Author Notes: Here's a story I've been toying around with in my head. It answers a nagging question I've found myself asking a lot when watching Kim Possible…


Chapter One

            The door opened slowly, Ron taking in the cold darkness behind it. His day had been pretty good, considering it was only a Tuesday. He went to school, stayed up for most of his periods and just finished a mission with Kim. Smiling at the memory he was happiest with her because of this. He stepped in and closed the door behind him, making sure to lock it behind himself. This was his secret.

            And it was funny how Kim never asked. Ron climbed into bed, much too tired to change out of his mission clothes and removed Rufus from his pants before settling in. Maybe someday he'd tell her.

            The alarm clock rang, shaking Ron from a warm sleep. He sat up, and reluctantly left his bed, the routine imbedded much too deep. Soon he was on his way to school, locking the door behind him. He swung by the Possibles and sat down at their table, sharing breakfast with them. It was so normal that no one questioned it. No one at all. They were all so happy, energetic. So much love within the family Ron could only hope to be apart of it. Only dream of a family as perfect.

Sooner than normal he and Kim were on their way and Kim was complaining about some antic of the twins. He knew she loved them but it seemed there was always something to complain about. Be it pranks or family game night.

"The Middleton High Family Picnic is coming up, Ron. Are you guys coming?"

"Nah, you know my dad, definitely not the athletic type. And my mom? So not a game person. Sorry, KP…I…" He rubbed the back of his head his eyes on the sidewalk. "I was hoping I could hang with you guys." He was praying she wouldn't pry further. But instead she put a hand on his shoulder, offering a cheery smile.

"Of course, Ron. You might as well live with us."


Truth be told, Ron hadn't seen his parents for about a week. His mother was married to her job and his father hated her for it. She hated him for his infidelity. In her mind all she needed was herself, and his father…well he could "work" anywhere. And lost somewhere in the middle of this was Ron. He could keep house and cook because he had grown up on his own. Now and then his parents would come home and check up on him and for brief times they could even pretend to be a family. They would all put on happy faces and try to get along, but in the end it was useless.

Ron's mind floated back to their trip to Paris. Ron wanted Rufus to come along so much, not just because the mole rat was his friend, but Rufus was the only other to know. He knew how his parents fought, how they'd abandon him for months sometimes. And it was often Rufus who would cheer him up during those times. In Pairs Ron had ended up more as a bellhop, dragging luggage around than a son. When they'd fight he'd turn to his Kimmunicator to just hear something besides screaming.

But why didn't he tell Kim? Why didn't he let his best friend know? Because he didn't want her to get involved. If Kim knew, her parents would get involved, and they'd contact someone. Then who knows what would happen. He'd probably be claimed by social workers and rushed away to some foster home in who knows where. No. As empty as his home was there was at least Kim, and her family was there to give him a place to belong. As long as he had them and Rufus he could survive.

Besides, this was his secret…

Jao: It's just the first chapter so chill. I know it's short. And I know what you're thinking: "jao, this isn't like the show at all. What about in Ron the Man? His parents seemed so supportive of him." Yea, I know. I said they don't get along, I didn't say they don't try. Besides, there will be more evidence later. How much fun would a story be if I proved my theory in one chapter? Just bare with me, after all you're here for the angst, right? =P 

I'm trying to keep the narration more 3rd person than in End of Resistance. In EoR I would change the narration to fit the thinking patterns of the character. Rather than "Aww man, could this be any worse" Kim thought I just do some dialog then action, changing the words to fit her in-character thinking while keeping my own style and speaking pattern. It's hard to explain…Anyways, chapter 2 soon. Promise.