping to see some sort of understanding in the blue orbs that stared back into his own. Naruto scoffed before sending a glare his way.

"You had nothing before you left."

"You're right." He could see Naruto's eyes soften just a bit. "But I had often thought about us."


He could hear the confusion in the blonde's question. He didn't want to push things to soon with Naruto, if he had a chance at working something out with the other boy. "Team seven."

"I see..."

Was that disappointment he heard?

"I thought about all of us too, Sasuke, especially last night."

Sasuke could feel his heart quicken its pace. "Really?"

"Yeah," Naruto nodded, a small smile worked its way to his face. "That's why I decided to give you a chance. You did what you had to do to protect this village. I respect that. I can't hold a grudge against that, I would have done the same."

His heart leapt with joy, all he had hoped for upon his return was for Naruto's understanding. "Thank you."

"I wouldn't thank me yet, if you don't settle things with Sakura, I'll have to kick your ass."

"I'd like to see you try, dobe."

"Any time, teme."

"Don't tell me that you two are acting like children once again." A familiar voice spoke from the door way, Sasuke knew that the girl in question had finally arrived. He glanced around Naruto to see that she was nervously staring at the floor.

"Sakura, it's good to see you." The pink haired girl smiled warmly at him and for the first time in a long time he felt like he was home.

Their conversation had gone into the wee hours of the morning and Sasuke found himself feeling as though he had never left the company of his two companions, that they had always been together and that his absence had been nothing more then a dream. Sakura had finally gone home late, with the promise that she would see both boys sometime the next day. And before he knew it he was alone with the blonde.

Naruto sat comfortably on his couch, stifling a yawn, but making no indication that he was about to leave. He had caught the blonde's eyes on him numerous times during the night, making him wonder what was going through the other boys head. Could he be thinking about their first encounter in years?

Sasuke slowly rose off of the floor, having been sitting in front of the couch most of the night, and sat down beside the blonde allowing his hand to brush against the fabric of Naruto's pants. He could see the blonde stare at his hand before looking away.

"I think we should talk, Naruto. The other night I..."

"There is no need to get into that discussion," Naruto cut him off, "we can just forget that ever happened." The shorter boy smiled at him before getting up from his seat. Naruto stretched his tired limbs before covering his mouth as he yawned yet again. "It's late, I should get going. I have things I have to do in the morning."

"Naruto." The blonde was avoiding him and he didn't like it.

"I want us to be friends again, Sasuke. I want team seven to work together again. I plan to talk with Tsunade-baa chan when I get the chance. There should be no reason we can't be a team."


"You, me and Sakura. The three of us of course."

"Of course." Sasuke repeated. He watched the blonde approach his door and slide his sandals on. His eyes drifted over Naruto's hunched body, landing on his tight rear end which was in full view.

"I'll see you later, Sasuke." The blonde gave him a wave before opening the door and slipping out.

Sasuke glared at the door as it closed. 'Damn Naruto.' The boy sure knew how to avoid things if he truly wanted.