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Title: Persevere

Chapter Six

It was plain -- ordinary really. There was nothing unusual about it at all. Yet she'd been staring at it for at least forty minutes. Then again, that was only because counting sheep hadn't proved to be a profitable endeavor. So staring at the ceiling had been her final option. Only, that got old pretty fast.

"Gaah!" With an annoyed huff, Kagome buried her face in her pillow. She just couldn't sleep! So much had happened…

It had been about five days since she'd come back through the well. Five days to plan and speculate. From what Sirius had said, one mirror was at his house and the other with his godson. They would only need one of them, but it seemed getting either would be difficult. For one thing, secrecy was of the utmost importance. If word got out about the voices, that kind of power could end up in the wrong hands. The fewer people who knew was all the better. Therefore, they had to get the mirrors without being noticed.

Sirius had said his house was being used by some organization to fight against Voldemort. Getting in would be very difficult in a place packed with fully trained wizards.

But obtaining the mirror from his godson could be just as tricky. He lived with muggles (she'd giggled at that word until Sirius had explained what it meant) who mistrusted all magic. And Sirius had said the house was probably on constant watch by that 'Order of the Phoenix' organization.

When she weighed the two against each other, it seemed that the mirror with his godson seemed the less risky choice. And they had the perfect excuse to go to England anyway.

Sota was a wizard. It was still somewhat difficult to imagine. He'd gotten letters from a magic school in Tokyo and from one in Europe -- Hogwarts. His heart seemed set on going to Hogwarts for some reason.

Kagome was happy for him. She really was, but lurking underneath was a feeling that she was ashamed of. She despised herself for it. It was stupid and selfish yet…she was jealous. Why had she never received any letters? Didn't she have any of the magic her father had had? Did she not deserve to be a witch?

With a scowl she rolled off the bed. With such horrible thoughts lurking in her mind, she'd never get any sleep. So she would do the one thing that could help -- Go downstairs and have one of her Mother's homemade cookies.

She walked into the kitchen, enjoying the quiet compared to how hectic it was during the day. As she reached for a cookie, she wondered how on earth her life had gotten so complicated. She'd had a normal life and good grades in school then…BOOM!

It had all changed in a flash because of a simple well. Juggling two lifestyles was NOT easy. She'd just barely gotten accepted into a High School. All her friends had been accepted to their first or second choice schools. She hadn't gotten into any of her choices. She wasn't even sure if she deserved to be in her present school. The only reason she'd managed to scrape through admissions was probably because of her English skills.

Yet, she wasn't sure she cared so much about school anymore and that worried her. It had always been a priority in the past, but her exploits in the Feudal Era was the dominant factor in her life now. What would she do when the shikon shards were all gathered? When Naraku was finally destroyed?

With a sigh she reached for another cookie.

"What's wrong, Kagome?"

She jumped slightly and turned to meet the concerned eyes of her mother. Breathing out, she fingered the cookie in her hand. "Just thinking…"

Her mother nodded and pulled out a chair to sit down. Kagome felt a small smile form. She knew the 'let's talk' mode her mother had. And for some reason, she always felt comforted by it. "Mom, did you always know Dad was a wizard?"

Her mother tipped her head, considering her answer. "Not at first. Your Grandpa and I were hired to take care of the shrine. I suppose that after years of being wizards, his family couldn't keep up with taking proper care of everything. It did seem a bit strange to me that a shrine family had to hire someone else for the upkeep of their temple. But they were such nice people, that I didn't think too much on it after awhile."

Her mother reached for a cookie. "A few months after we started dating, he told me the truth. He was so worried I wouldn't like him anymore. He always worried more for others than himself like that."

Kagome felt her heart clench at the fond smile on her mother's face. He wasn't there to worry over anything anymore. Her mother abruptly shook herself and looked at her daughter. "But what's really bothering you, Kagome?"

Kagome bit her lip. How did her mother always know when something was wrong? "Well…it's just, why am I not a witch? Did I do something wrong? I-I feel like I'm missing out on a part of Dad's life."

Her mother smiled. "That's what was wrong?"

Kagome tipped her head, a bit confused. It didn't help the matter when her mother left the room, only to return with a thick book. She passed the book to her daughter and Kagome handled it gingerly. She could tell just by the looks of it that it was old. There was some writing at the bottom corner and she squinted a bit because it seemed blurred at first. Thin, gold letters appeared, spelling a name.

Shinta Higurashi.

