Mark moved stiffly trying to get comfortable on the sofa. The day of ice skating had been hell. He spent more time falling than he did skating. He smiled on the upside Trista had spent the day holding him up her sweet body pressed next to his.

Tomorrow was Christmas Eve. Soon he would have the company he wanted. Everything was working out great.


He jumped when Megan's small body came crashing on to him.

He grunted as his bruises were jostled.

"Did I hurt you?" She asked looking concerned.

"I'm just a little sore from falling so much." Mark said.

Megan cuddled on his lap and Mark found himself wrapping his arms around her.

"You look tired." Mark said.

Meagan yawned.

"Nope. I'm staying up with you." She said.

"I have to go out for a while. So you probably need to get to bed." He said.

"I don't want to." She protested.

Mark stood up with Megan in his arms.

Trista came in the door way.

"Stop you're under mistletoe." Megan shouted.

"Daddy go kiss her." Megan said.

Mark grinned and walked over and Gave Trista a soft kiss.

She blushed and looked down.

"Ya know where did all this mistletoe come from, its all over the house." Mark said.

Megan had making him and Trista kiss all day.

"I don't know Daddy. Maybe a elf put it up." Megan said smiling.

"A elf huh. Well I'm glad he did. I been getting lots of kisses today." He said grinning.

Megan smiled. It had been her idea, but Mr. Reynold had hung it all. It was working great.

John walked in.

"Heading to bed Megan?" he asked.

"Yes sir." She said.

"Goodnight then. I'll see you in the morning." He said.

"I'll put her to bed Mark." Trista said taking her out of Mark's arms.

"Kiss daddy." Megan said puckering up her lips.

"Night pumpkin. I'll see you in the morning." He said.

"Night." She said as Trista carried her off to bed.

"Mark you have a great family. You should be very proud." John said.

"I know. They are great." Mark said.

The thing is Mark wasn't acting. He was becoming quickly attached to Megan and Trista.

"I got some last minute shopping to take care of." Mark said.

"A surprise for the Trista?" John asked smiling.

"Yea." He said grinning.

"I'm heading up to bed soon. I'll see you in the morning." John said.

Trista was in the bedroom wrapping a few last minute presents. She had picked up a few minute last minute things for Mark including some great smelling cologne and a sexy nightie for her to wear for him. She would have to give him that while they were alone.

Trista stopped for a moment. What was going to come of her and Mark after Mr. Reynold was gone. They had seemed like a real family the last couple of days that it hadn't even entered her mind that it would be over soon. Trista sighed. She would get over it, but what about Megan. She saw how much Megan liked Mark and Mark seemed to like her too. She hoped Mark would at least stay in touch with Megan making things a little easier when they had to leave.

The phone rang and Trista picked it up.

"Hello." She said.

"Hello Trista. I just wanted to call and see how you and Megan are doing?"

"Mrs. James. Its so good to hear from you." Trista said.

"Were doing fine. Megan is going to have a great Christmas." She said.

"Thats wonderful. How are you getting along with that Mr. Callaway?" She asked.

"Well he actually turned out to be very nice, once we got to know him." Trista said.

"I'm so glad i just had a feeling things were going to work out for you two. I'll call you again after Christmas." Mrs. James said.

"Bye." Trista said and hung up.

She sighed. She really did hope things worked out.

Megan slipped out of her bed and went to Mr. Reynolds room and knocked softly on the door.

John smiled.

"What are you doing out of bed?" he asked.

"Can I talk to you?" she asked.

He let her in and then sat down. She sat beside him.

"Do you think its working are they falling in love?" Megan asked.

"Well thats always hard to say, but in my experience they act like two people falling in love." he said.

"I hope so. I really like it here and I like my new daddy and I don't want to leave." Megan said.

"Don't worry. You get some sleep. I think everything is going to fine.

Megan hugged him and got up and left.

Mark came in and went to his study and placed the two small presents in his desk. He grinned. He would put them out Christmas Eve after everyone was in bed. He hoped both girls would be surprised, God knows he had surprised him self. He grinned and went up to go to bed.

