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"You did good, Cath."

Catherine took a sip of her water. "I had help."

Grissom leaned to the side towards her. "How are things with you and Nick and Sara?"

"They're good. They're pros." She paused, listening to more of the news report. "All he had to do was stay quiet."

"Unlike Robyn Knight, Julie Waters became Vegas's post-mortem sweetheart. The media as a moral conscience."

"She couldn't get away from him." Catherine shook her head slightly. "And he couldn't get away from her."

Grissom reached for the remote and turned the TV off. "Are you ok?"

"Of course I am, why wouldn't I be?"

"You just dealt with a mentally unstable criminal for 48 hours straight."

"I wasn't the one he killed."

"No, but you were still someone he wanted." He added carefully, "I saw the way he looked at you."

"I know that look too well."

"You shouldn't have to know that look anymore."

"I'm ok, Grissom."

"You're more than what he made you out to be." At Catherine's surprised look, he shrugged casually. "I just wanted to make sure you knew that."

She nodded with a tired smile. "It's good to hear it."

"You're more than just your past, Catherine. Your career, your didn't just get all of this because you're beautiful. You've worked hard and you deserve everything you have today. Don't let someone like Howard Delhomme take that away from you."

"Looks like he affected you more than he affected me." She said with an amused smile.

He said nothing, smiling thoughtfully as he picked up his cup of coffee. "I've got paperwork."

"I'll see you later." She paused, watching as he made his way to the door. "Hey Grissom?"

"Yeah?" He turned around to look at her.