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Chapter 1

The summer had been quite odd. Anthony thought it be best not to split the children up this summer vacation. So from the time they were at Platform 9 3/4, Anthony Potter in fine dress robes, standing next to Arabella and Sirius, little David Diggory in Sirius's arms. The four Potter children approached their family.

"Hello children," Arabella said grinning, while taking little David into her arms. They all said hello back. "Now as you all know that Sirius has been looking for a replacement for Deputy Minister of Magic, since Cho's father passed away, and as Anthony use to be a Minister of Magic, Sirius has appointed Anthony the Deputy Minister of Magic job. So as you can all guess Sirius and Anthony have a job to do that is top secret, so don't even ask me what it is, because I have no clue. So what I am implying is that Harry, Susan, Bridget, and Adora will come home with David and me until after Sirius and my Wedding, then you all will spend the rest of the summer with Anthony."

"What about the Weasleys'?" Harry asked, he really wanted to see his angel this summer. Even though he had broken up with her just hours ago, but it was all for the right reasons. There was no way he could get her in that mess with Voldemort, again. The last time had been to close, shit now that sleaze Autumn was helping her father, and then to put more to the disgusting story...she's pregnant!

She smiled, this instance right here screamed James and Lily. "Well, Ron and Ginny may stay over at the house anytime they like."

"Mine too," Anthony Potter spoke up and then looked down at his watch. "Sirius we need to get to the office so we are able to leave."

"Bella," Sirius turned his attention from James's father to now his fiancée. "Dobby has already taken our things and David's to the new house."

"New house? Dobby?" Harry had certainly missed something here.

Bella giggled, that giggle that sounded so much like his mother's. "Yes, we had to move to a larger house, with Adora, Bridget, Susan, David, and you. Then also Draco is suppose to stay for a little while so he is able to be with Adora, and Ron and Ginny will probably stay the night...so we had to most certainly get a bigger house. And now we are not in a Muggle Neighborhood, so you are able to practice Quidditch anytime you please. Also, after Dobby found out that you were moving in with a Wizarding Family he got in contact with Sirius and asked if he could work for us...him and a friend named Eshmu. They only want one Galleon a month, but of course Sirius is giving them more and holidays off. They blushed very much. Anyways, back to topic, Eshmu has gone to get Susan, Bridget, and Adora's things to bring to the new house."

"YOU MEAN THAT SUSAN AND DRACO GET TO STAY WITH US!?" Adora yelled so loud on the Platform that people were starting to stare, and then Adora paused. "So that means that the Bones' are letting her move in early with us?"

Bella's face fell, "Well talk about that at the house, yes Draco and Susan get to stay with us. Draco will arrive tomorrow about dinner time, Catarina owled me." Bella made a disgusted face.

Harry got the message not to ask until they were off the platform about Susan's adopted parents. "So Dobby and Eshmu has got all of your things...but what about mine?"

"Well," Bella began to chew on her lip, which she did when she always got nervous. "You see, as the rest of your stuff is at Petunia's we couldn't send a house-elf in a Muggle inhabited home, so we have to go by there."

"WHAT?!" Harry asked outraged, once he had heard that once he'd be living with Arabella, Sirius, David, and the rest of his family that he'd never have to go to that horrid place...yet here and now they had to go back. "Bella, I don't want to go back there! I can't!"

Arabella's voice got stern, "You will and you will like it." Then it changed back to the sweet voice it always was, "Now, the limo is waiting out side...."

"LIMO?!" Harry and Adora asked in awe, Bridget and Susan asked in total question.

"Yes, limo. Bridget, Susan a limo is a very big long car that you're driven around in...very nice. Harry, Adora our limo has been magicked though. We have a Wizard that drives it and I have no clue how many people could fit in it, and it drives a lot like the ministry cars. We will all stop at Petunia's house. Adora I suggest you stay in the limo with Stan and Adam."

"Hey!" Harry yelled, "Stan? Is that the guy from...?"

"Yes, Harry the guy from the Knight Bus. He didn't like working those late hours and heard that we were looking for a driver so he's it, now quite interrupting me. Adora, dear, you'll most likely want to stay with Adam and Stan, my sister is a total pain. Harry, Susan, and Bridget; I'm so sorry that we share the same DNA as Petunia, but Harry's got to get his stuff and I want to show off my beautiful nieces to my horrid sister. Now, that is all said and done...Harry and Susan will go first through the barrier, then Bridget and Adora, then David and me. You all wait for me when I get over so we can go to the limo."