Mark stopped by Megan's room to check one her. He sat on the side of her bed and seen she was still awake.

"Cant sleep baby?" he asked.

"No." She said sitting up.

"Whats wrong?" He asked.

"I'm just thinking about Christmas. I hope Santa comes through." She said.

Mark pulled her to sit in his lap.
"I want you to stop worrying, you're much to young and to pretty to worry so much." He said kissing her cheek.

Megan smiled and hugged his neck.

Mark lay her back in the bed and drew the covers over her.

"Now go to sleep young lady. It's late and you should be asleep already." He said planting a kiss on her forehead.

"Night Daddy." Megan said.

"Night." He said and got up to leave.

"Daddy." Megan said.

"I love you." She said in a quite voice.

Mark walked back and sat down on the bed beside her. He pulled Megan in his arms and hugged her.

"Megan thats the best present I ever got honey and I love you too." He said.

Megan smiled. He loved her. She was so happy she could burst. But did he love Trista too. Thats the only way he could be her real daddy, he had to love Trista too.

Mark got up and went out shutting the door. He was sure he was doing the right thing. Megan had just confirmed what he was already feeling. He whistled as he walked to his bedroom. He opened the door and smiled.

Trista was sound asleep. She looked exhausted. He went in and took a shower and dried off quickly. He slid under the covers and pulled Trista into his arms.

She stirred in her sleep.

"Mark." She said sleepily.

"shh go back to sleep baby. I just want to hold ya." he said kissing her cheek.

Trista nuzzled closer to him and fell back to sleep. He smiled and lay there watching her sleep.

Megan loved him. He wondered if Trista felt the same way. She seemed to be warming up to him real nicely he thought grinning.

But that was after he had lost his jerky attitude. He sighed. He would just have to wait and see.

The next morning Megan was chattering away happily at the table at breakfast about Christmas Eve.

Mark smiled. She was a chipper little thing. Megan was throwing shy glances his way and looking away quickly when he would catch her. He winked at her and grinned as she blushed and looked down.

"Well Mark. I have to tell you. You have a great family. I'm going to sign the contracts this morning and I'm going to be on my way." He said.

Megan and Trista both looked up startled. They didn't realize he was leaving this morning.

Trista started clearing the table and Mark and John went in the study to sign the contract.

Megan felt like crying. What if with Mr. Reynold gone Trista and Mark didn't fall in love.

Mark signed the contact and breathed a sigh of relief. It was over and he had the company.

John shook his hand. "It was good doing business with you Mark." he said.

"Same here John..come back and visit anytime." He said.

"I'm going to say goodbye to Trista and Megan and then I'm taking off." John said.

John went in the kitchen.

"Trista I'm leaving. I just wanted to think you for your hospitality and the great meals." he said taking her hand.

"Your welcome John and it was so nice meeting you." She said smiling.

"Is it alright if Megan walks me out to my car?" he asked.

"Sure just have her put her coat on." She said.

John found Megan sitting in the den looking sad.

"Walk me out to my car Megan." he said handing her coat to her.

She pulled it on and followed him outside.

"Don't look so sad." he said taking her hand.

"I'm afraid with you gone the magic will be gone and then I wont get a family." she said in a rush of words.

John bent down in front of her.

"Megan the magic is in you and Mark and in Trista. It has been all along. I don't want you to worry. I only helped you a little. The magic is in all of you. You just have to believe hard enough, can you do that?" he asked.

She nodded .

"Okay good. You have to keep reminding Mark and Trista today that you're a family. I know you can do it. Now no more worries okay?" he asked.

"Okay." She said and hugged his neck.

"I just know your more than a helper are you sure you're not Santa, the real Santa?" She asked.

John grinned.

"No just a helper." He said kissing her cheek.

"You're a special girl Megan. Don't forget it." he said.

Megan waved by as he drove off.

She had a lot of work to do today. She had to be sure they kept being a family, till the Christmas magic took over.

Megan ran in the house and ran straight into Mark's study. She forgot she wasn't allowed in there. The one place that was off limits.

