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Videl walked into the loungeroom of the house she and Gohan had been living in for 12 monthes now. IT was a large house, that was well decorated with textbooks at the insistance of ChiChi. She wasn't happy today she'd had an exam on the biodiversity of burn off's in major plant populated area's. Oh why did she take up the subject in the first place. It wasn't like Geography had anything to do with Martial Arts. Oh thats right ChiChi.

She dropped her bag onto the kitchen table and placed her wallet and keys on the table as well. Things had been alright for the past 2 years a lot had happened.

Eraser had split up with Sharpner after high school, and she met a guy named Joey!!! Unfortunately he was a compelte jerk, and slept with her then left her, another unfortunate thing she was soon to be diagnosed pregnant.Videl opened the door to the fridge.

'Hmm, what should i make for dinner?' she thought to herself moving food out of the way to see what she had. Her eyes fell apon 5 peices of chicken breasts and some vegetables. 'Bingo, Chicken Satay should do him'

She placed the chicken on the bench and pulled out a fry pan. The phone rang at that moment as well. She ran and answered.


"Hello, Sweetie hows my favourite daughter going?" The voice came over the line

"Uh, ChiChi!" Videl said sweatdropping "Do you know where Gohan is?"

"Yeh, he said to call and let you know that he'll be late and don't worry he'll buy dinner"

"Oh ok, thanks ChiChi"

"Anytime SweetieI gotta go, are you and Gohan still coming over for dinner tommorow night?"

"Yes, we'll be there at 4"

"Ok bye"

"Bye!" she put the phone down and sighed to herself before grabbing the chicken and placing it back in the fridge. Things had certantly changed. Eraser and Videl hardly ever saw each other that much, they stayed in contact by phone and email. But even then it was scarce.

So when she was home she was usually alone. And she hated it. She walked into her bedroom and stretched out on the bed. She giggled to herself as she remembered Gohan when they were deciding on furnishing the house.

'I just had to have Saiyaman quilt covers' she thought to herself as she remembered the pained look on his face. What'd he say oh yeh thats right 'What married couple would have Saiyaman Quilt covers' she laughed slightly and reached for the remote to the t.v and turned it on.

Why was it that there was always nothing on? How could that be, there were so many channels and yet nothing was on. So here Videl was channel skipping when she felt a ki in the house. She walked into the loungeroom and opened the door.

There standing in the doorway was 11 year old Goten. He smiled at his sister.

"Hey Videl?" Goten said happily

"You saw Paris today didn't you?" Videl asked walking into the house. The look on Goten's face confirmed it. "Your brother used to look like that after he'd been out with me"

"How is my big brother i don't see him much" there was sadness in his voice.

"Neither do I"

She pulled out a can of drink and handed it to the teen. He looked so much like his father it was unbelievable, yet he also looking like Gohan. She smiled. And that famous Son smile that him,Goku and Gohan done all the time too.

"I hear you beat Gohan in a spar the other day, Is it true?" Goten asked

"Yes it is" Videl answered proudly "He went easy on me though, I hate it when he does that"

"He just doesn't want you to get hurt, your the most important thing in his life, he told me so the day he asked you to marry him after graduation"

"I know, but i can handle anything, just cause im not a Saiyan doesn't mean i can't"

Goten grinned. He loved having heart to hearts with Videl. They were cool, he could bad mouth Hercule and she would join in. And it was also a good release after ChiChi making him study. He'd admit she wasn't as strict as she was with Gohan but was still strict enough.

"Have you seen your father this week?"

"No, but i heard he's opening up another dojo in Central city in which he wants to strictly be female Martial Arts, oh what an idiot i can't believe im related"she slapped her head

"Thats what Mom says about Dad sometimes"

Videl laughed. "But with my father it's true, he's been gloating all over Satan City that 'heat eat Buu, it was all because of him'"

"Well it kinda was wasn't it, they wouldn't listen to Vegeta when he begged for energy, not many did for Dad either, then your dad stepped in and the whole world did, it was amazing to watch everyone raise theirs hands and give their energy" Goten said wisely

"True, but you havent lived with him"

"I don't think i want too" Goten answered "So what are you and my brother doing for Valentines tommorow"

"Not that its any fo your business Goten, your a bit too young don't you think" Videl teased

"Hey just changing the subject, Cos i know what he's got planned for you"

"I'm home!!" a voice called as Gohan walked into the kitchen carrying 8 boxes of pizza. "Hey Goten!!"

"Hey Gohan" Goten said "How was work? Can i have a slice of pizza"

"I don't see why not? and work was fine" Gohan answered as he walked up to Videl and kissed her. "Sorry im late"

"Relax your mother called"

He opened up the pizza's and put three plates on the table. They began to eat the pizza.
"Bye Goten!!!" Videl waved to the demi saiyan as he flew off. She walked back into the kitchen and saw Gohan doing the dishes.

"How was work today?"

"It was alright, Mr Ivanhoe says i might be up for a promotion" Gohan said as he faced his wife. She smiled at him.

"Thats great news, you deserve it"

"Your so supportive of me" Gohan answered as he packed the pizza's away and used his Saiyan speed to put the dishes away. When he was done he smiled at Videl and followed her to their bedroom.

'I can't wait until tommorow' he thought to himself 'I have so much instore i hope she likes it'

The following morning Videl woke up to find Gohan sitting at the edge of the bed. She was about to scream but stopped herself.

"Do you have any idea how scary that is?" she asked

"What waking up to me?" Gohan asked innocently

"No, but you at the edge of the bed" she patted the seat next to her, and he immediately obeyed and sat beside her. She grabbed his shirt and pulled him down to her and gave him a deep kiss."Happy Anniversary my love"

"Happy Anniversary Shorty!" He whispered back "I've gots lots instore for you today!!"


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