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Chapter 12

Seifer reached the top of the stair and blinked as the morning sun shone brightly. A figure stood by the window.

"Saria?" he questioned, moving forward with a sanguine smile.

The figure at the window turned. Seifer's smile vanished.

"So you've arrived." Quistis said coolly.

Seifer moved forward, anger clear on his face. He grasped both her wrists roughly and pinned her to the wall. Quistis made a small noise of protest.

Seifer's eyes narrowed "What exactly, are you doing here?" he asked in a low dangerous voice, looking down.

Quistis's heart thudded in her chest, she stared at the silver pendant at his throat. "Let go of me." She said, hoping she sounded calm.

Seifer laughed, a harsh, mocking laugh. Quistis suddenly felt a cold thrill down her spine, maybe she had gone too far.

Seifer didn't relax his hold and on the contrary, leaned forward more. "Again, why are you here?" he enunciated each word clearly, distinct with menace.

She took a deep breath "Saria has a message for you."

The blonde man looked suspicious but let go of her wrists. He still stood in her front of her, as she side stepped away from the wall and brushed herself down indignantly.

Seifer ran an agitated hand through his hair and turned away. "What is it?" he sounded tired.

Quistis watched his back steadily, rubbing her wrists.

He turned round, his face betrayed no expression. "Tell me." His voice was soft- insistent.

Steeling herself, she let out an airy laugh.

Seifer frowned and moved towards her.

Quistis gave a flirtatious smile and made a motion as if to ward him away. He paused.

"My Lord," she said carefully "Saria no longer welcomes your…attentions."

Seifer chuckled darkly "Found someone with a better offer?"

Quistis, forgetting her role for a moment, shot back "Someone who had an offer."

"Funny," commented Seifer casually, while watching her closely with a hint of knowing. "Saria didn't

seem to have any qualms about what I had in mind."

"Saria still isn't here." Quistis returned "And neither will she be."


Quistis gave a start at the sudden comment and concealed her confusion as she gazed evenly at him.

"Oh really?"

Seifer gave a seemingly pleasant smile. "Really."

Quistis walked over to a cabinet by the wall and absently picked up a small figure. Seifer watched her in silence.

Shit, thought Quistis. He was slowly but surely destroying her story. He was shrewder than she had

thought; he certainly seemed to know Saria more than she'd guessed.

"You know," he remarked conversationally, gripping the back of a chair "You confuse me."

"How so?" she inquired coldly.

"Like that!" he held out his hand "So cold but…hm." He looked pensive.

Quistis decided a change of subject would be good.

"Saria may have seemed…willing, but she says that to assume that she would become more than a friend and anything less than a wife to you was ridiculous. She thought- we thought- you maybe needed to be taught a lesson."

Seifer seemed outwardly calm, but Quistis could see his grip on the chair back was white knuckled.

"A lesson." He repeated flatly.

Quistis gave a flippant smile. "Now you know, I'll be leaving now."

She made a move towards the door. Suddenly, she stopped.

"Excuse me." She requested emotionlessly.

Seifer stood in her way, his eyes were almost closed and a small smile curved his lips.

He opened his eyes and looked down at her "I don't think so." His pleasant voice was filled with elusive menace.

Quistis took an involuntary step back.

Seifer, great deliberation, shut the door to the stair. Once the task was finished, he walked past Quistis's frozen form and sat down in a chair.

His very posture was almost an insult; he lounged in the chair, watching her with a mocking expression.

"So, Saria decided the fine life was not for her and you came all the way here to tell me that?"

Quistis took a deep breath, her heart rate was quickening.

"Leave her alone, and let me go." She said simply and turned towards the door.

"Oh no." came a quiet reply.

Quistis paused her exit, and still facing the door, asked wearily "What?"

She turned around and to her shock, he was standing in front of her. Close, too close.

Her towered over her, his eyes filled with a cold fury "I have a better idea. You've come this far, why don't

you go all the way?"

Quistis looked at him; half puzzled, half angry. "Excuse me?"

"Come with me." Instead of an answer, his reply sounded more like a command. Quistis shivered, but

recollecting herself, stood a little straighter. "Piss off."

Seifer laughed. Her eyes widened, there was something demonic about that laugh.

The blonde man calmed down and tilted his head. Looking down at her through slanted eyes, he looked amused "You seem to think you have a choice."

The sun had risen fully, and the pale golden rays filtered into the room. A few shone on Seifer's hair, giving him a halo of sorts.

That's irony, thought Quistis distantly.

Her thoughts were firmly jolted back when a firm hand held her chin. Her eyes flew up in shock to see Seifer studying her intently.

Quistis stood still, staring back doggedly.

"Hm, not a total loss I suppose." He commented carelessly "And I know you hate me, your glares are wasted."

He let go eventually, his gloved finger sliding down her cheek as he withdrew away from her. She shuddered at the contact.

"I won't come with you," she began in a low voice. "I won't –I'll scream- I won't go."

Suddenly Seifer was in front of her again, she froze as his long fingers closed around her throat. Her pulse fluttered wildly under his fingertips and subconsciously, she reached for her whip.

Seifer saw her movement. "No good, a whip is a long range weapon." He remarked, off-hand.

Her hand dropped to her side.

He leaned in "Now, if you scream, I'm fully informed of pressure points so,"

Seifer's grip tightened infinitesimally, black spots swam before her eyes. There was strength in those elegant fingers.

"Don't." he finished abruptly.

"Bastard." She hissed, and stumbled back.

There was long silence between them, as they both watched each other.

"My Lord?" a tentative question broke the silence and the charged tension in the air.

The thin man at the door coughed discretely.

Seifer dragged his gaze away from the woman in front of him.

"Yes Barret?" he snapped. The thin man cowered slightly.

"The ship is ready."

Seifer nodded curtly and gave a brief smile "Thank you."

Barret left quietly.

"Ready?" Seifer asked Quistis with a feral grin.

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