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Chapter 1: The Movie is Open

"Look everyone! I can balance a pencil on my nose!" All the girls looked up and shook their heads; three years in Lothlorien and Sarah was still the same she'd always been.

"I'm so friggin bored!" Chelsea yelled, playing with her shoelace. "Didn't we have something planned today?"

"Probably, just can't remember what it is," muttered Andrea as she looked up at the ceiling, trying to remember what it was they were supposed to do today. Let's see; it was December 17, Chelsea's birthday, right? But there was something else that they were supposed to remember, something that they knew they shouldn't forget (or somehow wouldn't forget, she didn't remember. The cold was getting to her.). That's when it suddenly hit her (and everyone else, too). . .

"Return of the King!"

"Duh!" said Niyati. "How could we forget that? We've been waiting for this movie forever!"

"Can we dress for the occasion?" Becca asked Prachi, who just happened to be sitting right next to her.

"Dress up in our stuff from Middle-Earth you mean?" Prachi asked with her eyebrow raised as she got up looking for her money as everyone else set out for tissues.


"Well. . ."

"Maybe we should pack them, but don't dress up 'till we get there or something," said Chelsea, poking her head from around the corner where she was looking for the cloaks. "Got 'em!" She dragged all eleven of them out of the closet and put them on the couch, grabbing her own out of the pile.

All the girls were rushing around looking for tissues, money, and some other random stuff that they didn't really need but packed anyway. Sam grabbed the phone and called Glorfindel, Faramir, Arwen, Gollum, and Sauron. Arwen and Gollum would be there in a few minutes and Faramir, Glorfindel, and Sauron were meeting them at the dreaded 7-Eleven.

"Bring the Luggage, too!" cried Pippin as she tried to wrench her bow out of Merry's hand ("Chelsea! You can't take it with you!").

"And bring the Luggage, too," Sam repeated back into the receiver, then hung up and got her things.

Once Arwen and Gollum had arrived with all their things, the group was on their way out the door.

"What do you suppose will happen this time?" asked Eowyn as she finally pulled on her cloak and locked the door behind her.

"Who knows," said Arwen, "but it should be interesting. What were you saying about a plan, Pippin?"

"We're going to invade 7-Eleven," Pippin said, grinning. "We have to reclaim it as part of our own!"

"Ok Pippin," said Gandalf, "tone down on the angst." Pippin stuck her tongue out at her and put her helmet on.

"Where'd you guys get the cool cloaks?" asked Gollum, circling Sam and admiring the Elvish work.

"Lord of the Rings store," Boromir muttered almost automatically. It was the excuse for everything they had acquired on the trip, and it was a very good excuse.

"With this we ride forth," said Legolas as she got on her bike. "The Battle at 7-Eleven is about to begin. . ."


A/N Yesss. . .the Battle at 7-Eleven! This story will be fairly longer then the other two, of course (but most likely not as long as Plot-holes, Canon, and Middle-Earth). Legolas pretty much summed up a lot of chapters in that last quote. Though, it won't only be 7-Eleven. We're going to have a whole bunch of little battles. I'll give the whole 'war' an official name. . .as soon as I think of one. Merry Christmas! My Birthday is December 17th! Yay!