Unwanted or Improper


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Summary: Some things Snape finds immoral. And Snape has morals.

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Chapter 1

Molestation - the act of subjecting someone to unwanted or improper sexual advances or activity (especially women or children)

"Albus! He is my student!"

"He is of age, Severus."

"Sixteen is hardly appropriate. Not to mention it would be immoral, if you hadn't noticed, I am more than twice his age!"

The old man was still calm. He had faced Snape's temper before and could weather it again if he had to. "In this situation, age cannot not matter. There is nothing that can be done for it."

"I am his professor!" Snape repeated.

"We have no rules against student-teacher relationships."

"Yes, you appear to encourage them." Snape snapped bitterly. This behaviour was typical of Albus, bending or even breaking the rules when it came to his own agenda.

"That will be enough of that, Severus!" The Headmaster's patience was gone. "You will comply because you have to. That is how it works, that is how it has always work."

"I will not comply with rules made hundreds of years ago, they're not only archaic, they're obsolete!"

"You will. Because you will have to. I believe the rules make no exceptions."

"Harry Potter is the most famous wizard in the world, he is still in school. I have no right to monopolize him."

"You wouldn't be. The bond goes both ways, Severus, you know that." The old man was calm again. The Potions Master felt like strangling him. Every reasonable argument he put forward 

was rebuffed in a singular fashion. It made him want to take that twinkle in Albus' eye and garrotte it.

"Precisely, he would have just as much control over me as I would him! He is a teenager, who knows what a child could do with that kind of control!" Snape loathed being the worked up one. It was akin to arguing with a brick wall. A particularly stubborn brick wall that always got its way. But he would continue to argue. A soulmate bond was one thing, a relationship with a child was quite another. Snape had standards, he conducted himself with a certain dignity. This absolute madness Albus was suggesting was indefensible.

"Harry has shown more than enough control and restraint. And he's hardly a child, Severus." Dumbledore's voice was reproaching.

"His status as the Boy-Who-Lived fails to change the fact that he is just sixteen."

"Why do you continue to return to that point? Is it that you dislike the fact that you find the boy attractive?" The man was prodding now, forcing a reaction from Snape because he knew he would get one.

"This is hardly appropriate, Albus." Severus protested.

"Oh, I believe it is more than appropriate. Do you, or do you not, find the young man attractive?"

"That is a personal question." If he had to be stubborn he would. He refused to move on the matter and that was that.

The headmaster sighed. "So be it. When you find the answer to that question I would very much like to know. In the meantime, are you going to comply or not?"

"I will not."

"Don't argue with me, you have no choice."

"As long as I am still standing, I have a choice."

"You will not take those measures, I will not allow you to kill an innocent, even indirectly."

"He would hardly die, Albus." He scoffed. The whole situation was laughable actually. From the moment he had woken up this morning to that very second, his day had been completely ridiculous.

"If you consciously refuse to acknowledge this, he will suffer, that is the way it works."

Severus paled. "You're putting me in a very difficult situation." Either way he would compromise his morals and the thought made him feel slightly ill.

"Because I have to. That is the way it must be." He continued to repeat that, removing himself from fault the way Albus was wont to do.

"Don't try to turn this around. You are fully to blame for this."

The Headmaster shook his head. "It would have been the same had I not told you. There is no blame."

"Don't turn yourself into the victim, Albus, just don't" He felt like pleading, this was just too much.

"There are no victims, this will turn out for the best."

"Don't make me do this." He hadn't begged in a long time and it made him feel very weak to hear his voice asking for something so desperately.

"Expect him in your quarters tomorrow." The Headmaster's voice was very final.

"Don't do this."

"You are dismissed."

Severus backed away slowly, slightly shaky. "I trusted you."

"I haven't betrayed any trust."

His anger flared up at the statement. "Don't lie to my face, Albus."

"Goodbye, Severus."

Snape turned on his heel and his robes billowed around him as he walked out of the room. He would have run but his legs were too weak.

As he stepped out of the Gargoyle, Potter walked into him. The Potions Master took one look at him and fled, leaving a confused young man staring after him.


Where was the fire whiskey? Where was it? He slammed cupboard after cupboard closed searching for the bitter alcohol. Found it! The bottle of brown liquid was grabbed by a trembling hand. He would have no part in molesting a child. Unwanted or improper.

He shivered again. Even the thought of touching Potter that way made him sick. It was wrong, he was a child. Nothing could change that. Not even if he wanted to. He took another swig of the strong alcohol. It burned its way down his throat. He wondered how Potter was taking the news right now. Was he screaming? Shouting? Arguing with Dumbledore? Maybe he'd just plain passed out.

Then again, Snape had to think, he was sixteen, that was legal. But still immoral, he swiped at the thought, he was twice the child's age. There was the bond to consider though, once it was there no turning point could be established. That was something to think about. Killing himself was out of the question if it resulted in Harry Potter dead. Damn, there really wasn't much of a way out of this.

Dumbledore reckoned he was doing the right thing. The man was becoming senile if that's what he thought. A senile, old bastard with manipulative, deceptive thoughts and a very dirty mind. A very, very dirty mind. Because Har- Potter - was a very attractive young man. That much had become evident as time had passed. So, yes, to answer the old man's question. Yes, he did find Potter attractive. Who in their right mind wouldn't? And was that the reason why he continued saying it was child molestation. Maybe you could cut the child out of that. He was of age. But molestation still stayed. Unwanted or improper attention. Unwanted and improper. He was twice Potter's age! The boy's parents were probably rolling over in their graves!

Not to mention he hated him and the feeling was quite mutual. You could find someone handsome without liking them. He thought Potter was a brat with an inflated sense of self-importance and the trademark Gryffindor courage. Potter thought he was a slimy, greasy git with an incapability of being nice and who strangely resembled an overgrown bat. There you go, no possible room for any kind of bond there. None at all.

Shame it was there, and there it stayed. Because in an uncanny way Dumbledore was right. There were no exceptions to the bond, not age, not race, not blood, not hate. No bloody exceptions. Unwanted or improper. It was ironically appropriate that he knew the definition word for word. For a moment he wondered why.

Albus was right, in a way, he had to. As much as he didn't want to even think about Potter that way, he had to. Because the bond required it. And what the bond wanted, the bond got. That was the unavoidable consequence of this soulmate deal, you do or you die.

No, there wasn't much worth celebrating tonight. Potter wouldn't be celebrating. Albus wouldn't either. He knew Snape wouldn't be a willing participant. Although Severus also knew that Albus had plans for the two of them. Whether they involved the bastard who called himself a lord, who knew? In all likelihood, yes, they did.

Last year had gone fairly peacefully. No problems or attacks against the ministry or Hogwarts. Minor attacks, sure. But then, what fatal attacks are that minor? This year may not pass quite so peacefully as the last, in fact, it would pass with a lot of commotion and changes. That was the way it went. The way it was meant to be.

End Chapter 1

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