Mark was sitting behind his desk having a drink of Jack Daniels in celebration of his deal.

She came screeching to halt and knocked the bottle of whiskey off his desk where it broke on the floor.

Megan looked down and realized she in deep trouble.
"Little girl are you supposed to be in here?" Mark asked.

He got up and started cleaning up the glass. He got a towel from the bathroom and cleaned up the mess.

Megan was afraid to move. She remembered how bad Mark's temper could be from that first day she had met him.

Mark sat back down in his chair.
"Well you going to answer me?" Mark asked.

"No..I'm sorry I just forgot for a minute." She said not looking up.

"Come here." Mark said.

She walked toward him trembling.

Mark frowned she looked scared to death. He picked her up and sat her on his lap. He lifted her chin and seen she was crying.

"Hey now..why are ya crying for? " he asked.

"Are you going to spank me?" She asked.

"Now why would I do didn't do it on purpose did you?" He asked.

"No sir." She said.

"Well don't go running at breakneck speed through the house. I don't mind you in the study if I'm here..Just not alone. I have a lot of breakable stuff in here. Okay?" he asked.

" sure you're not mad?" She asked.

"No I'm not mad." he said smiling down at her.

Megan wrapped her arms around Mark. He just had to be her daddy.

Mark smiled at the little thing. She was such a sweet girl.

"Daddy can we do something special today?" she asked.

"Sure baby. What do you want to do?" He asked.

"Go to the Christmas parade with you and Mommy." she said.

"Sure honey. Go tell your mama and we''ll go." he said.

Mark smiled as she scampered off to find Trista.

Trista was wondering if she was living in a episode of the twilight zone. She was sure when Mark signed the contracts he would hustle both of them on there way.

But Mark and Megan both were acting like they were one big happy family. Mark took them to the parade and Megan was calling him daddy and her mommy. Mark kept holding Trista's hand and kissing her lips. She was seriously beginning to wonder if the two of them were all right. She was afraid to say anything. She didn't want to ruin it. They were having to much fun. When they got home that night Trista gave Megan a bath and got her ready for bed.

Poor Megan was so wound up about Christmas Eve she kept popping out of the bedroom to come downstairs and ask them a million questions.

After about the tenth time she came down asking for more water and asking a million more questions Mark got up and swung her up in his arms.

"No more water. You've drank enough to float a boat. If you don't get to bed Santa wont come." He said.

Megan stuck out her lip and swore she was going to die in her sleep of thirst.

Trista smothered a smiled behind her hand. Megan could be trying sometimes. She was a great kid for the most part, but she did have her days.

Mark ignored her protests and took her back up to her room and laid her in the bed.

"Daddy I want to get up." Megan said sitting up.

"Megan its nine thirty, time for bed. I mean it. Don't get out of bed again. I'm sure you don't want a spanking on Christmas eve do you?" he asked looking her in the eye.

"No sir." She said laying back down.

Mark kissed her cheek.

"Now go to sleep baby..tomorrows a big day..lots of presents..go to sleep dreaming about how much fun you're going to have." he said.

Megan yawned.

"Okay daddy, love you." she said.

"Love you to." he said and covered her up.

Mark went back downstairs and scooped up Trista in his arms. She laughed as he kissed her.

"I figure she'll be up early..we better get to bed ourselves." He said.

Mark carried up to their room and set her in the bed.

"I'm going to take a quick shower, don't go no where." He said winking at her.

She grinned and went to get the present she had wrapped yesterday and laid it on the bed.

Mark came out in a pair of boxers looking good enough to eat.

"Whats this" he said when he seen the present on the bed.

"Umm I got it for you..but you should open it now." She said blushing.

Mark sat down and opened it and about swallowed his tongue when he see the sexy short sheer nightie and matching panties.

"Wow..Okay..well you just get yourself up and go put this on for me." he said grinning.

Trista blushed and took it practically running into the bathroom. She knew she should talk to Mark about there leaving tomorrow. But she couldn't bring herself to do it. She was going to enjoy this last night with Mark and not think about tomorrow.

