She is so beautiful, and they have so much in common. They were both abandoned by parents for they had no control over. Gwen knows this because she has seen the private files on the employees at Wolfram and Heart, so she knows that her parents got rid of her because she was too bright. it made Gwen sick to know Lilah had gone through something similar to what she had, and at the same time made her feel a connection to the older woman. Gwen knows what she feels is love, even though she's never felt anything like it before. But is isn't as if she can do anything about it. Lilah deserves so much more then what Gwen could give her. She deserves someone who she can love, hug and kiss. She deserves someone who she could *touch*, unlike Gwen, who deserves a like of solitude.

Now that she thinks about it, they don't have all that much in common after all.