"Can you read it?" Kagome looked up at the strange question from her mother and gave a small nod. "Only someone with magic blood can read that journal. It always confused me to no end why your father was reading a blank book." She smiled softly. " But you see, you do have some of your Father's magic, Kagome. It's just that the magic in Sota is a bit stronger."

Kagome ran her fingers over the words. "Thank you, Mom."

Her mother moved to stand. "I'm giving it to you. Your father would've wanted it that way." Kagome felt a hand being placed gently on her head. "Now, try and get some sleep."

Kagome complied; sensing some time alone was needed. She left the room, not noticing the tear slide down her mother's cheek.



Sirius Black was a dead man. Of course, he already WAS dead, but she chose to ignore that little detail. He would just have to be killed again.

Kagome had awoken in a good mood that morning. Her conversation with her mother the previous night had helped to clear her mind. Everything had been going fine. She had started packing for the flight to England in two days. They'd be leaving by plane because Sirius had said it would be easier to go the 'muggle' way. Kagome still didn't know how he planned on getting on a plane without a passport or being…alive. But her mother said it was all taken care of and Sirius had only grinned at her inquiry about it. Stupid grin…

She slammed a shirt into her suitcase. Oh yes. Sirius and her brother were both idiots. Idiots who felt that ruining someone's nice day with a practical joke was acceptable. All she'd wanted to do was check up on Sota. He'd asked Sirius to show him some magic, and the dark haired wizard had agreed to it. She had no idea that SHE would be the object of the little experiment.

Her hair was now a bright shade of orange. They'd both laughed their little heads off, while she'd yelled and chased them. Sirius had told her it would wear off in a few hours time. But a 'few hours' was a long time in which many people would see her.

Her mother had politely left the room before laughing. Her Grandfather hadn't laughed; he'd simply whipped out a seal, saying that a demon had possessed her. And Inuyasha…had screamed.

Of course, she'd heard him scream before, but it was usually out of anger or a battle cry. This time he'd shrieked out of surprise. Kagome chuckled a bit as she shut her suitcase. Perhaps that had been the one enjoyable aspect of the little joke.

She lifted her suitcase off the bed and headed to the corner of the room. She heard a creak by her window and sighed. Speaking of the certain half-demon…

Arranging her suitcase snuggly into the corner, she felt her eyebrow twitch in annoyance. Inuyasha was just STARING at her -- or rather her hair. She stood up straight and walked over to plop down on her bed. And he was still staring.

With a huff, she looked over at him. "Jeez! What's with you, Inuyasha?!"

He blinked and shuffled on the window sill. "Nothin'. The squirt and Sirius wanted you outside for something, though."

Kagome rolled her eyes. At least he hadn't said anything about her hair. "You could've just said so in the first place, you know."

She headed towards the door, feeling a bit guilty for taking her anger out on him. She was just about to open the door when she heard a sniffing noise right behind her. She turned around to find Inuyasha standing next to her. "Were you just sniffing my hair?"

Inuyasha narrowed his eyes slightly and then touched one of his clawed fingers to her head. "I just can't figure it out. It's not burning like fire or anything, is it?"

Inuyasha was sniffing and poking at her hair. To hell with feeling guilty.


Kagome whipped around at the resounding 'thump' and stomped down the stairs. By the time she reached Sota out in the yard, some of her frustration had worn off. But added on was the guilt that she had let her temper get away with her again. She just hoped that the two idiots, other wise known as Sota and Sirius, weren't planning any more tricks. Her anger would be out of control.

When she arrived, Sota seemed to realize her mood because he smiled somewhat hesitantly. She shook herself to calm her nerves and noticed that a rather large dog was beside him. She eyed it warily. "What's with the dog?"

He grinned and Kagome nearly groaned. "It's amazing, Kagome! It's Sirius! He told me he was worried that he wouldn't be able to change because of his temporary body, but I guess Dad arranged it the right way and now Sirius can get to England as our pet and-"

Kagome waved her hands. "Slow down, Sota! Are you trying to tell me this…dog is Sirius?"

He nodded. "Isn't it great?!"

"Did Sirius cast some sort of strange spell on you?" She put a hand to his forehead. "Maybe you're sick."

He brushed her hand away in annoyance and looked down at the dog. "Just show her, Sirius."

Kagome looked at the dog with amusement. Then it happened. It looked like watching some plant grow in fast motion. The dog changed into a Sirius with a silly half smile on his face. Her mouth hung open slightly for it seemed Sota was right. It was really amazing. "I-It doesn't hurt, does it?"