When Trista came out of the bathroom Mark's heart stopped. God she was so beautiful.

The nightie was a sheer light blue and God did she look good in it.

"Come here." Mark said his voice gravelly with passion.

Mark pulled her to stand between his legs and his eyes raked over her causing her to blush.

"You're so beautiful." He said.

He cupped his hand between her legs feeling the heat and he moisture already pooling between her legs.

"Baby you're so hot." He said.

He rubbed his hand back and forth over her mound and smiled she moved her hips in rhythm with his hand.

"Take your boxers off." Trista said looking down at his erection trying to break free.

Mark happily obliged taking them and flinging them somewhere on the bed.

Trista sank to her knees and placed her hand on his throbbing member.

"Mmm Feels good." Mark said throwing his head back and she stoked it.

Trista leaned forward and ran her tongue downs its long length.

Mark looked down at her and the picture she made on her knees licking his cock almost made him lose it.

Trista leaned forward more and slid his hardness into her warm mouth using her tongue to stroke him.

"Damn girl." Mark moaned as she started a slow rhythm with her mouth and tongue.

Mark couldn't believe how good her mouth felt on him moving up and down.

"baby you've got to stop, or this is going to be over pretty quick." Mark said dragging her up to set one one leg.

He parted her legs and ran his finger under the leg of her panties where he found her moist folds and parted them with one finger. He found her nub and started rubbing it with his thumb.

"Marrrk." She gasped out.

Mark leaned forward and pressed a hot kiss to her lips. He pushed his tongue in her mouth exploring every inch. His tongue simulating what he was about to to her body. He slipped the nightie off and then pulled the panties down and threw them away from the bed.

Mark flipped her over on her back and raised her legs and nestled in between them settling his hard on at her entrance. He suckled on her nipple as he teased her moist heat with his hardness.
"Mark Please she moaned as she arched her hips upward needing to feel him moving in her.

Mark lifted drew her knees up to his hips. He slowly pushed forward sinking into her slowly inch by inch.

Trista moaned and raised her hips to meet him. Mark slowly started moving in her sliding his hands under her hips to lift her for each forward thrust of his hips.

"Mmm God're so Damn tight." he moaned as he thrust into her.

Mark dropped a kiss on her sweet lips and started thrusting faster. Trista moaned raised her hips trying to find her release.

"Ohhh Godddd Maaarrrk." She wimpered and her head thrashed back and forth.

"Cum for me Baby." Mark said and kissed her deeply and he thrust faster and faster into her tight warmth.

The feel of her clamping down around around sent him over the edge and he buried himself deep in her as he erupted deep in her.

"Mark." She whimpered as her body erupted in little explosions.

Mark held her tight has they both trembled with pleasure.

Mark after what seemed like forever lifted his head to look down at her.

She was so beautiful He face was flushed and her breathing still erratic..her eyes were closed. He laid a gentle kiss on her lips.

He brown eyes opened and she looked up at Mark smiling at him. It took his breath away.

"You okay?" he asked easing off of her.

"Mmmm" She said stretching in satisfaction. Mark grinned and laid back on the bed and pulled her on top of him. He kissed her face, cheeks and lips and ran his hand up and down her back.

"You are amazing." he said.

Trista smiled and kissed him lightly.

"Go to sleep baby. Ya know Megan will probably be up early." Mark said.

She went to move off him and Mark stopped her.

"Nuh huh...You're sleeping right here." he said wrapping his arms around her tight.

"I'll smush you." She said laying her head back on his chest.

Trista felt the laughter rumble in his chest.

"Little thing like you. I don't have anything to worry about, you're as light a a feather." He said.

Trista sighed and snuggled in his arms. She would enjoy tonight because after tomorrow, she probably wouldn't even see Mark anymore. The thought brought tears to her eyes. She loved him. What had she gone and done. This was supposed to be a business deal and she had went and fallen in love with Mark.

Mark felt something wet on his chest and then heard Trista sniffing.

"Hey whats wrong Baby?" he asked lifting her chin.

"Nothing." She said

"Looks like a awful lot of nothing to have you crying." He said.

