It's so cold, and there is much confusion. She knows it is Miss Edith's fault. She is very naughty doll and will be punished when this is all over. While she sleeps, she dreams of a girl who looks like one of the Slayer's little kittens, but is like her, and had beautiful red hair that is matched only by her temper. That is Miss Edith's fault, too. She is making up stories that could never possibly be true. Except that it is, and Drusilla knows it. The vampiress knows that if she could find the girl, she would never be lonely again, and she could forget about Spiky's betrayal, and her daddy's desertion. The little tree is very sexual and almost as spoiled as she. She would kiss Dru thoughtless, blocking out the voices of even the loudest stars, and would use suck unlady-like terms such as 'fuck me' so she would have to punish the little flame, who is so hot that it burns in a good way and chases away Miss Edith's chills.

And with the knowledge of all of this, Dru knows that when the confusion fades, she will get back to work, trying to find a way to break the thin wall that separates her from the beautiful vampire they call Willow.