An hour later Arabella Evans was knocking on her oldest sister's door with her nephew and two nieces behind her. Petunia opened the door and shrieked, "What in the hell are you doing here you...you freaks." Then she seemed to notice that the blond woman was her littlest sister, "Bellie?" Arabella nodded. Petunia looked around to see if anyone was looking around. "Come in, Vernon isn't here, but you've got to make it short."

Petunia looked as her suppose to be dead youngest sister walked inside with Lily's son, and two girls. One that looked very familiar, and another one that had dark hair, milky skin, and green eyes with brown flakes in them. "Come sit in the living room, Dudley is still awake."

They all sat down, Petunia across from her sister. "Look, Petunia. I know how you felt about Lily and James, and Sirius and me. Then about Lily's children, and how you'd feel about my baby on the way."

"Baby on the way?" Petunia gasped. "Is it...Siri..."

"Of course it's Sirius's, he's been cleared and now is Minister of Magic, and we're getting married soon. In August as a matter of fact. I know Vernon, Dudley, and you will not be able to attend and I'm fine with that. We are actually here to get the rest of Harry's things."

"Harry's things?"

"Look Petunia, I know you treated Harry like shit! I use to spy on you all the time with him, I can not believe you'd do that to Lily, after you know that she sacrificed her life for her baby boy! Wait, a minute...yes I do believe it, because you'd do the same to my child. Now that the whole story has come out that Sirius was innocent and Peter was the one that betrayed Lily and James, I was able to come out of hiding. If it wouldn't have been for that I'd have raised Harry. So now I will, Harry go get whatever little things you have here, we need to get back to the Evans Mansion."

"Evans Mansion?" Petunia gasped. "Why in the hell do you get that and I don't?"

"Because you, got the townhouse and the house on the beach, Petunia! All Lily wanted was enough money to get her and James a stable home, so mum and dad gave me the mansion, since you never asked for it. Harry please go upstairs now and get your stuff." Harry could hear the anger in her voice and went upstairs."

"Okay, so your here and Harry's here...why are these two strangers in my home?" Petunia spat.

Arabella began to speak, but Bridget held out her hand. "Because, you nasty piece of vermin, Susan and I are your nieces. I can understand why you can't really tell with me, but damn Susan looks just like our mum! I know understand why Bella wants us as far away from you as possible."

"Muuuuummm! The freak is upstairs!" Dudley said running into the living room.

"Aww! Come on! You cannot tell me this is supposed to be my cousin?! What a pussy!" Bridget said outraged while Susan just giggled.

"Mum, who is these girls?"

"Well, Diddykins. These are your other two cousins, Harry's younger sisters...umm."

"Susan Sadie Potter, and Bridget Lynn Potter." It was Susan's turn to spat at them, just then Harry got down stairs with one box of stuff.

"Ready, lets leave this hell hole!" And with that they all left not looking back.

David was sleeping in his car seat by Arabella who was reading what new gossip was about her in Witch Weekly. Adora was staring out the window, Bridget and Susan were reading the Daily Prophet, and Harry could see why David was sleeping...Harry was starting to nod off himself. Then the driver began to slow down in the country side, and turn up a long big driveway and before Harry could gasp the girls did.

"Is that where we'll be living?" Bridget asked in awe, "It's so big! So are you saying that we don't have to share rooms now?"

Arabella laughed and then nodded, "Yes, Bridget. As long as your home for the holidays you will not have to share a room, as soon as Stan stops we'll get out and I'll show you around. I'll get the house-elves to get your things. Adora don't even start arguing with me Harry has already told me about S.P.E.W." Adora blushed at this and mumbled something like I wasn't going to say anything.

David began to wake up and cry, "Let me take him Bella. You've had him all day. Beside he probably misses me," Harry spoke up and she nodded, so Harry picked up Cedric and Cho's little baby boy. Harry felt so close to David, David was an orphan, like Harry had been years ago. The only difference was that David was in a family that would love him, always. As they all got out of the limo, and Arabella was showing them the first floor, Harry and David were behind everyone. "You're lucky you get to spend all your time with Bella, until you go to Hogwarts. My other Aunt, Petunia, well...let's just say there are some names I'd like to call her, but I can't say them around you." David just stared blankly at Harry until Harry made a face at him and David began to giggle. They entered the kitchen and sat down a beautiful stained wooden table.

"Now, I'm sure you all want to know where your room will be, you know where you will be staying. The first floor, as you have seen, is the living room, kitchen, and now where we are the dinning room. There is also the Ballroom, but we're not going to see that just yet. The house-elves are still trying to tidy that up, it hasn't been used in years. On the second floor, there is all of your rooms. When Ron and Ginny stay the night, Ron can stay with you Harry, and Ginny can stay with one of the girls rooms."