"I got allergy's." She said lying through her teeth.

"In the middle of winter?" Mark asked.

Trista didn't answer him.

"I take it you don't want to talk about it." He said.

Trista laid back against his chest trying to stop the tears.

"Okay honey..we'll talk tomorrow." He said and rubbed her back till she drifted off to sleep.

Mark watched her wondering what had brought on the tears. Hell if he could figure out women sometimes.

"Get up! Get UP! Its Christmas morning!"

Mark opened his eyes and seen Megan jumping up and down in front of the bed.

He groaned and fell back down.

"Get up Daddy." Megan said

Trista sat up and looked at the clock. It was five AM.

"Its Five." Trista said.

"Coffee." Mark said.

Trista smiled and got up.

"I'll make deal with little miss excited." She said.

"Megan..when the coffee is done, well go down and open presents." Mark said.

"Ohh Daddy I cant wait." She bouncing on top of him. Mark sat up and caught her. He couldn't help but smile at her enthusiasm.

"Okay little girl, lets go get some coffee and then we'll open presents." He said hugging her.

"I love you so much Daddy." She said hugging him.

Marks heart lifted. If anyone had ever told him he would be happy about being woke up at five in the morning by a chattering five year old, he would have told them they were crazy.

"Go down and wait in the den. I'll be down in a minute, okay?" he said.

"Okay." Megan said jumping off the bed and running out the door.

"Stop that running little girl." Mark called after her.

"Okay Daddy!" She yelled back and he heard her slow down.

He grinned and hopped up to get dressed.

Mark and Trista went into the den with big mugs of coffee and sat down. Megan sat transfixed on the floor.

"Look at all the presents." She said in awe.

Trista gasped too. The room was full of presents.

Trista looked at Mark.

He grinned.

"I guess Santa thinks Megan's been very good this year." Mark said shrugging.

Trista leaned over and kissed Mark's cheek.

"Thank you." She whispered.

Mark kissed her gently. "She deserves it." He said.

"Well Baby better get to opening these presents." Mark said.

Megan didn't even know where to start. So she grabbed the one closet and started opening it. She squealed when she seen the doll she wanted.

"Ohh look I got my baby." She said holding up for Mark and Trista to admire.

Mar drew Trista in his arms as they watched her open presents and squeal with delight over each and everything she got.

Trista was so happy. She knew she should enjoy it for in a few short hours, they would be going back home. She tried to put the thoughts aside and enjoy Megan's delight.

An hour later Megan sat playing with some of her toys. She looked up suddenly.

"You two need to open you're presents now." She said.

She went under the tree and brought Megan a small stack of presents and then went back and brought Mark's over to him.

"Wow..I must have been good this year." Mark said grinning.

"Well you have gotten a lot better." Megan said smiling.

Trista laughed and seen the amusement on Marks face.

"Well I guess you girls have brought out the best in me." he said grinning.

"Open mine first Daddy." Megan said climbing up beside him.

Mark smiled and opened the small box.

He grinned at the grumpy bear watch.

"I love it Sweetie." He said kissing her cheek.

"Well you're not so grumpy anymore, but you can wear it when you are." She said giggling.

Mark opened the watch from Trista on put it right on.

"I love it Trista thank you." He said.

Trista smiled as he opened the cologne.

"You like me smelling good for you." he said winking at Trista who blushed and grinned.

He opened the last one from Megan. It was a picture she had drawn of the three of them.
"See Daddy its a picture of the three of as as a family." She said looking up at him hopefully.

"Well now Megan thats the prettiest picture I ever did see. I'll frame this and put it in my study." he said smiling.

"Now open yours Mommy." Megan said.

Trista opened her first one and it was beautiful new coat. She kissed Mark.

"Thank you." She said.

She had been needing a new coat forever.

She opened the pile of presents from Mark. He had got her perfume and bath soaps..a beautiful necklace which he placed around her neck.

"Now open mine." Megan said bouncing up and down in excitement.

Trista smiled and opened the small box. Tears fell from her eys as she looked at the necklace.

It was a gold necklace that had a charm on it that said number one Mommy.

