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Chapter 43

June twenty-fourth the students received their results from their End-Of-Term-Exams, O.W.L.s, or N.E.W.T.s. Everyone's results came out very well. Ginny ended up making O's in Herbology, Potions, and Defense Against the Dark Arts. EE in Transfiguration, Charms, Astronomy, and Care of the Magical Creatures. And an A in Divination.

Bridget did well, but not as well as Ginny. Bridget made O's in Charms and Transfiguration. EE in Herbology and Defense Against the Dark Arts. E in Astronomy and Care of the Magical Creatures. And an A in Divination.

The sixth years did very well on their End-Of-Term exams and June twenty-fifth was the End-Of-Term Feast in which Gryffindor was given the House Cup, once again. So of course the Great Hall was decorated in Gryffindor Colors, and Lions.

After dinner that night, everyone went back to their rooms and began to pack as tomorrow at eleven, they would all head back to King's Cross on the Hogwarts Express.

After packing their trunks, Ginny, Harry, Adora, Bridget, and Ron sat in the Common Room and thought about how much things had changed this year and how well the school year had been. Secretly they were all thankful that none of the Potters nor Weasleys had had any encounters with Lord Voldemort.

But Harry knew better, he knew something was going on and he knew that Voldemort wouldn't stay quiet for long. Of course Voldemort and his Death Eaters hadn't been entirely quiet…just quiet around Hogsmede and Hogwarts. Although it seemed a bit to quiet for Harry's sake. Harry was use to having to be on his toes at all time.

Of course there were headlines almost every morning in the Daily Prophet about another attack on Wizarding Families or on Muggles and the Ministry of Magic had to cover it all up. Slowly numbers out of all houses, except Slytherin, began to add up. So far there had been four from Hufflepuff dead or in hiding, two from Gryffindor, and five from Ravenclaw. But of course not a single person from Slytherin was missing, heck even Professor Snape was in and out of school constantly. But Harry figured he was busy doing Order stuff.

After Harry entered the Order, Harry's suspicions of Snape being a Death Eater and being a spy for Dumbledore was confirmed.

"Harry will you quit thinking so hard? You are making my headache!" Adora groaned at him and Ginny nodded in agreement.

"You two are reading my thoughts right now?"

"Duh," Ginny said rolling her eyes at her boyfriend. "You won't learn Occulmency with Snape like Dumbledore has told you too and this is the price. Adora and I can get into your mind anytime we want, and for all we know Voldemort is too."

Harry shook his head, "No when Voldemort tries to get into my head, it starts to throb."

"Well maybe he hasn't tried to attack you or me yet, Harry, is because he knows we are only dating. We're not engaged to be married, so there's not threat of the twins yet."

"No that can't be it either, Gin. I know there's something going on that we don't know about…he's waiting for something and I'm scared for your sake."

"Me?" Ginny said rolling her eyes, "You are the one that joined the Order and I'm the one that worries about your scruffy neck every day that you are out."

Susan was staring at the fire, Breeanna had fallen asleep in her arms a while ago, but Susan didn't have the heart to put her down. Draco was sitting on the loveseat finishing some papers Dumbledore had given him for Order business. Susan of course knew that soon after they left the safety of Hogwarts that Draco would be going out on the field for the Order. Susan would be staying at Arabella and Sirius's while Draco was gone.

Susan was too afraid to stay in Draco's flat alone, and it was only one room and very small. From the inheritance that Draco got from his father, mother, Remus, and Grandmother; Susan and Draco would have enough money to get a cozy little house. Draco had already paid someone to destroy his childhood home, the Malfoy Manor.

Finally Draco set down his quill and began to stretch, "Finally done?" Susan asked feeling hopeful, she'd like to spend sometime with her husband.

"Well not really, but this is all I'm going to do for now. Let me go put this upstairs in the bedroom and I'll be back." Draco noticed that Breeanna was fast asleep in Susan's arm, "Do you want me to bring her upstairs and put her in her crib? We can perform a monitor charm like we do when we got to bed."

Susan shook her head no, "I don't want to let her go, not just yet."

"You know Cat is smiling down on you."

"I know and I want to make sure I do the best with Breeanna."

"You are," Draco said kissing her lightly on the lips and kissing Breeanna on the forehead. "I'll be right back."

