"My god, Minerva." sighed Tammy Weasley.

"I mean- I of course liked him as well, very much really, but do you really miss Professor Sermonem that much?"

Minerva looked sternly at her friend.

"How much?"

Tammy rolled her eyes.

"Darling, you are kind of overreacting. I mean- Dumbledore is famous, you know?"

Minerva snorted. Famous? As if she cared!

Her friend smiled. Minerva did very much resemble her Scottish forefathers, though she did not realize it. That honesty, that clear and ever-present honesty, and still, so bloody stubborn!

"Tabby… I know you liked Sermonem. I know, I know. But Dumbledore can't be that bad. I mean- he was Headmaster Dippet's first choice, and Dippet never chooses wrong!"

Minerva snorted again, more heavily now. Well, yes, that man had been the Headmaster's first choice. He had even almost forced her Transfigurations teacher to retire! What he had done, of course. Well, okay, Silas Sermonem had been quite old… but yet! Silas, also the Head of Gryffindor –a position his "successor" would certainly take over as well!- had been an absolute dear, and she'd always just adored him. The way he had been kind to her after her father had died four years earlier! Almost a father he'd been to her, that was how she'd felt it. As had he. He had never had any children, but she knew that she was very dear to him. He, the old Transfigurations Professor- a bit bored of his own subject- and she, the star pupil of her class- a bit bored of the often too easy lessons. Yes, she truly was. She did achieve bad marks, sometimes- well, seldom, but still…- but only out of the non-interest and boredom she felt for certain subjects. Yet, she did like Transfigurations and she was wonderful at it. The youngest Animagus ever she'd become- all thank to old Silly Sermonem, that sometimes-just-a-tiny-bit-boring-but-so-wonderful teacher.

"I'll miss him, Tammy, and I don't think I am ever going to like that Dumbledore guy. I am sorry, but that's the way it is!"

Tammy smiled.

"My god, Minerva, you are such a- I mean, you can't say he doesn't look all right, can you?"

Minerva looked up to the tall, auburn-bearded man that had taken Silas's place at the teacher's table, and snorted again.

"I don't care, Tam. I'll miss old Silly, and that chap is not going to replace him. Never!"