Hermione had the odd sense that she'd swallowed a daydream-drop on accident. Her mind was rebelling against her senses. It couldn't be real. Snape hadn't just swept her into his bedroom, had he? The soft green silk against her back had to be a lie. Snape's breathing; erratic, his breath was always measured; that had to be her imagination. She reached a hand up in the thin space between them, connecting with his firm chest, running her fingers along to the buttons that always closed him in. That felt real, not the insubstantial haze of a fantasy.

Hermione blushed, nuzzling into the crook of his neck. "Somehow, this isn't quite the position I imagined I'd be in."

"As if I'd let a Gryffindor be on top."

"What, you'd let a Hufflepuff?"

"Only a Ravenclaw." Snape ran his slender fingers down to her hip, making her shiver. "They do their research."

"And I don't?" Hermione protested, biting him softly on the ear.

"Mm. It takes more than the library."

She could feel his smirk, even in the dark room. And she wasn't sure what he was doing with his hands, except that her mother wouldn't approve, but every where he touched would send little jolts through her body. Certain places more than others, and he seemed to be learning quickly where she was the most sensitive. "Nn-" She bit back an involuntary squeak.

"Twitchy, aren't you?" He murmured.

Trying her best to keep her mind focused when everything was going dizzy, she managed to start undoing buttons. It wasn't fair for him to have her entirely off-guard.

He took that as permission to reach inside and under her inner garments and touch in more intimate places.

"Ahhh!" Hermione clamped a hand over her mouth in shock.

"Make as much noise as you like." Severus purred, "I put up a silencing charm."

"Nnn!" She fumbled, distracted, nearly ripping a button off as her hands clenched into his robes and her body trembled.

"Don't get too excited." He pressed his body closer, letting her feel his form and heat. "It means you are entirely at my mercy." He looked into her eyes, grasping her hair tightly and holding her down to the pillow. "You came willingly to my lair; don't come to me crying later that you regret it."

"I don't expect to." Hermione stared back at him; swallowing; but refusing to break the gaze. Underneath him, she managed to get the last of the buttons undone - and he didn't stop her this time.

Rather, he sat up; still atop her legs. In the darkness, a thin strip of bare skin glowed.

She pushed the two halves of the robe aside, letting them spill over his shoulders a bit. She noticed Snape bit back a gasp the first time her palm brushed his bare chest. She leaned forward; might as well go all-in; kissing the skin that tasted of salt and spice. Light moans were all he would allow himself, but it was enough to encourage her exploration. Some places were rough, as if scarred, she noted. But his physique was very good. It probably had to be, for his work as a double-agent for the order.

She apparently paused too long with her thoughts, for Snape pressed her back to the bed with a fervor that would likely leave bruises, even biting her in the neck. She got the feeling that as experienced as he seemed to be with this sort of thing, he preferred to keep clothes-on.

Then he collapsed; she barely had time to wonder why before darkness overcame her as well, and she was floating in a lonely sea.

"They are going to be furious in the morning." Richard quickly sat up and moved off, straitening the robes as best he could and beginning to re-button them.

"We had to." Amelia bit her lip, flushing. "We shouldn't have even let them get this far, this level of endorphins is still difficult to manage -"

"We may not have long." Richard tried not to make eye contact with her in her rumpled state.

"Yes." Amelia nodded, rolling off the bed. "I will get Hermione back to her room, and explain to her in the morning why it is imperative that she wait."

"It is convenient that she has chosen him." Richard offered.

"If she has chosen him." Amelia shook her head. "She's still young. Desiring someone, and choosing a life-mate are very different. She must understand that before she makes her choice."

"The ideal time would be soon." Richard leaned his head against a post of the bed. "Go, quickly. I don't think you want to be in the room when Snape wakes."

"Not for that conversation." Amelia shook her head. "It will be hard enough with Hermione." She grabbed the floo powder. "Take care, my love." She called back as she vanished through the flames.