Susan rocked back and forth with Breeanna still in her arms, it just felt right…to have Breeanna her. Susan knew for sure she wanted to have a baby, but she knew the timing wasn't right. She needed to raise Breeanna first. Susan knew that she didn't want to bring a child into this world until Voldemort was destroyed.

There was a knock outside of the portrait and Susan wondered who'd be here now? She figured everyone would be packing tonight. Susan of course packed later today when everyone was having fun outside in the sun, because of course Susan had to pack for not only herself, but Draco, and Breeanna.

Susan got up and she smiled as she'd gotten the hang of not waking up Breeanna while she got up. Susan walked across the room and looked out the eyeholes and smiled to see who was there. Susan pushed open the portrait to see her brother, sister, Adora, Ginny, and Ron standing outside.

"Can we come in?" Ginny asked smiling at Susan holding the infant.

"Yeah come on in, I've been rocking Breeanna and Draco just got done reading and filling out some papers for the Order."

They all followed Susan in the living room and Ron closed the portrait as he was the last one to walk in, "Geez I hate filling out those paper and reading them." Harry said rolling his eyes, "But then again it's protocol."

"Look 'The-Boy-Who-Lived,' you don't have to brag that you're in the Order and I'm not. Obviously Dumbledore doesn't think I'm good enough to join. Just you, Malfoy, McMillian, and Patil."

"Add another Potter," Adora said shuffling her feet around.

"What?!" Ron yelled turning to his girlfriend, "Since when?!"

"Dumbledore has been trying to get me to join almost all year, but I just accepted last night."

"And you haven't told me?!"

"Of course not!" Adora yelled back at her boyfriend, "Because you'd act like this!"

"So has he recruited Susan or Bridget yet? Bloody hell yeah, let all the Potters join but forget the Weasleys!"

"Stuff it Weasel," Draco said rolling his eyes at his Aunt Adora's annoying boyfriend. "Dumbledore has his reasons for not asking, probably because you whine all the freaking time. And I'd appreciate it if you'd keep your voice down as my little sister is asleep."

"Little sister?" Adora asked sitting down on the sofa and Ron, Harry, and Ginny joined her on the couch. Bridget took the armchair, Susan and Draco sat on the loveseat. Susan had put Breeanna down in her playpen and Breeanna was still asleep. "I thought the two of you were going to act as if you were her mummy and daddy."

Draco nodded, "I guess it still hasn't kicked in yet."

The Potters, Weasleys, and Malfoys had a fun night just hanging out in the Malfoy living room at Hogwarts. As Harry, Ginny, Adora, Ron, and Bridget had to be back at the Gryffindor Tower before 9pm, they left the Malfoy's living room in Hogwarts Castle at eight-thirty.

June twenty-fifth at eleven the Hogwarts Express pulled out of the Hogsmede train station and the Potters, Weasleys, and Malfoys shared the last compartment on the train.

Susan took care of Breeanna and really was starting to get this motherly instinct in really well. Bridget, Ginny, and Adora 'ooohed' and 'ahhhed' over the beautiful little newborn. The girls took turns holding Breeanna and feeding her, which gave Susan a break. Draco and Susan were cuddled up close and watching the other girls talk and look over Breeanna.

Harry and Ron played many games of Wizards Chess over and over again. About one, Neville came in with a pretty girl who looked a little lost.

"Hey Harry, hey Ron; how's it going?"

Neville and the girl sat down in the already crowded compartment, "Alright Neville you?" Harry said looking up while Ron took his turn.

"Alright, have you met my girlfriend?"

Ron looked up and shook his head while Harry did the same thing, "Sorry I guess I've just been so taken back by her that I completely forgot."

"Guys this is Luna Lovegood. Luna this is Harry Potter and Ron Weasley."

"Nice to meet you Luna," Harry said leaning over to shake her hand and Ron did the same.

"Hey Luna," Bridget spoke up.

"Hey Bridget, hey Ginny." Luna said looking over and seeing some of her classmates. "What are you guys doing?"

"Looking at Susan's baby."

"Oh, can I see her?"

Susan nodded and Luna made it over to where the rest of the girls were.

"Great, they've taken her in Neville. She'll never be the same," Harry joked. But he then got dirty looks not only from Susan, but also from Ginny, Adora, and Bridget.

