Chapter Final

            "Move out of the way." The hits, shoves and other various attacks didn't even register on Ron.  His pain didn't matter; it was the fact his father was trying to force his way over to a sleeping Kim that worried him. Kim had given him shelter; friendship…showed him compassion and what it meant to be human. And there was no way this man would ever touch her.  Kim meant everything to him.

            "Ronald, this is the last warning I'm giving you before I-."

            "Before you what? Go over there and hurt her? I don't think so." Mr. Stoppable's face crinkled in such a way that took Ron back. It was horrific and struck a whole new fear in him. It seemed inhuman to see a person's features converge in the center of their face like that.

            "What I choose to do is none of your fucking concern! She's corrupted you into some disrespectful, obnoxious pansy and I'm not going to let her get away with it. No." He reached into his pocket and pulled out a switch knife, flicking it out with ease. "No. I'm going to end this here. Now. Starting with her we'll change you into a real man, Ronald. Firstly a real man isn't afraid of death, giving or receiving." He tried to push past but Ron stood firmly in his path. And indeed there was hardly any fear in his eyes.

Meanwhile Rufus tried with all his might to wake Kim, but she just rolled over, shrugging the rodent from her. Kim had worked all day trying to find Ron. She was spent and when Kim Possible slept it was impossible to wake her. Deciding it was hopeless he ran to help Ron only to dodge as his master was almost thrown on top of him. Taking the initiative Rufus soon sunk his teeth deep into the older man's ankle and held on for dear life as Mr. Stoppable yelled, jumped, kicked and thrashed to rid himself of the pain.

            Ron lifted his head to see what any parent wishes never to see, and his ears…they heard the one thing he never wished to hear. That blood-choked cry any creature gives out when so brutally stabbed. But it wasn't once…Mr. Stoppable didn't stop with one jab to the rodent. Ron scrambled to his feet.

            "STOP IT!" His hand had grabbed his father's wrist, stopping the blade, the other scooping up Rufus. There was so much blood and with great care Ron swung the little guy back and forth as he had done so many times before…cradling his mutilated son. Ron's cracking voice sang the lullaby he always had sang to Rufus, long after the creature had gone still in the chill night. Mr. Stoppable looked on in disgust.

            "Pathetic. I knew it was a bad idea to let you have that thing. A rodent is a nuisance, not a thing deserving love so stop your crying and get rid of that trash. We've got more important things to tak-."

            "Trash?" Ron met his father's eyes with just as much fury. He swallowed hard, every muscle contracted in pure hatred. "The only trash here is you!" Mr. Stoppable raised a hand to Ron, but stopped when his son didn't flitch. Instead he turned his head to Kim.

            "I'll deal with you later." He said as he marched onward to Kim. It would be so easy to kill her. With her sleeping like that all he'd have to do it slit her throat. Then he'd grab Ron and they'd leave Middleton for good. And the police? Ha. With Kim Possible there was hardly such a thing as the 'Middleton Law Enforcement.'  He had always hated the girl…she was so perfect, her family was perfect. It was unnatural and had to be dealt with. More than that, this girl was more man than his son and that's what pissed him off the most. She wasn't his.

            "Stop right there." Mr. Stoppable stopped and turned to see Ron, holding a gun at him. He laughed at this, which only made Ron frown more. Ron was shaking and he could hardly see past the tears, but his finger sat on the trigger, his thumb on the hammer.

            "I seriously doubt you have the balls to use that, specially on your old man. And if you miss? You'll hit your friend if you aim too low." And with that he turned his back to Kim only to hear the sound of a gun cocking.

            "I said STOP!" He didn't and soon reached Kim. "You touch her and I'll-."

The sound of the gun exploded in to the night and Mr. Stoppable froze. A tree, just next to him held the bullet that if had been just inches from its point would be buried deep in flesh. The man spun 'round. Forget the girl, his son…his SON had just tried to kill him. It was unforgivable. He ran to Ron, stopping only when the gun was against his head.

"Go ahead. Are you ready to have my brains on your face? Have you ever even seen what a head looks like after it's shot point blank?" Ron pulled back the hammer again, cocking the gun.

"You killed Rufus. What your brains look like is the least of my concerns. If you leave right now and never come back I won't shoot you." The man smirked at his son's new tone. It was strong, it was powerful and held meaning. Now THIS was a man who could make it in the world, one with aggression! It was wonderful and there was no way Mr. Stoppable was going to stop there. He needed his son to never forget what happens when you're weak. After tonight his son would never be weak again, never as trusting and would need no one.

"Ron! Stop!" Ron blinked to see Kim looking on horrified at the scene that played before her. "Th-think about what you're doing!"

"If you're going to shoot me, do it now." Mr. Stoppable called after, staring Ron in the eyes. Shaking hands shook even wilder now. Stuck between his hatred for his father and the knowledge that Kim was right he was lost for what he should do. His knees gave out and the gun fell from his grasp. Mr. Stoppable bent down for the pistol.

"Stop right there, Mr. Stoppable." Kim commanded only to be ignored. She kicked at his hand, only to be dodged. The older man chuckled and pointed the pistol at his son, causing Kim to freeze.

