They got her, because I am beneath their radar, a Slayer-wanna-be, who couldn't even save her best friend and lover. That bitch Summers is too busy jumping from town to town to come here and help out. He was supposed to be her watcher, but she just never showed. From what he's told me, her mother was killed by a vamp called Kakistos, and she's been on a basic kill- and-destroy ever since. So now she's dead, and I just know I'll never be able to bring myself to stake her, evil or not. If I were the Slayer, I could have saved her, and she'd be alive right now and we'd be researching the latest baddie, or making out behind the stacks instead of her out killing people, my watcher and her mentor trying to figure out how to stop her, and my life bleeding away and she drains my blood, making grunting noises as I die in her arms.

It's so dark now, and I can't breath anymore, and I'm partially dead as she tosses me to the ground, her fiery red hair brushing my cheek and she grins my blood smeared across her lips.

"Bye-bye, Faithy" She whispers, and blows me a kiss.

And I'm dying, and my Willow's a vamp and it's all Buffy's fault.