"Wait a minute?!" Bridget said jumping to her feet, "Are you saying we all get our own rooms?!"

Bella chuckled and nodded, "There are two and a half bathrooms on your floor and a half on the bottom floor, and a master bathroom upstairs in Sirius and my room. David's room is just next door to ours."

"So, Bella. Where will Draco stay, you know, when he stays with us." Adora said worried about if her nephew was actually able to stay.

"Oh," Arabella began to giggle. "How silly of me, I totally forgot. He will stay in Harry's room with Harry, of course."

There it was, there is the end to a beautiful summer holiday, Harry thought to himself. "So when exactly is our guest of honor show up?" Harry said bitterly.

"You will be nice to him, Harry. I know how you feel towards him, Dumbledore has informed me. But, he is here for Adora, not you so be nice," Arabella hissed, there was no way these little childish fights these two boys always had together was going to ruin her first summer with her family, in her childhood home, that was being restored back to new...with of course some Wizarding World touches. "Harry your room is the first floor after you go up the stair case. Susan your room is across the room from Harry's, Harry your bathroom is right beside your room. Next to Susan's room is Adora's, and then Bridget's. Next to Harry's bathroom is the girls' bathroom. Between Susan and Adora's bedroom is a half bathroom. The house- elves have already brought all of your things up to your rooms, so go check them out." All of them were out of the kitchen when Arabella said, "Harry you can give David back to me, so I can put him down for a nap. And you all can decorate your bedroom as however you want. The house-elves will be in your room to ask how you want it."

Draco Malfoy, was much to busy searching in his walk in closet at the Malfoy Manor, to notice that his father's mistress, Catarina, was snooping through the bag that Draco had on his four poster bed that held all of the possessions Draco was taking to stay over at Arabella and Sirius's house, until their wedding. So far all Draco could think about was the faster he packed his stuff, the faster this day would end, and he'd just sleep tomorrow away, until it was time for him to Floo over to Arabella's house. He was still awaiting an owl from Adora, to tell him what to say so that he was able to get to the right fireplace. From what he had heard from his father and Catarina they were headed to the States, until he was back at home...but from Draco's experience, they wouldn't be back until he was headed back to Hogwarts. Since Draco's mother died, Lucius kept trying to convince Draco to go to Durmstag, where they support the Dark Arts, but Draco still refused his father. It had been his mother that wanted him to graduate from Hogwarts, and as a dying wish he would graduate from Hogwarts. His mother, made a huge impact like to always follow....

"Do you really need all this crap?" Catarina said in disgust. Draco looked up, she was once again digging in his stuff. "I mean, you're going to stay with mudblood, a bunch of little half-bloods, and a baby pure-blood that should be dead, and a pure-blood that has betrayed his name. Are you really sure you want to go waste your holiday, with trash like that?"

'She could never just be a decent person, could she?!' Draco screamed in his head. "Yes, I'm positive that I want to stay there, now if you don't mind, I'd like to finish packing in peace. After that I will get one of the house-elves to bring me dinner, take a bath, and go to bed. Now, please leave!"

Catarina just cackled at him, "There is nothing better I would love to do then to leave you alone, I'd love you to go there and never come back. But, as you are the only Malfoy heir to bring pride to your father's name, I've just come to tell you what your father has told me to tell you."

"So spit it out, will you!?" Draco hissed at her.

"Temper, temper," She laughed again at him. "There is a dinner at the Dark Lord's house again tonight, and fancy dinner. Your father has told me to tell you that you will go and you will have fun, or you'll stay here the rest of the summer while were in the States, gaining more money in Las Vegas, and waiting for our sign from Voldemort. So get dressed in your finest Dress Robes." And she left the room, Draco cursed loudly at her.

Then Harry Potter's owl soared into his open window, it was obviously the letter from Adora he'd been waiting on all day.

Dear Draco,
I've missed you so much! We are going to the Weasley's house for dinner tonight, so if you owl me back, I probably won't get it until we are back home. This house is huge! I had no clue that Lily's parents had been so rich, I mean I knew that Dad's family had money, but that was because of the Gryffindors. Anyways, when you come here you have to share a room with Harry. Hope that doesn't get you to down. Got to go now, Arabella's yelling at me to go.

Love your aunt always,


P.S. Say into the Grate tomorrow, when you Floo home, 'Evans Mansion!'


'Great,' Draco thought to himself. 'I get to bunk with Potty-head. What a wonderful holiday I will have.'