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Kilik was exhausted as the ship had just made berth. He journey had begun over four years ago and the evil of Soul Edge had yet to be vanquished.  He could see his traveling companion Xianghua looking at the seas with a forlorn look.  They had met an unexpected twist when the ship's captain was none other than their old comrade Maxi.

Four years ago, the three of them had fought to rid the world of the evil Soul Edge that was in the possession of Nightmare.  And true to his name he haunted many lives with his heinous acts.  Maxi, or so they thought, had died valiantly in the last battle.

However, it would seem that he was truly alive and well.  Unfortunately, Maxi seemed to have no recollection whatsoever for the two of them.  It saddened Kilik that his friend could no longer remember, but it was far worst for Xianghua who had loved the man.

Casting a final glance over his shoulder at his companion; Kilik left the docking area and headed into the local village.  He should look into finding lodgings for later that evening.  The journey was far from over and soon there would be no time to rest as constant violence would soon find him, if not consume him.

The village seemed no different from that of your typical seaport village.  The streets were lined with vendors and individuals of all sorts could be found lurking down the alleys.  He casually strolled along the streets with his red cape dragging the dirt ground and his Kali-Yuga rod effortlessly balanced across his shoulder. 

Suddenly a nearby scene caused his casual demeanor to vanish as he sensed an intense need to intervene upon the behalf of a defenseless youth.

"What seems to be the problem?"  Kilik asked in his steely calm voice as he approached the two women.

The woman with the white blond hair was dressed in an outfit that reminded him of a naval officer.  He might have found her attractive if it wasn't for the words that spewed from her lips.

"There is no problem that concerns you unless you too wish to feel the bite of my blade."  She sneered as she flicked the wrist of her hand grasping her sword to transform it into some possessed whip.

The other woman, she was really just a child looking so innocent in a pink and white ensemble with her hair set in two buns on the side of her head.  She looked up at him with a determined passion in her chocolate eyes.  Kilik was lost in their depths for a moment before he comprehended her words. 

"Although your concern is appreciated, this is a dispute that must be settled between the two of us."  She focused once more upon her opponent. 

The white haired woman gave a wicked grin.  "If you give me the shard now girl, I will kill you mercifully."

"I would never give the likes of you this shard.  Your heart is corrupt."  The young woman took up a fighting stance and swiftly rotated her recently acquired double crescent blades.  "Wind, guide me."

"Fool."  The white haired woman released her whip-like sword but the youth quickly jumped over the attack displaying acrobatics Kilik had never before witnessed.

"You'll have to be faster than that, Ivy."  The youth taunted as she managed to knick the older woman on the arm with her blades.

"Not a problem."  Ivy informed her as she threw her blade into the ground only to have its living blade reemerge several yards away behind the youth catching her off guard.

"What is this sorcery?"  The girl cried as the blades bit into her flesh. 

"Enough!"  Kilik rushed towards the combatants and used his staff to knock the sword from Ivy's grasp.  "What is the meaning of this?"  He demanded as he held his staff under the chin of Ivy in a threatening manner.

"I was simply reclaiming what is mine.  This was not your fight.  But if you'd like to play later," she suggested in a sultry voice.

Kilik shook his head in disgust.  "Leave us NOW!"  He demanded. 

The white haired woman ceded her defeat but cast one last glare at the woman-child.  "This is not over.  You know we will meet again.  It is inevitable.  And next time, there shall be no interruptions."

"I'm looking forward to it."  The girl muttered as she cradled her right arm to her chest in an effort to impede the bleeding.

Kilik rushed over towards her.  "Are you alright?"

"I'm fine.  Your interference was unnecessary.  I would have defeated her sooner or later."

Kilik couldn't help but smile at her attitude.  It reminded him of his own feelings of invincibility when he was younger while he was training after being accepted into his village.  It was before that night where his life changed forever.  He shook his head trying to dissipate the sorrow that followed that line of thinking.

He offered her his hand and she cautiously took it.  "I'm Kilik."

She offered him a tired smile.  "Talim."

They began to walk away from the fight scene in no particular direction.  "So what was that about?"  Kilik asked.

Talim looked at him trying to deem him trustworthy or not.  He seemed sincere.  "I am seeking the Soul Edge to destroy it.  Ivy wanted a shard that the Wind diety had entrusted to me."

Kilik smiled at her.  "What a coincidence.  I too am on a quest to destroy the sword."

Talim stopped walking and looked at him skeptically. 

"I understand that you are skeptical.  But you can trust me.  So where am I taking you so that we can fix those wounds of yours?"  Kilik asked her.

She looked at her wounds once again.  They needed to be treated soon, she did not have the luxury of waiting for an infection to heal.  She bowed her head ashamed at her foolishness.  "I just arrived to the village.  I do not know where to go."

"Then it is settled." 

"What do you mean?"  Talim asked curious.

"You are coming with me and my companions.  We can search for this evil together and perhaps defeat it together.  Strength comes in numbers."  Kilik told her wisely as he absently ran his fingers threw his shoulder-length dark hair.

"How do you know you can trust me?"

"Are you serious?"  From the look on her face she was.  "I can sense that you have a pure heart and besides if you have someone like Ivy stalking you, I believe you could use a few friends."

Talim smiled a true smile that light up her face and made Kilik's heart race. 'I need to make her smile more often.'

"I am grateful and accept your proposal.  Where shall we go?"

"I need to find lodgings for the night.  But we can walk back to the ship first, either Xianghua or Maxi should have some medical supplies to treat you."  They began to head back in the direction of the docks walking side-by-side.

Talim watched this mysterious Kilik that showed up when he was needed most.  Perhaps the Wind had answered her prayers and provided her with the aid she would need though him.  She took in his features from the corner of her eye and smiled inwardly because for the first time since leaving her people, she finally felt at ease and daresay safe.

Kilik was reassured by the presence of the girl at his side.  He had never before felt such a strong desire to protect one before.  Did she remind him of his long-lost sister?  Was this a brotherly desire to protect?  Or was it something more?

His heart began to beat faster at the thought.  For the crimes he has committed he did not deserve to find happiness with one as innocent as this creature. 

Talim sensed the unease in his aura she placed a comforting hand upon his shoulder, mindful to not let any blood get on his clothes from her.  She gave him a reassuring smile.  "I am glad that the Winds have answered my prayers and have led me to you.  Thank you."

Kilik offered her a rare smile as his demeanor remained the epitomy of calm.  Even if he didn't deserve to find happiness with one such as her perhaps he could at least serve as her guardian Angel.


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