"I don't think so. I used to serve in the armed forces. Your little punches and kicks are hardly enough, Kim Possible." The other hand pointed a blood-covered blade her way. "And if you had just minded your own damn business then none of this would have happened. Now someone has to pay the price." Kim raised her hands up as a defensive jester.

"Don't you think you've hurt Ron enough? It's my fault everyone knows, so just leave him out of this."

And so it began. Blow for blow the man could easily meet Kim, despite age, despite size. He was unstoppable. Kim wasn't exactly concentrating on hitting the man, more of unarming him. Ron sat there and watched. They had "danced" their way a decent distance from him. He knew the danger, he knew that he should be helping her, but his body couldn't move. His heart felt like it was pumping dry, like his blood had drained and he was somehow still conscious, though not alive. Alive…

Kim let out a little chuckle, as she was able to kick the blade from his hand, which of course only angered him and before she could grab for it herself to use in defense he had the gun pressed hard on the back of her head.

"This ends here, Kim Possible. This is for everything you've done to my boy. For supporting him when he should have stood on his own, for protecting him when he needed to fight. You strangled all the fight from him and for that you'll pay."

Instead of a bang there was a thud. Mr. Stoppable was now on the ground, pinned under his son. Ron had tackled him, after all Rufus hadn't given up. He held on and protected them until the end and Ron would be damned if he just sat back and let his father kill Kim after everything. A fight then took place the gun forced from hands it was fists and unlike his father Ron had more than a little anger built up.

True he was hardly a match for his father but it was enough for Kim to return to her feet. Ron finally rolled away and both men lay still. Mr. Stoppable seemed to be out cold from what Kim could tell, and Ron sat up and rubbed his head. She had to admit, it was impressive. They had done it! Now that Mr. Stoppable was subdued they could turn him into the authorities and Ron was safe. It was over! She smiled at Ron and never heard him yell out to her.

Kim had moved to run to Ron, to take him into her arms for a tight embrace and to insure each other that everything was all right. But she hadn't seen the older man move, his stealthy ness that of any trained solider. He had recovered the gun and let off the shot before Kim had even noticed. But Ron had. It played out in slow motion from his father's move for the gun to the blood spray. She landed into his lap, Kim's course to Ron now complete.

"Oh god, Kim-no-." Ron's hand felt the wound just under her right breast. She reached a hand to his face and smiled.

"Ron." She cringed at the pain, curling up in his arms before returning her shaking emerald eyes to his. "I believe in you. I-I ju-just want you to be ha…happy. For once…be t-truly happy."

"With you, I always am, KP."

"Isn't that sweet?" The scoundrel was on his feet now, arms crossed, narrowed eyes taking in the scene. If he had just slit her throat while she slept there'd be no sappy last words. Kim grabbed at Ron's shirt.

"It hurts." She managed to say. Ron knew there was no getting to the hospital with his father there. He was being merciful letting him have this moment so he did the only thing he knew to do. Holding her tightly he stroked her hair and sang her a lullaby.

"Rock a bye Kimmie, on the tree top. When the wind blows t-the cradle will rock. When the bow breaks the cradle will fall…" Her grip loosened and she fell back into his arms, as if falling asleep and gave a last smile. And a breakdown is to put it mildly, after all what does one do once the only bright things in his or her life dies in their arms on the same night? They snap.

"That's enough. Screaming and crying isn't going to bring her useless corpse back to life." He gingerly laid Kim on the grass, the dawn now well upon them. Ron stood, and met his father with blank eyes. It wasn't the look of a homicidal person, if that was what you were thinking. Mr. Stoppable remembered that look just fine. It was the face of a person who had nothing to lose.

He grabbed Ron's arm and dragged him to the car, opened the door and commanded for Ron to get inside so that they could leave. There was silence and a complete lack of movement. Then, slowly Ron turned his face to his father and blank eyes narrowed. In one smooth movement, in a motion too fast for the older man to follow Ron kicked out his father's knees and slammed the man's head against the doorframe.  Then he shut the door, slamming it against his father's head again and again and again and-. And he stopped allowing the Stoppable to fall from the door to the dirt, blood saturating the thirsty ground. Sirens filled the morning air and the cops surrounded Ron.

4 months later everyone knows the story. The tale of the poor outcast kid who was beaten until he snapped and killed his father, best friend and pet. At least that's what the prosecutor had convinced the jury. The surviving Possibles knew Ron was innocent of the crimes against him, but it made no difference. He was sentenced to 2 life sentences in the Middleton Sanitarium for the criminally insane. Mrs. Stoppable was awarded with the sympathies of the entire community and she found a nice house in Florida to start anew with a new husband and a daughter on the way.

But the real story, Ron thought as he looked out the glass and bared window. The real story was his little secret.

Jao: Please don't kill me for this ending. After being as nice as I was in End of Resistance I just had to get some character death outta my system, besides honestly, how many of you saw THIS ending coming?  I love you guys, please don't hate me. .: Sniffles:.