An hour or so later Neville and Luna had left and an owl flew in and landed in Bridget's lap and she grin grew really big and everyone in the room wondered who was making Bridget smile so big.

Dear Bridget,

Quidditch has been fun, but my contract is finally up and I'm getting out. I know hard to believe right? I'm going to start school to become a Healer for St. Mungo's. So hopefully we'll see one another more this summer then we have all year long. Owl me soon, and hopefully you'll accept to ice cream with me on the 30th at 3pm?



Bridget smiled and couldn't believe that he'd actually written. She knew he'd been so busy with Quidditch to write, but she figured that maybe he'd forgotten all about her or found someone better. Looked like this summer was going to be a whole lot better than she'd thought.

"Who's the owl from?" Harry asked.

"Oliver," Bridget said with a shrug, for all Harry knew Oliver and Bridget were just pen pals.

"Oh yeah? What's he been up to?"

Bridget told Harry about Oliver's new news, but seemed to forget to tell him about her date with Oliver. She owled Oliver back and used Hedwig to carry the message for her.

Dear Oliver,

I got your owl fine, and I'm just amazed that you are giving Quidditch up. I remember you use to be such a Quidditch freak! But then again you are growing up and I could see you being a Healer, you like to help people. I'm free on the 30th and I'll meet you at Florean's at 3pm. I've got to go now because Harry is bugging me and we should return to King's Cross soon.



Bridget pulled back from the letter and liked what it said and watched Hedwig head off to deliver her parcel.

At five that night they arrived at King's Cross and everyone got off of the train, but Bridget got lost in the crowd and was pulled off by someone she couldn't see.

"Hello my lovely," Blaise Zambini said smiling at her and pulled her close. "It's been a while hasn't it? If I wasn't mistaken you've been avoiding me, I'm wrong aren't I?"

Bridget knew better than to fight against him so she stood close to him, even though she wanted to get as far away from him as soon as possible because of the vision she had a while ago. "Has it really been that long since we've seen one another?" She asked trying to be as innocent as possible.

"You are so cute when you act innocent, but answer me something." He got closer to her and she smelled the horrible smell of garlic on his breath.

"Sure," she said and she even heard the tremble in her voice.

"Is it true what Witch Weekly is saying?"

"Oh? I don't really read Witch Weekly, but what is it saying?"

"It says that you are seeing Quidditch Keeper Oliver Wood."

"Oh? Uh, yeah…we've been seeing one another."

"Aww, Bridgie." He pulled her so close that there was on room between the two of them and honestly, Bridget was scared for her life. "You know how jealous I am and you are…"

"Stupefy!" A voice that was familiar and had just the right timing. Bridget looked up and smiled to see Oliver running over to her.

"You're here! Oh thank Merlin!"

"I couldn't wait to see you until the 30th, but I'm really glad I came tonight to see you. Has he been harassing you a lot?"

She shook her head, "No I've been ignoring him a lot lately."

"Come on lets go, your family is waiting for you." Oliver put his arm around him and she did the same.

'Merlin!' Bridget thought to herself, 'It's a beautiful life.'

'It's a beautiful life having Bridget Potter in my arms.'

Later on that night at dinner, at the Leaky Cauldron; everyone found out what had happened to Bridget when she got separated from the others when they reached King's Cross.

"I can't believe he did that," Arabella said shaking her head and glancing every so often at Susan…as Susan was still very cautious and only let certain people hold Breeanna. Now that they were out in public Susan was extra cautious and Bella wasn't surprised to see a baby blanket was draped over Breeanna's carrier.

Even though the Potters, Black, Weasley, and Malfoys were in the farthest corner of the Leaky Cauldron there were other's noting their presences.

"This is ridiculous!" Susan hissed as she ate her dinner, "Everyone is staring over here and it's not the usual. It's not to look at Harry or you or Sirius or even me or Bridget or Adora. The gall of these people! Their only looking over here to see the babies."

Bella shook her head, "Nope to see if you really married a Malfoy and if the two of you actually have Breeanna."

"This is absurd!" Susan hissed some more and then she heard Breeanna crying and even more eyes spotted them. "You've got to be kidding me!" She glared at everyone that looked her way. "Look Bella, Sirius, Grandfather, Harry, Ginny, Ron, Adora, Oliver and Bridget I'm sorry but I've got to leave. These people are infuriating me and I need to feed Breeanna and I don't feel like feeding her here. You can stay if you want Draco," Susan added in but everyone knew by the tone of her voice he better tag along with her.

