Devil's Cub


This story is adapted from two sources. Firstly there is of course Final Fantasy 8 and a book by Georgette Heyer called Devil's Cub. I just wanted to explain a bit before the story actually starts.

Firstly this is an AU fic in case you didn't know. It is set in the same world but kind of different. The characters are from noble families. I want to say this, that Devil's Cub (the original book) was set in the regency period in Britain. This of course is very different from the FF8 world so I have tried to adapt it the best I can (e.g Cars instead of carriages).

I really had to do this because the characters are perfect for the story. Also I just want to say some of the non-main character's have been changed slightly. Like Julia Heartilly (is Lady Caraway) is alive and different to in FF8. So hope you don't mind. By the way, somethings I couldn't really change so may be some Regency period taboos and stuff.

(-dodges flying tomatoes-). Enjoy and REVIEW!!!!