He stretched his arms over his head. "Nope. It just tingles for a while after."

Kagome nodded. "So that's how you planned to get to England. Will you be alright in a cage for hours?"

His smile disappeared. "I spent years in a cage that was hell. This'll be easy."

Kagome frowned. She hadn't meant to remind him of his years in that awful prison. She was coming to realize that Sirius could be happy and mischievous one moment and then incredibly cynical the next. What must Azkaban have been like to do that to a person? "I'm sorry, Sirius."

He shrugged. "Don't think much on it." He tugged at her hair. "You sure do look strange with orange streaks though."

She swatted at him and he laughed before speaking again. "But what I really needed to talk to you about is Inuyasha." Kagome blinked in confusion. "I think you need to talk to him about staying here. We don't want to be noticed by muggles or wizards and a half demon would definitely attract too much attention."

Kagome bit her lip. "I'll go talk to him." She looked at both wizards before turning to leave. "And stay out of trouble!"

She walked away and headed towards the Goshinboku tree. She hadn't thought about Inuyasha not coming, despite the fact that what Sirius had said was both true and obvious. Inuyasha was always around her, especially when something dangerous or unknown was present. It would be weird with him not there.

But how would she get him to stay? He definitely wouldn't agree to being left behind. And their latest 'sit' episode wouldn't help her case either. She brought a hand to just below her neck. Perhaps it was better that he stayed. For there was something that she could only trust him with…

She stopped as she found herself under the tree. Looking up she immediately spotted a familiar coat of red. "Inuyasha! Can you come down here?"

He looked down at her and snorted. "Why? So you can pummel me into the ground again?"

"Look, I'm sorry about that so just come down."


Kagome breathed out in annoyance. "You know, I could say the word…"

There was a rustle of leaves and a very irritated half demon crouched before her. He narrowed his eyes. "What?"

Kagome sighed. They'd never agree on anything if this kind of atmosphere kept up. Oh well. She'd just have to get it out. "Look, I'm going to have to ask you something Inuyasha and you need to listen. It's going to be very complicated trying to get to England with Sirius and get the mirror. It's just…normal people don't know about demons today. So, it would be better if you stayed here, Inuyasha."


Kagome frowned. "You have to! It would be too complicated if-"

"What if something happens like with the well? You could get hurt…or worse!"

Kagome felt herself blush a bit at his worrying, but ignored it. "There's always a possibility I'll get hurt, Inuyasha. But I need you to do this for me. Also," She pulled a necklace over her head and three small objects glittered as she held it before Inuyasha. "I want to leave the Shikon shards with you. I don't want to risk losing it in England and you're the only one I trust with them."

Inuyasha looked between her and the shards. Something passed over his face that she couldn't read before he gently took the shards from her. "Just this once. I won't stay behind ever again."

Kagome smiled and nodded. "Besides, I'll make it like I'm not even gone. I can teach you how to use the phone and I'll call whenever I can."

Inuyasha's brow creased in confusion. "A…phone?"



It was surprisingly cool for the beginning of August. The breeze that filtered in through the window and ruffled his hair was testimony enough to it. It was strange because the previous summer in Little Whinging had brought on a period of stifling heat and a scorching sun. There was a stark difference between the climates of the two summers.

Harry Potter gathered that it was the same with people. They changed from year to year and that was natural. There were positive aspects to the change…and negative ones. Take when he received his letter from Hogwarts -- that had definitely been a positive change from his monotonous life with the Dursleys. Yet in being a wizard, terrible events had happened that had brought about change in his life.

A chirp resounded from the corner of his room and Harry moved to the corner. He looked at a snowy owl with affection. "I'm thinking to much again, aren't I Hedwig?"

She chirped in answer and nibbled at his finger. With a sigh, he sat back on his bed. He supposed he should focus on clearing his mind again. The wonderful world of Occlumency. Harry himself had requested to be taught more.

It was partly because he wanted some other continued source of connection to the wizarding world besides letters, but mostly he didn't want to give Voldemort another opportunity to invade his mind. Dumbledore had assured him that it wasn't likely that Voldemort would try again after the first failure. But what if he did and someone, like Ron or Hermione, got hurt because of it? Harry wouldn't allow anyone to get hurt because of him ever again. Sirius had already been killed because Harry's mind had been susceptible. Sirius had been murdered…

He shook himself and avoided thoughts of battling wands and an archway. He had to focus on cleansing his mind of thought and emotion.

Besides, it was easier to ignore the pain that way.




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