Hi. I've never written a Batman Beyond story before so most of you won't know me. I'm Sailor Earth and here goes nothing. This story takes place a few months after Return of the Joker. Sort of my way to reunite the rest of the old team. When Dick Grayson gets kidnapped from his own home it's up to Batman to find him with a little help from someone new. I don't own Batman or Batman Beyond I only own the character I made up. Also I don't really know what Dick's career was beside Nightwing so I made parts of this up.

"And Grayson Enterprises is in news today as earlier this week they-" could be heard from the newscaster just be for Terry turned it off.

"Wow. You got some competition in the 'lets rake in and spend more creds because we're a big corporation' department, huh?" Terry said to Wayne while looking at him quickly.

Terry and Wayne were in the batcave as Terry had just gotten back from patrolling the city. He was still wearing the suit, but not the hood. Wayne didn't respond to a thing Terry had said.


The door to the cave slammed open and a girl could be seen at the top of the stairs. She dropped a helmet at her feet and clutched something to her chest. She was wearing a blue strapless top with a green vest over it. She had on a black skirt that went down mid thigh. She wore dark green socks the same shade as her vest and black boots. She had hazel eyes and black hair that had natural blonde streaks through it and fell down her back to her waist, it was held back from her face on both sides by butterfly clips of blue and green. Suddenly she fell over the side of the stairs.

"Terry!" Bruce shouted at him to catch her.

"I'm on it," he yelled as he propelled froward using the jets in his boots. Terry caught her not a moment too soon. Bruce had already gotten up and was hobbling over to them.

"Terry, put her on the table," Bruce ordered Terry once he had gotten over there and seen her. There was a bullet wound in her left calf and in her right upper arm. She was pale and shaking. Bruce took the object she was holding from her arms and put it on the console. He and Terry got out the bullets and bandaged her arm and leg. Then Terry changed out of the suit while Wayne called the commissioner.

When Terry got back from changing and bandaging himself up the commissioner was already there and they were talking while the girl was slowly starting to wake up.

As she sat up Barbara went over to her. "Easy Mara. You shouldn't be getting up too fast."

"You guys know this kid." Terry said kind of shocked.

"Teenager," The girl, Mara, said.

"What?" Terry asked

"I'm 15, a teenager. Not a kid." She replied quickly.

"A tough one at that to get here from Bludhaven with two bullet wounds." Bruce said.

"Okay, does someone want to tell me who this kid is?" Terry asked.

Before she could respond that she was a teenager Bruce said "Terry this is Tamara 'Mara' Grayson, Dick Grayson's, Nightwing's, granddaughter."

Okay that is it. I only found out as I was writing the end of this that he had been a police officer, but quite frankly I like what I wrote better. I still had him in Bludhaven, but I gave him a different profession, also this works better for my story in some ways. Okay that is it for now. Review and tell me if you liked it.

Sailor Earth