"I want to call you Mommy from now on. I know you're my sister, but I want you to be my Mommy." Megan said jumping in Trista's arms and hugging her.

"That would make me very happy." Trista said brushing her tears from her eyes.

Mark cleared his throat. His eyes were a little misty too. These two girls were the so special.

"Well I guess we should think about some breakfast." He said.

Megan sat up straight.

"Wait that cant be all." She said.

"Megan look at all these presents..what else could you need." Trista said

Megan was getting upset. She asked Santa for a Daddy, a family. They wasn't yet till Mark loved Trista and Trista loved Mark, there had to be something else.

"But Santa was supposed to bring me my wish and he didn't." She said starting to cry.

Trista was confused.

"Megan don't cry...want else could you possibly want?" She asked.

Megan worked herself up into a full fledged crying jag.

Mark thought he knew what the problem was.

"Megan, look at me." he said picking her up and sitting her in his lap.

Megan looked up at Mark with tears streaking her little face.

"Dry those tears up. I think you need to go look under the tree. I think you may have overlooked a few presents." He said kissing her cheek.

"Okay." She said jumping up and running over to the tree. She crawled under it looking around tll she saw the two small boxes.

She ran over and held out the two small presents.

"Ones for me and ones for Trista." She said holding one out to Trista.

"Now get right here." Mark said picking Megan up and sitting her in his lap. He pulled Trista closer and put his arm around her.

Trista opened the box and gasped it was a beautiful gold ring with a single stunning diamond mounted on top.

She looked up at Mark in wonder. He just grinned.

"Okay little girl open yours." he said.

Megan opened her and she practically screamed Mark's ear off.

It was smaller version of Trista's ring. A small gold band with a little diamonds set in the ring.

"Daddy a ring for me?" She asked grinning from ear to ear.

He took Trista's ring and slid it on her finger.

"Marry me baby..I love you." he said leaning forward to kiss her gently.

Tears fell from her eyes as Mark kissed her.

She looked up at this man she had hated at first and couldn't imagine life without him.

"I love you to and Yes, I'll marry you." She said.

"Ohhh boy..I just knew Santa would come through." Megan said grinning.

Mark took Megan's ring and slid it on her finger. '

"Be my little girl?" he asked smiling down at her.

"Yess... Daddy..I'll marry you too." She said hugging him tight.

Mark kissed her cheek and pulled Trista tighter too him. He hadn't really started living until he had found this two and damned if he was ever letting them go.

"I love both of you girls so much." Mark said smiling.

"We love you too." Meagn said.

"We sure do." Trista said kissing him.

Megan hopped down admiring her ring.

"You two keep kissing. Can I call Mr. Reynolds and wish him a Merry Christmas?" She asked.

"Sure." Mark said pulling Trista on his lap kissing her again.

Megan giggled and skipped out to the foyer to grab the phone. She found Mr. Reynolds number on the speed dial and pushed talk.


"Mr. Reynolds..Its Megan..Thank you...It worked. Mark asked me and Mommy to Marry him..this very morning.. I got a family." She said practically singing the word.

"Sweetheart I'm so happy for you. I told you, you just had to believe. See Magic is everywhere, just have to be able to see it." he said.

"I love you Mr. Reynolds. I just know you're the real Santa even if you wont say so." She said laughing.

Mr. Reynold gave a deep laugh that sounded suspiciously like a HO HO HO to Megan.

Her eyes got wide.

He told her he would come visit her sometime and she said by and hung up.

Megan went back to the den where Her daddy and mommy were still kissing.

She grinned. She got her crayons and Paper. She would draw a picture of them just like they were now. One more for the family album. Her family album. She sat on the floor humming and drawing.

"What ya doing baby?" Mark asked as he came up air.

"Keep kissing mommy. I'm drawing a picture of you two." she said smiling.

Trista and Mark held out there arms to her and she ran and jumped in them.

"The pictures not complete with out you." He said.

Megan grinned happily as Her Mommy and Daddy wrapped her in a hug. Daddy was right now that would be a great family picture.

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