The Malfoys walked away from the table and Flooed to Draco's flat, they'd be staying there until his first assignment for the Order this summer.

"She sure has Lily's fiery input," Sirius laughed a bark like laugh. Bella and Anthony agreed with Sirius.

"Well you know what they say about redheads," Bella said giggling on the many memories she had of Lily getting angry at the media or James.

"Yeah what do they say about redheads?" Ron asked with a look in his eye and it looked like Ginny was wondering too.

"Short tempers," Anthony said shrugging and waiting to see if either of them would say anything to him, in which they both nodded and continued light conversation with everyone.

Later that night, Susan was looking down in the bassinet that was set in up the only room of the flat and she smiled down at Breeanna. Breeanna yawned and smiled at Susan and then grabbed Susan's index finger. "Draco," Susan whispered and it was light, not the urgency that had been taking over her voice lately.

He ran over to the bassinet in which Breeanna smiled when she saw Draco too, "She knows who we are." He said kissing Susan's forehead.

Susan's smile faded, "She thinks she knows who we are. I don't know if I can do this…to lie to her and tell her I'm Mummy and your Daddy."

"Would you like to tell her at two years old that Mummy got killed by her Daddy in which big brother killed Daddy to save you?"

"No," Susan said shaking her head.

"We're adopting her tomorrow at the Ministry. We are her parents now."

Breeanna grabbed Draco's finger with her other hand, "Wow." Susan nodded and Draco looked from his wife to his little sister, that would soon be his adopted daughter and said, "It's a beautiful life."

Susan nodded and watched Breeanna fall back asleep in which she let go of their fingers, "It really is a beautiful life." Susan said climbing in bed with her husband.

Ginny and Harry sat on the back porch of the Black Mansion on a wooden swing, "It's odd how nothing has happened to deal with Voldemort and us. I mean it's odd as last year he wouldn't leave us alone and this year he hasn't raised a finger or spoke or done anything around us."

"I know I've been thinking about that too, something is up but we can't let it bother us. You know why?"

"No," Ginny said shaking her head and she pulled back so she look into Harry's brilliant green eyes.

"Because it's a beautiful life."

Ginny nodded, "With you by my side, it is a beautiful life."

Adora had just got back from a meeting with Dumbledore and she was exhausted. Her purpose in the Order was to use her Seer powers to help out the Order and Adora's powers were still improving. She was now that she could touch someone and find out their future. That was another main reason she had joined, Adora being in the Order would graze everyone casually and see if they would betray the Order or not.

Ron would be staying the night with Harry tonight, so she was glad that they could snuggle in front of the TV. and watch a great movie or not. Adora walked into the living room to see him sleeping and she thought to herself that this was defiantly a beautiful life.

Somewhere in London…

"I'm depending on you to turn her," Voldemort snake like voice hissed at his loyal servant. "She's a push over and just make her fall in love with you and she'll easily and surely betray the Potters and Malfoys. She's not a strong person what so ever. I want her to be our traitor for this war."

"Another traitor, you had one the last war?"

Voldemort chuckled, "I forget how young you are. Wormtail was my traitor last time, he gave me the location of the Potters, in which I killed Lily and James Potter. Someone snuck out that brat Sadie, I didn't know about Bridget, and Harry if I'd have known his Mudblood mother saved him, I would have successfully killed him that night."

"Wormtail? Are you sure master? I was sure that he was too weak."

"He was, that's how we got him to turn."

Voldemort's servant looked at him, "Easy. He had a thing of Bellatrix Lestrange…she just persuaded him."

"But how?"

"That is none of your business." Voldemort hissed so loudly it sounded like he screamed it, "Now can you take care of the girl or not?"

"I can."

"My Seer has informed me that she's in Diagon Alley at the moment at Flourish and Blotts, Floo to the Leaky Cauldron and start on your mission." Voldemort's servant nodded and did what he was told.

Voldemort cackled lightly to himself, getting a hold of Lucius's daughter would be a piece of cake as soon as the traitor was put in place. They'd then kill Draco and his wife and move on to the other Potters, kill that Weasley girl, and move in for the last Evans and Blacks. Revenge would be sweet. Anyone that had any kind of connection to the late James Potter would be dead, soon enough.

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