Disclaimer: so far it is my story but with inuyasha plot. ok, so its not exactly my story!!! Anyway read up!

Hi!!! I'm boff foogle (A/N: sorry my friend made up the last name in her fanfic and I thought it was funny yet cool so I'm using it!). I'm a normal 16 years old high school student! Except last year I followed my friend kagome, and went down the well and ended up having to help them search for the shards. And now I wanna defeat naraku too!!! Hes soooo evil! Anyway along the way I met miroku, well actually I met them right a way! They met me along the way.. Yea. I also met shippo, kirara, sango, miouga-jiji, naraku, rin, kanna, and other ppl too! Like shessy, hes so cute! But haha cuz I got myself a boyfriend! He travels w/ us too, he can go in the well too! Its quite weird. Anyway his name is nimo. Nimo kontaki. Hes got a twin, Kendra. Which brings me to my next point Kendra, aras (my bf), nina, (very close friend), demir and sora can all travel back in time. Oh and lets not forget kent and chad! Chad is sorta clueless doesn't get the point that were in the feudal age.. He still thinks were home!
Anyway sango and miroku are getting married. Kagome and inuyasha still won't tell their true feelings and shippo and. never mind shippo doesn't have a girl yet! Sorry about that! Oh yea kouga and ayame got together! There so cute together! Anyway that's basically all about me and my life now lets get into the story.

"I'm tired. lets stop, please inuyasha!" kagome complained. She had only complained for about half an hour.
"fine, but let me tell you, your slowing us." inuyasha never did get to finish his sentence because kagome had interrupted him by saying "who wants ramen?"
Boff stopped and sat on a nearby rock. "owwww, my feet hurt. too much walking!"
Kagome was cooking and everyone sat around talking, except of course miroku and sango which were ummm. making out in the corner. Yea. Anyway, the ramen was ready and everyone took a bowl for themselves.
"kagome, I love your cooking" Kendra said this filling her mouth up with ramen noodles, letting half of what she put in her mouth fall out.
"you impress me sometimes Kendra." nimo said this disgusted to know she was his sister.
"thank you, I think" Kendra replied not sure if it was meant as a compliment or not.
Boff giggled and smuggled with nimo. It was getting dark and the only light left was the light of the moon. Tomorrow would be the new moon. This was the reason inuyasha wanted to travel quicker.
Boff heard a noise nearby and looked forward, leaving a puzzled nimo alone.
"boff." nimo was unsure what was happening.
"shhhhh. I think I heard something from this bush!" boff pushed some leaves out of the way. Has she did this something hopped out of the bushes and attacked her.
"AHHHHHHHHHHHH" boff screamed, and everyone stood up ready to make an attack.