WIKTT 'With this Ring' Challenge

Disclaimer: Harry Potter universe belongs to JK Rowling, this is fanfiction :P

With this Ring, I Thee Curse

Damn Dumbledore, and then damn him again. Damn the twinkle in his eye, damn that grin of his, damn his plots and harebrained schemes. What was the old fool up to this time?

Snape took a sip, a small sip, from the amber flask in his hand, turning an ornate ring under a beam of light spilling in from the window. The firewhisky burned, in an oddly comforting way. He never drank more than one flask a night, each sipped timed carefully in rhythm with his thoughts.

Why had Dumbledore given HIM the ring to give to Granger? It made no sense, and that was what was nagging at him. There was no damnable reason that the job should fall to him, unless Dumbledore had something up his sleeve.

"Reveal your secret." Snape asked idly, tapping his wand against the opal set at the heart of the ring. Under the moonlight, the white stone burned like fire. Expecting nothing to happen, he was quite startled to find the ancient ring cleaning itself. He had not cast a repairing spell, but then he supposed the rings 'secret' could be a very expensive ring hidden under a hundred years of grime. Spells were strange, that way. "En miendo li kaf nye…" Snape found the words tumbling from his lips, smooth as silk, though the language was certainly not one he had ever heard. "Amoren." He completed. The words almost had a Spanish flair, but were gibberish in any tongue he knew.

"Waste of bloody time." He tossed the ring onto the desk, admiring it slightly. It was well crafted, and under the dirt, it was quite a handsome piece. "Perhaps Granger can sell it and afford a decent hairstylist." He sneered to himself, amused by his own wit for a total of two seconds.

What was Dumbledore up too? Snape took another sip of firewhisky, a dangerously large one. That evenings events had certainly been….unexpected.


"Severus, dear boy, please sit down. Sit down, lemon drop, mint?"

Severus took the mint. "You said it was important, Headmaster."

"It is, it very much is." His eyes were twinkling far too much, Severus scowled. Albus slowly brought out an ornate box and slid it over to the Potions' Master.

"What is this?" Snape opened the box, inside nestled another, smaller box, a jewelry case. Inside that rested a grimy, but very stately opal and emerald ring.

"I intend for you to give this to Miss Granger."

Severus choked on the mint for several moments before composing himself. "Are you suggesting I PROPOSE to Hermione?"

"Calm down!" Dumbledore had laughed, an annoyingly knowing laugh. "By no means. I just need you to give the ring to her. It belongs to her, it seems…"

"Why not give it to her yourself?" Snape's mask was once again in place, and his face unreadable. "Or have McGonagall give it to her…"

"Well it's tricky. You see, Trelawney found it in some alcove off one of the third floor corridors, and seems to have had a very interesting vision…"

"Trewlaney?" Snape muttered. Whatever was going on couldn't be good, if that charlatan was behind it.

"Well yes, I can understand you are skeptical, but I think in this case it is safe to assume that what she saw was real."

"And what.." Snape knew he would regret asking, "Did she see?"

"Well among other things," Dumbledore coughed, although his eyes still had that twinkle, "She saw you throw the ring at Hermione's head."

"And did I hit her?" He replied in an almost bored tone, drumming his fingers on the table, trying not to glance at the ring. It had a strange pull.

"That my dear boy, would be messing too much with the future to tell you. But the ring belongs to Granger, and you have to give it to her. Or should I say, chuck it at her."

He received a long glare for his efforts.

"Why the long face? I am sure it will be the highlight of your day."

"As much as this may surprise you Albus, I am not a fan of inflicting bodily harm on my students, even snobs like Granger. Now, if you will excuse me…" Snape had picked up the jewelry box and swept out of the room, black robes trailing behind him like the robe of the Grim Reaper.

After another dangerously long swallow of the firewhisky, Snape put it away; he had no desire to push his luck and fall back to that bad habit. Shoving the ring among a pile of papers, he wandered the perimeter of his lab, checking on his projects. Regardless of what Sybil professed to see, he was not going to ever lose his temper and throw a ring at a student.

The idea was ridiculous.